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About Us

AuthorLinda S. Cheek, MD is a best-selling author, educator, former teacher and physician currently forced into temporary retirement from practice thanks to government persecution.  She has given up the Pollyanna concept that there is justice in America.


Through the course of her experience she has found out that:

  1. Defense attorneys work only for themselves, even to the point of collaborating with the government.
  2. Appeals attorneys do absolutely nothing.
  3. The US Supreme Court doesn’t even hear cases, especially when the government has broken laws to put innocent people in prison.

Through her 26 month prison sentence, she has found out:

  1. Probably 25 percent of the incarcerated are innocent.
  2. The Justice Department doesn’t follow its own policies.
  3. The Justice Department thinks it is above the law, and it would seem so.
  4. 98% of the time the government is able to convict whomever they target.

How do we combat these statistics?  Through information. Our goal in building this website is to provide those about to undergo this process with information we did not have. It is only through information that we can hope to change the current climate of the government attacks on doctors.

We welcome any and all contributors to this website. If you have anything to add, from a complete story to simple comments attached to a post or a page, to testimonials, please go to the Contact Us box below, and connect with us.  DO IT NOW!!