Anil J. Sahijwani, MD, 43, is the next victim of a government gone rogue in their attacks on innocent doctors doing their job. He was sentenced to 45 months in federal prison today. He was also ordered to forfeit $182,266.66 and the value of a Porsche he owned. You see, it’s all about the money they can confiscate.

Dr. Sahijwani was an Emergency Medicine doctor who worked at a primary care center in Brandon, FL. He pleaded guilty in March, 2017 to two felony counts of distributing and dispensing, and possessing with the intent to distribute and dispense, controlled substances, not for a legitimate medical purpose and not in the usual course of a professional practice, in violation of Title 21, United States Code, Section 841(a)(1).  However, the use of this code against doctors in their office is actually illegal because it was written to exempt doctors.

The government spread the usual propaganda about his “selling” prescriptions to patients who didn’t need them, and to people he never examined or met. But with the way that the government forces people to lie, you can’t really believe what they say. Today a doctor would have to be really stupid to do that sort of thing, especially in Florida where they are attacking doctors right and left. Since there were several “unnamed co-conspirators”, my guess is these people were willing to lie about the doctor so the government could confiscate his assets. I wonder if those co-conspirators got charged.

As you can see here: on my list of doctors charged by location, the Middle Florida district routinely attacked 3-5 doctors per year through 2006-2011. The numbers have probably even grown since then. Quite a few DOJ employees’ work is primarily focused on targeting doctors.

We must get Congress to recognize two things
            1.Drugs don’t cause addiction.   See The REAL Cause of Drug Abuse.
2.     The exemption of doctors in the Controlled Substance Act needs to be made                          clear so that even a US Attorney can understand.