Beverly Hills – Doctor Guven Uzun is a very successful Turkish Muslim doctor who charged the Medical Board of California and their collaborating agencies with fraud and targeting successful doctors and doctors of ethnic background. Doctor Uzun graduated from the University of Pittsburgh specializing in Neurology and he did his internship at Columbia University and then he did a fellowship in Neurology at Tuft’s University. Doctor Uzun is highly specialized in pain management, stem cell, and stroke recovery. The Medical Board of California targeted me because I am a successful Turkish doctor and I have a successful business and clinic in Beverly Hills California, says doctor Uzun.

Doctor Uzun came out swinging at the Board and he said that the Medical Board of California, the Department of Justice, and he stated that the Federal Bureau of Investigations and their employees were engaged in fraud, deception, collusion, and they are all working together to falsely target and harass successful doctors of ethnic background that do not fit their agenda. Doctor Uzun said, “I have seen and cared for 18,000 patients at different hospitals in California and I have never been the subject of a bad peer review!” Then he turned and nodded his head, “How can a crooked medical board employee look at a chart without talking to a patient a find that my care is not good enough?”


The Medical Board of California is a total sham and they are targeting Turkish doctors and other doctors of ethnic background because of their success and because of their religion or skin color. This is crazy, says doctor Uzun, as he throws his hands up in the air!” The Medical Board is a total fraud and they don’t give any due process rights to the doctors. The Judges and the prosecutors are all friends and closet lovers off record. I hired an attorney and his wife was the prosecutor and they did not tell me shit! I sued them for 10 million dollars and the appeals court threw-out the case and said that the time statute had passed. They were all talking and laughing together and doctor Uzun says he walked out of the court and stated, “You guys are a gang and this is not justice!”

Doctor Uzun has been fighting to protect his license for 10 years and he has written to the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division numerous times and he said, “They are all in bed together and fraud and misconduct is what they preach!” The Medical Board does not talk to patients and they just get the chart and tell their crooked judge to take my license. This is fascism and genocide against successful Turkish doctors of ethnic background by crooked employees investigating and harassing doctors. Doctor Uzun was asked what are the major problems that he identified within the Medical Board investigative system, and he replied:

  • The Medical Board is a Dictatorial System without judicial protection for doctors
  • Prosecutors and Lawyers has nothing to do with specialty care of patients
  • Prosecutors are making people lie and they are intimidating both doctors and witnesses
  • The Medical Board Pace program is a fraud, they get their own doctors to screw us
  • The FBI and the DOJ does nothing to address Medical Board corruption and fraud, they are working together
  • The Lawyers who we get to fight against the corruption actually help them to screw us and take our money
  • There is no due process and these state actors are nothing more than a bunch of crooks

Doctor Uzun finally sat down and said, “I never injured any patient and the Medical Board and their employees did nothing but committed fraud, perjury, harassment, and they cheated me out of my rights, using their judges and crooked state actors!” The entire Medical Board police / investigative system is based on Fraud and Corruption of state and government employees abusing their authority and power to screw us out of years of schooling and hard work. This is not justice, says doctor Uzun, “North Korea has a better system for its people and the way this country fraud, lie, and cheat its doctors out of their careers is horrible and the justice department are the main ones that are engaging in corruption and fraud.”

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Editor: Billy Earley,
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