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Charles Szyman, MD Acquitted by Jury in Wisconsin

Charles R. Szyman, MD a pain specialist from Manitowoc, WI, accused of over-prescribing narcotic medications, was found not guilty of all charges by a jury Nov 17, 2017. “I think what this verdict ultimately proves is that the United States government’s attempt to...

Louis C. Adamo, MD

Louis C. Adamo, MD, 60, of Scranton, PA, was charged on Nov. 2, 2017 for “overprescribing oxycodone".  Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced felony charges based on supposedly oxycodone pills to two patients over a two-year period. Who’s the doctor here?  Tom...

Ernesto Lopez, MD

Can’t New York City pay its bills without using illegal forfeiture against innocent physicians?  This week the 10th Long Island physician and 50th in the Eastern District of New York over the last 10 years listed on http://doctorsofcourage.org/by-location/ (and that...

Elizabeth Korcz, MD

Elizabeth Campbell Korcz, a Board Certified, Family Medicine Physician at Alt MD in Hoover, Al was raided in August, 2017. As a result, her office has closed. DEA Agent Bret Hamilton, the FBI, Hoover Police, members of the Alabama Pharmacy Board and officials with the...

Andrzej K. Zielke, MD

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t, a physician who uses non-pharmaceutical healing not covered by insurance, is attacked for “only accepting cash”. He was also attacked for charging $90 per visit. That is actually proof that Dr. Zielke was actually a good,...

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