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      Informing America of the Injustice Against Medical Professionals and Chronic Pain Patients


Dallas Observer Reporter Christian McPhate has seen the light and is now writing “the rest of the story”.

In the past, Dallas Observer Reporter Christian McPhate was a believer in the government propaganda against medical professionals being attacked for pain management. But through replies from chronic pain patients to articles, his views began to change and he decided to do some investigation into the “other side”. He approached DoctorsofCourage for some insight into the REAL situation in pain management. In his article he interviews several of the ambassadors on DoctorsofCourage.  As defined by Dr. Salerian, an ambassador is “a physician who, at the expense of personal harm has courageously practiced medicine consistent with the Hippocratic Oath and made “the medical needs of the individual the predominant priority of care.”

Although he does not take a personal position in his coverage, which is actually commendable in the reporting world, Mr. McPhate does share “the rest of the story” in his article, and hopefully this exposure will bring people to the realization that doctors are being illegally attacked for money and job security.

Go one step farther, now, Mr. McPhate, and earn yourself a Pulitzer prize. Expose the truth that drugs are not the cause of addiction.  You can also find that answer here on

For the complete article, go to Caught in the Mill: Pain Doctors Say They’re POWs in the War on Opioids

April 23-30, 2018

Time Remaining for ACTION!!!








-Now is the critical time for you to get on board the “cor-wreck-ting” train!!  We are headed to Washington and we are going to break down that wall!  Get on board!  If you don’t, you can’t blame anyone but yourself for the crimes against humanity that our government is perpetrating against medical professionals and the patients we treat!!
Weekly Conference Call

Weekly Conference Call

Led by Rev. Ronald "Doc" Myers, Jr., MD

Every Tuesday evening at 7:00 CST
Call 712-775-7031 (access code: 716-698-222#)

Be there or be without meds or career!!

White Coat Protest Rally

A protest rally against the Justice Department over the prosecution of physicians and other medical professionals treating pain.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018, 11:00
Dept. of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC

March on Washington

“America’s In Pain! Silent No More!” A protest rally against the US government over the inadequate treatment of chronic pain patients through ignorance and special interest groups influencing the inaccurate basis for the management of the propagandized “opioid epidemic”

Thursday, April 26, 2018, 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM U.S. Capitol Reflecting Pool Washington, DC

Congressional Briefing

A panel discussion congressional briefing over the prosecution of physicians and other medical professionals treating pain and the chronic pain patients being overlooked and improperly treated in the government attempt to control the opioid epidemic.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018, 12:00 noon – 2:00 PM
U.S. Capitol Building
Washington, DC

White Coat Protest Rally

For more information contact:

Rev. Ronald V. Myers, Sr., MD

Professionals and Chronic Pain Patients: Learn About Tapping.

It’s coming at the end of the month – 11 days of online tapping interviews with inspiring experts each with a different life-changing subject starting Monday, February 26th.

This is the TENTH year of the summit, which gets bigger and better every year.

To get on the summit invite list early, just sign up here: where you can also watch a video with Nick Ortner on how to use Tapping.

The summit is not a sales pitch. Each presentation is designed to deliver the highest level of value possible.  If there’s a catch it’s that each
presentation is only available for free for one day – or you can purchase the whole set to listen to at your leisure.  I think this is a great way to create an event that sustains itself while still helping as many people as possible.

Go straight to register here: 



ARIZONA ACTION ALERT: WestGroup Research will be conducting a brief research study with Arizona residents regarding important health and wellness issues surrounding chronic pain care. A focus group is simply a small group discussion with 8 to 10 participants (we need 50-60 participants total). The purpose of the discussion is to get your opinions and insights. We are not trying to sell you anything.

Focus groups will be held in Phoenix, Tucson, and Prescott the first week in February. Each group will last approximately two hours, and all those who qualify and are chosen to participate will receive $100 in exchange for their time and opinions.

This is your time to be heard as a chronic pain patient and help make a difference in upcoming programs, treatments, messaging going out to the public on chronic pain, addiction, and similar topics.

To submit your name for consideration, please complete a short online survey using the link below. This survey will capture some basic information, and based on those answers, one of our staff may contact you by phone to confirm your eligibility and provide more information on the specific date, time and location.

Thank you for your interest.
Pain Management Survey –


Here is an explanation of what the government is doing to innocent citizens, including doctors:

In the professional area of the DoC membership site, I hope to have legal people give us guidelines to protect our assets from legitimate practice. This could be done through a webinar/forum. If you are such an expert or know one, please contact us.


 This message has been broadcast over FB and the media:
If you, or a member of your group has experienced a DEA ‘knock and chat’ because your doctor is under surveillance or your pain clinic was closed, please ask them to contact me at to share the details of their story. We are preparing to tackle this topic on a wider scale – as a corrupted process that wrongfully targets patients and doctors. We know there have to be lots of folks out there who each believe they were the ‘only ones’ so targeted. I understand that you want to protect your identity from possible harassment and will keep your report confidential. Thank you.

Sessions has Announced Rescinding Obama-Era Protection of State-Legalized Marijuana.    Maybe with this new action, people reading this website will start to send the DVD on The REAL Cause of Drug Abuse to our ignorant government officials, especially the legislators.   Go here for the DVD:

More Physicians to be Attacked in Kentucky, West VA, Tennessee

Sessions announced $12 million in grants and a new DEA division overseeing the Appalachian region to help law enforcement officials combat illicit drugs, especially prescription opioids, and said he has directed his U.S. attorneys to designate an opioid coordinator in their offices.

“Today we are facing the deadliest drug crisis in American history,” Sessions said. “We’ve never, ever seen the death rates that we’ve having today — 64,000 died last year.”

The DEA will establish its new division, the Louisville Field Division, on Jan. 1 to unify its drug trafficking investigations, officials said. The division will include Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia, will have about 90 special agents and 130 task-force officers, and focus on illicit drug trafficking in the Appalachian Mountains.

The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. For a glimpse of reality, watch the video below:

Russell Jones explains why the War on Drugs is a complete FAILURE and ALWAYS WILL BE!!!

Tell NBC and This Is Us to stop hurting chronic pain patients
Joanna Mechlinski wrote an article for National Pain report ( in which she points out the same problem that I noticed on the October 31 episode of This Is Us.  Kevin received pain meds following knee surgery. His pain was not relieved, so he requested several refills. Over time he began to take the pills for more than just pain, and became obviously addicted to them.  This is just government propaganda spread by media. This does not happen for the majority of people, but putting it on popular TV shows creates a stigma against pain patients.

Sign the petition (link below) to tell NBC and This Is Us to stop hurting chronic pain patients.

Raymond Kraynak, MD arrested

Dr. Kraynak, 60, was arrested just before Christmas. Almost 3000 patients thrown to the street for treatment.

Website for Sickle Cell Foundation

Nita Thompson, advocate for sickle cell patients, has created a new website to keep abreast of the demonstrations for patients across the country.

Dr. Christensen's Trial

Multiple articles written by Eve Bryon are keeping us abreast of Dr. Christensen’s trial.
166 count indictment released on Dr. Eugene Gosy of NY. He pleads NOT GUILTY
DoctorsofCourage will soon have a membership site. There will be multiple levels, from free to professional. This NEWSFLASH section will be a part of the membership site. If this interests you–to be notified of activity across the nation to stop the evil being done to health professionals and chronic pain patients, sign up.  You will receive notice of when the membership site signup is available.  Meanwhile, enjoy the Newsflash area.


To inform the public of the  action of the US Justice Department  to persecute medical professionals in order to confiscate their hard-earned assets.  No other profession has been attacked in this manner.

Illegal Pathway

In order to do this, the government has illegally interpreted the law known as the Controlled Substance Act, written in 1970 at the beginning of the War on Drugs started by the Nixon Administration.

When that law was written, the goal was to attack the Drug Cartels and confiscate their assets. But the government found that was easier said than done.

And so they turned to doctors, to label them as “drug pushers” and use this law against them.

Because it provides income and jobs now for thousands of people, including defense attorneys, no one in the government is willing to stop the gravy train. It is up to us, the concerned citizens, as well as those who are being harmed by this action–i.e. the doctors and the chronic pain patients–to stop this illegal activity and make the REAL criminals–the US Attorneys, DEA agents and other government agents committing perjury and witness tampering–to pay with their assets.

Please subscribe to the site to stay updated on what is happening.  And share this with everyone you know. Innocent people are in prison and over 100 million people with chronic pain are now being tortured from having to live without pain medicine or wonder when they won’t have it anymore, or are dying from having to go to street drugs to find relief.  And it is only going to get worse with the laws now being decided by Congress, again out of either ignorance or greed. It is important to inform your legislators of the evil of these policies and actions, so they can restate the law as it was originally intended–to exempt physicians treating patients in medical offices–and not adulterate the expression “with legitimate medical purpose” as is now being done by the Justice Department.

YouTube videos

Here are shortened forms of the DVDs for people to see and learn.  This information is important to get out to the public to educate people as to the REAL Cause of Drug Abuse and what the government is actually doing with their current policies and attacks on doctors–increasing drug abuse.  We must fight the propaganda running the government’s War on Doctors (alias War on Drugs) with the truth.  Watch these videos and pass the word on to all of your friends, family, doctors, and legislators.

Letters to Legislators

Communicate with your legislators on a regular basis. This needs to be done through the health issues staff person. Get them to know you on a first name basis.  The information we need to bring to the attention of the legislators is:

  1.  The War on Drugs has failed for 100 years. They continue to do the same thing to stop it, even though the definition of insanity is repeating the same action expecting a different result. They need to try a different approach–getting to the cause.

    The Answer

  2. The REAL Cause of Drug Abuse. This is the key. Once they understand this, the problem is halfway solved. I explain the real cause in depth on my DVD, The REAL Cause of Drug Abuse, available on my website,, at!/The-REAL-Cause-of-Drug-Abuse/p/68564073/category=20493001. Recommend that they buy this–it can save the lives and futures of thousands of their constituents.
  3. Inform them that I would be happy to come to Washington to explain anything here.
  4. The Department of Justice is creating “crime” where it doesn’t exist for illegal gain. If the legislators are not a party to this, then they need to take action to stop it. Doctors who treat pain in their office are supposed to be exempt from prosecution per Title 21, the Controlled Substance Act. The maligning of the phrase “justifiable medical purpose” for their own purpose of attacking doctors has to stop. Legislation needs to be produced to reinforce that doctors are exempt from criminal prosecution.
  5. All doctors convicted by this illegal manipulation of the law should be freed if in prison, and have their records exonerated.
  6. Oppose any and all legislation that addresses medical care in the doctor’s office. This is government overreach. The constitution lists those areas governed by the federal government, and medical care is not one of them. Medical care is governed by the states, and the federal government needs to stay out of it.
  7. Example letters to legislators can be found under Call to Action/2016 Election Results, or click the button here to get to the page and scroll to the end. Feel free to copy the letters, modify them to be personalized, and send them to the legislators. Letters will be posted on a regular basis. We have to let the legislators know that they are basing their laws against pain management on propaganda.  Feel free to use my name as a contact to talk with them if they are looking for more information.
  8. Drug addiction/abuse is a disease and should be treated as such, not through criminalization of citizens.
  9. Decriminalize all drugs. Provide treatment for abusers rather than prison.

You will find contact information for both US House of Representatives and Senate in the Menu under Call to Action/Letter Writing Campaign. For direct links, click the following:

US House of Representatives


US Senate

For example letters, go the page under Call To Action/Letter Writing Campaign called Aids for Writing. Here we will have links to letters written both by professionals and chronic pain patients.  These letters can be sent by email directly to any Senator. However, emails to Congressmen are limited to their constituents.  We are therefore looking for dedicated people to sign up to pass information on to every representative for every district.  Also, if you have a letter that you would like to share so that other people can use it, send it to me.

To receive a copy of the emails going out to the legislators so that you can share, fill out the following Contact Form:


 Learn the REAL Cause of Drug Abuse/Addiction

We are fighting a war of ignorance and greed. It’s a case of the chicken or the egg–which came first. As far as the government goes, greed comes first. Doctors are being prosecuted for money. Innocent physicians are going to prison to pad the pockets of US Attorneys, DEA agents, Justice Department officials, and others. In the case of the American people, it is ignorance.  We can’t fight the greed, but we can stop the gravy train by educating the American people as to the REAL cause of drug abuse.

Drug abuse is not caused by


Drug abuse is caused by toxicity and anxiety which leads to despair.

But the good news is: Drug Abuse can be prevented and cured, once you know the cause.  Here’s where you can find out how.

Get the DVD “The REAL Cause of Drug Abuse” Now

Don’t keep this a secret!!! Share!!

Prayer Group

Join Rev. Ronald Doc Myers, MD and myself in a weekly prayer group.  As Jerusalem was left desolate by the Lord due to the sins of the people, Daniel prayed, “Now, our God, hear the prayers and petitions of your servant. For your sake, Lord, look with favor on your desolate sanctuary.” So we pray for God to forgive our nation for it’s lack of virtue and its worship of idols and stop this attack on the nation’s healthcare providers of the poor.

At the time designated, which will be Saturdays 4:00 EST, you can join the prayer group by clicking on the button below. Please share this will everyone you know. We can only succeed in stopping the evil perpetrated by our government officials through the power of God.

Instructions on how to join the webinar:
1. Use Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser to join by computer so you can see the presentation.
2. Once you are on the webinar, go to the upper left corner and click the telephone symbol. Choose either computer or phone for your audio connection so we can talk together.
3. To type in chat, use the little symbol that looks like a cartoon comment box, and type where the cursor shows up.
4. Please join the webinar 10-15 minutes early the first time, so we can get you connected and not interfere with the presentation. Once the presentation starts, I can’t stop to teach people what to do.

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