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Welcome to the DoC Blog on events that affect pain management--the professionals, the patients, and the laws

Frank C. Purpera, MD

Raided in 2016 and arrested in 2017, Frank Craig. Purpera, Jr., MD, 42, of Blacksburg, VA was convicted Feb, 2018 of 68 counts of fraud, one count of omitting information required on a government form, and one count of lying to a government official.  Dr. Purpera had...

Mehdi Nikpavar-Fard, MD

Mehdi Nikpavar-Fard, MD, referred to by his patients as “Dr. Nick”, 46, of Penn Valley, PA, is an internist/pain management physician in Pennsylvania currently sitting in a jail cell for alleged charges that appear rather suspicious. He is the owner of six offices...

Frederick W. Floyd, DO

Frederick W. Floyd, III, DO, 58, was an internist who specialized in pain management in New Orleans, LA with 22 years of experience. He was sentenced Jan. 25 to 10 years in prison as a result of his guilty plea September, 2017 to two counts: illegally dispensing...

Republican Secret Attack on DOJ

On 12/20/2017, an article was written claiming that House Republicans are quietly investigating perceived corruption at DOJ, FBI. The group was born out of frustration over the Justice Department's refusal to explain how it used a disputed dossier that describes...

Call to Action for Professionals

There is a free CME available entitled SCOPE of Pain: Safe and Competent Opioid Prescribing Education. This CME was released February 17, 2017 and will expire February 16, 2018. DoC is about to release our membership site. One category of membership is Professional....

Back to the Beginning–James F. Graves, MD

The Controlled Substance Act was designed by Congress to go after offshore drug cartels and confiscate their assets. However, the DEA, formed in 1973 for that purpose, was an abject failure. So in the 1990’s they creatively turned the CSA against an easy, unexpecting...

Jay Joshi, MD

Jay Joshi, MD, 33, a family practitioner in Munster, Indiana, was indicted January 23, 2018 on four counts of selling, distributing or dispensing hydrocodone based on prescriptions issued to a government agent falsely perpetrating himself as a patient in need of...

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