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Welcome to My Blog on events that affect pain management--the professionals, the patients, and the laws

Pharmacists Kumi Frimpong and Ndufola Kigham

Kumi Frimpong, 57, a licensed pharmacist, owned and operated the Cornerstone Pharmacy, in Desoto, Texas. He pleaded guilty in September 2016 to one count of conspiracy to illegally distribute oxycodone. He was sentenced to 24 months in prison and forfeited $41,112 as...

Richard Andrews, DO

Richard Andrews, DO, 65, of Dallas, was co-owner and supervising physician of McAllen Medical Clinic in Dallas.  He is now in a prison cell for the next 8 years for doing his job. Arrested in January, 2016, he finally pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to...

Doctors: Do NOT Plead Guilty!!

Innocent doctors are being talked into taking pleas by their lawyers today. Doctors need to STOP doing this. Here are the reasons why: The lawyers lie. The prosecution and defense lawyers will tell you one thing, but in the end only the judge makes the decision on...

Nathaniel Brown, MD

Here’s a case of a doctor with known and provable innocence paying the price for a plea. Nathaniel Brown, MD, 62, was a family physician in Cleveland, Mississippi who was medical director of two hospices. He is a friend of a friend. He explained to my friend why he...

Pawan Kumar Jain, MD

Pawan Kumar Jain, M.D, 64, is still sitting in a New Mexico county jail since 2014—2 years innocent until proven guilty, and 18 months awaiting sentencing after a forced plea of an innocent doctor.  Dr. Jain—another minority casualty in, what I term, an establishment...

Lillian Meghnot, owner

86 y/o Lillian "Bubbie" Meghnot was the owner of The Meghnot Comprehensive Center for Hope in Ann Arbor, Michigan, conducting legitimate pain management and yet shut down by the government in March, 2015. She, along with office manager Gerardo "Jerry" Alcala-Rivera...

Anthony Conrardy, MD

  The government is raising the deficit ceiling and needs payoff participants. The next victim, Dr. Anthony Conrardy, 61, of Wisconsin was sentenced last week to 30 months in prison along with William McCutchen III, MD. Dr. Conrardy was convicted of five counts...

William McCutchen III, MD

Creating crime where there is no crime has become the government MO. Here’s a doctor treating legitimate patients at a legitimate clinic now going to prison. William McCutchen III, 47, of North Carolina, was sentenced last week to 30 months in prison for the unlawful...

Rassan M. Tarabein, MD plea

On August 31, 2017, Dr. Rassan M. Tarabein, 58, a neurologist in Daphne, Alabama, pled guilty to one count of health care fraud and one count of unlawful distribution of a schedule II controlled substance.  As part of his plea agreement, Dr. Tarabein will no longer be...

Anil J. Sahijwani, MD

Anil J. Sahijwani, MD, 43, is the next victim of a government gone rogue in their attacks on innocent doctors doing their job. He was sentenced to 45 months in federal prison today. He was also ordered to forfeit $182,266.66 and the value of a Porsche he owned. You...

Michael Kostenko, DO

How do you get rid of a natural healing physician and pad the DOJ budget at the same time?  Here’s how. Michael Kostenko, DO, 61, of Daniels, WV was handed the highest sentence possible on one charge—20 years in prison. Let’s hope we can end this nightmare and get...

C. Fred Gott, MD

C. Fred Gott, MD, 65, a cardiologist in Bowling Green, KY who also provided pain management services, is scheduled for a 4-week trial in Bowling Green, KY starting September 13. All chronic pain advocates within driving distance should be there to support him.  The...

Charles Larmore, FNP

Charles Larmore, FNP, worked at Superior One, a pain management clinic in Chattanooga, TN owned by Barbara Lang.  The information here is an example of the position of conscience that these attacks on pain management offices cause.  Here we have an innocent...

Jerome Sherard, MD

Jerome Sherard, MD, 60, of Hixon, TN, was the medical director for Superior One and Elite Care, the two clinics owned by Barbara Lang and Faith Blake. He also owned his own medical practice in Chattanooga. Dr. Sherard, along with the owners and a nurse practitioner,...

Barbara Lang, owner

When has simply owning a legitimate business sent people to prison for life? Now—in these illegal attacks on pain management clinics by the government for money. On August 27, 2015, Barbara Lang, a.k.a. “Aunt Bea,” 63, of Rossville, Ga., was sentenced 280 years in...

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