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Doctors/Clinics Under Attack


Below is a map of the medical professionals and clinics that have been attacked by the Federal Government. Hover over the pin and you will see the name of the person attacked.  You can expand the map out and look at more specific areas. Below the map is the list of the doctors attacked, primarily between the years 2004 and 2011. Sources of doctors attacked since 2011 are sketchy. If you have any information to add to our list, please send it through the Contact Us form.



Julian Abbey, MD

Lawrence Adams, MD

George Adkins, owner

Shelinder Aggarwal, MD

Shelinder Aggarwal, MD

Pankaj Agrawal, MD

Peter Ahles, MD

Salahuddin Ahmad, MD

Paramjit Ajrawat, MD

Sukhveen Ajrawat, MD

Richard Albert, MD

Bruce Alexander, MD

Edward Alexander, MD

Harry Alexanderian, MD

Muhammad Ali, MD

Robert Allara, MD

Phil Astin III, MD

Donald Auzine, MD

George Aycock Jr, MD

Jeffrey Bado, DO

Yvette Baker, MD

Jatinder Bajwa, MD

Masoud Bamdad, MD

Craig Bammer, DO

Brenda Banks, MD

Shanta Barnes, owner

Randy Barnett, MD

Carlos Barrera, MD

Harrison Bass, MD

Jeffrey Bates, MD

Frederick Battle, MD

Joseph Baumstarck, MD

Sukhdarshan Bedi, MD

Jong Bek, MD

Michael Belfiore, MD

Matthew Bennett, MD

Megaly Bethencourt, MD

Tracy Bias, owner

Ethan Bickelhaupt, MD

Stuart Bilyeu, DO

James Bischoff, owner

Paul Boccone, owner

Rano Bofill, MD

George Bolling, pharmacist

Aaron Borengasser, PA

Joseph Borkson, MD

Thomas Bradley, MD

Robert Braun, MD

Frank Bregar, MD

Milton Brindley, MD

Walter Broadnax, MD

Shawn Brooks, MD

Charles Brown, CFNP

Michael R. Brown, MD

Roland Brutus, MD

Irving Bush, MD

Cynthia Cadet, MD

Louis Cannella, MD

Tammy Cantrell, owner

Dennis Caroni, owner

Dennis Caroni, owner

Agustin Castellanos, MD

Hector Castro, MD

Joseph Castronuovo, MD

Paul Caviness, MD

Shannon Ceasar, MD

Senad Cemerlic, MD

Michael Chait, MD

Aziz Chaudhry, MD

Linda Cheek, MD

Paul Cheng, MD

Joon Chong, MD

Chris Christensen, MD

John Christensen, MD

Noel Chua, MD

Charles Chube, MD

David Chube, MD

Christina Clardy, MD

Cordell Clark, MD

Chris Clough, PA-C

Christine Connolly, MD

William Conway, MD

Michael Cossi, MD

John Patrick Couch, MD

Karl Covington, MD

Albert Cowie, MD

Robert Crake, DO

Matthew Crouthamel, MD

Suzette Cullins, MD

John Dahlsten, MD

John Dahlsten, MD

John Blevins Davis, MD

Anita Dawson, DO

Dewundara Dayananda, MD

Gail Dehart, MD

Betty Deloach, MD

William Delp, DO

Kevin Denny, MD

Schiller Desgrottes, MD

Patabendige Deundara, MD

Steven Dewilde, DO

Mario Diaz, MD

Peter Dietrich, MD

Gerard Dileo, MD

John Dimowo, MD

Jack Dodge, MD

Jean Dominique, MD

Kelvin Douglas, MD

Rosaire Dubrule, MD

David Duffy, MD

Tressie Duffy, MD

Michael Durante, MD

John Durfey, MD

Janardhanna, Durgappa, MD

Philip Eatough, DO

Mary Jane Eicher, DO

Christopher Elder, MD

Paul Emerson, DO

Eugene Evans, MD

Raymond Fankell, Pharm

Mark Fantauzzi, DO

Munir Faswala, MD

Samuel Fernando, MD

Jeff Ferryman, PA

David Fischer, MD

Christopher Fletcher, MD

Stuart Fox, MD

Lawrence Friedes, MD

Jeffrey Friedlander, MD

Victor Georgescu, MD

Robert Gibbs, MD

Donald Gibson II, MD

Daniel Gillick, MD

Marcellus Gilreath, MD

David Girardi, MD

Ted Glass, MD

Alan Godofsky, MD

Lawrence Gogenola, MD

Juan Gonzalez, MD

Jose Gordinho, MD

Kevin Gorin, MD

Eugene Gosy, MD

Spurgeon Green Jr, MD

Peter Grigg, MD

Joseph Guenther, MD

Rene Guerra, MD

Yong Soo Ha, MD

David Hackney, MD

Thomas Hanny, MD

Ehteshamul Haque, MD

Shaikh Hasan, MD

Daniel Healy, MD

Jessy Henry, MD

Adolfo Hernandez, MD

Oliver Herndon, MD

Callie Herpin, MD

Roger Hershline, MD

Keith Hindman, DO

Sylvia Hofstetter, owner

Kristen Holland, pharm

James Hooper, MD

Douglas Howard, MD

George Howell, MD

David Hoxie, MD

Ven Hsu, MD

Alice Huffman

Denise Huffman, owner

Abdul, Hussain, MD

Juan Ibanez, MD

Robert Ignasiak, MD

Eric Jacobson, MD

Joan Jaszczult, DO

Harvey Jenkins, MD

Stephen Jewett, MD

Richard Johns, MD

Sharon Johnston, DO

Eric Jones, MD

Eric Jorgensen, MD

Anthony Junco, MD

Nasreen Kader, MD

Gerald Kane, MD

Zhanna Kanevsky, MD

Theodore Kapanjie, MD

Richard Kaskiw, MD

Gurbachan Kathpal, MD

Harry Katz, MD

Robert Keenan, MD

Rosalie Keith, DO

Gloria Kennedy, FNP

Azad Khan, MD

Anthony King, owner

Donald Kiser, DO

Gerardo Klug, MD

Cecil Knox, MD

Richard Koff, MD

Albert Kofsky, DO

Bernard Kornell, MD

Michael Kostenko, DO

Steven Kotsonis, MD

Joan Kutschbach, MD

Shelby Lackey, owner

Philip Lafata, MD

Felix Lanting, MD

James Lassiter, MD

Abel Lau, MD

Juan Lazaro-Paulina, MD

Vu Le, MD

Michael Leman, owner

Howard Levine, MD

Keith Levitt, MD

Frank Li, MD

Fuhai Li, MD

Stan Xuhui Li, MD

Ira Lieberman, DO

Oscar Linares, MD

Philip Lipson, DO

Nicholas Lisnichy, MD

Albert Little, MD

John Littleford, DO

William Lockridge, MD

Peter Lodewick, MD

Peter Lopez, MD

Kevin Lowe, MD

Sidney Loxley, MD

James Lundeen, MD

Hung Thien Ly, MD

Philip Mach, MD

Dewey MacKay, MD

Atif Malik, MD

Seraphin Manfredonia, MD

Steven Mangar, MD

Harold Marshall, MD

Estrella Martinez, MD

Jorge A. Martinez, MD

Rogelio Martinez, MD

Rakesh Mathur, MD

John Maye, MD

Paul Maynard, MD

Richard Mazur, MD

William McArthur III, MD

Jeremy McCandless, MD

Theodore McCrary, PA

Tandy McElwee, MD

Carolyn McGrail, MD

Margaret McIntosh-Filmore, MD

Ronald McIver, DO

Laurence McKinney, MD

Apryl McNeil, MD

Pravin Mehta, MD

Melanie Menser-Parks, MD

Jose Mercado-Francis, MD

Thomas Merrill, DO

Michael Metzger, MD

Jean-Luc Michel

Michael Millette, MD

Michael Minas, MD

Richard Minicozzi, MD

Sarfraz Mirza, MD

Luis Molmenti, MD

Breton Morgan, DO

Richard Morgan, DO

Joe Moss, MD

Kenneth Mudd, MD

Mukunda Mukherjee, MD

Michael Myers, MD

Rev. Ronald Myers, MD

Sanford Myers, MD

Stanley Naramore, DO

Manuel Nigalan, MD

Jack Norden, MD

Absylom Nyamekye, MD

Paul O'Brien, DO

Barry Odegaard, MD

Kenneth Olds, MD

Jon Opsahl, MD

Porfirio Orta-Rosario, MD

Louis Ortenzio, MD

Guy Owens, MD

Manuel Pagalilauan, MD

Daniel Palmer, MD

Lawrence Parris, MD

Bruce Parsa, DO

Keyhosrow Parsia, MD

Harold Pascal, MD

Joseph Pastorek II, MD

Jeff Pearlman, drug rep

Roger Pellmann, MD

Elena Perry-Thornton, MD

Anand Persaud, MD

Alonzo Peters III, MD

Gerald Petrash, PA

John Petrovich, MD

Can Phung, MD

James Pickens, MD

Stephen Pierce, MD

Lynn Pirie, DO

Leslie Pompy, MD

Jeffrey Pont, MD

Andrew Poulshock, DO

Frank Purpera, MD

Ronald Rahman, MD

Kristen Raines, FNP

MIchael Randall, DO

Jamal Raza, MD

Perry Reese III, MD

Jerry Reifeiss, MD

Elizabeth Reimers, MD

Eric Ressner, MD

John Rew, MD

Kenneth Richards, DO

David Ringel, DO

Steven Ringel, MD

Robert Ritchea, MD

Bradford Roberg, MD

Alexis Roman-Torres, MD

Michael Rosen, MD

James Ross, MD

Arnold Roth, MD

Bernard Rottschaefer, MD

Xiulu Ruan, MD

Richard Ruth, DO

Brett Ryabik, MD

Evelyn Sabugo, MD

Lisa Sanders, MD

Nicholas Sasson, MD

William Scheyer, MD

Richard Schlesinger, MD

Alan Schold, MD

Ramon Schruggs, MD

Edward Schwab, DO

Vincent Scolaro, DO

Tufan Senler, MD

Sohrab Shafinia, DO

Richard Shankman, DPM

Arun Sharma, MD

Kiran Sharma, MD

Sandeep Sherlekar, MD

Marc Shinderman, MD

James Shortt, MD

Lawrence Simons, MD

Ernest Singleton, Owner

Sanjay Sinha, MD

Lonnie Sipsy, DO

John Sirechi, DO

Laurence Skolnik, MD

Joseph Smith, MD

William Smith, MD

Robert Snyder, DO

William Sokoll, MD

Keith Sokoloff, DO

Armando Solis, MD

Michael Spector, MD

Warren Stack, MD

James Stanch, MD

Doyle Steel, MD

Steven Stowell, MD

Alan Summers, MD

Shannon Swanson, DO

Paul Taylor, MD

John Temponeras, MD

Margaret Temponeras, MD

Robert Terdiman, MD

Alexander Theodore, MD

Steven Tincher, MD

Kamal Tiwari, MD

Christopher Tobin, MD

Bernard Tougas, PA

Thomas Trieu, MD

Hsiu-Ying Tseng, DO

Kelly Tucker, MD

Michael Umansky, MD

Imo Umawa, owner

Anthony Valdez, MD

Thu-Hoa Van, MD

Pravin Vasoya, MD

Jose Vazquez-Senti, MD

Clarence Verdell, MD

Victor Georgescu, MD

Tomasito Virey, MD

Paul Volkman, MD

Ester Wadley, DO

Philip Wagman, MD

David Wang, MD

Christopher Watson, pharm

David Webb, MD

Larry Webman, MD

Randy Webman, MD

Paul Weinstein, MD

Randy Weiss, DO

Norman Werther, MD

Larry White, DO

David Wilbirt, MD

George Williams, MD

Michael Williams, MD

Monique Williams, MD

Warren H. Williams, MD

Warren Williams Sr., MD

Wayne Williamson, DO

Danny Wills, MD

Heidi Winkler, MD

David Wulff, PA

Felicie Wyatt, MD

Rajendra Yande, DO

Han Yang, MD

Bassam Yassine, MD

Alphonse Yezbic, DO

In Whan Yun, MD

Jennifer Zampogna, MD

Mengjia Zhao, MD

Mohamed Zouairbani, MD

List of Doctors/Professionals Under Attack

Below is a list of 450 doctors and other professionals that have been attacked by the government for pain management. There are several things to take note of in this information. First, note that most of the doctors attacked are minority. Could prejudice in the medical boards, government, and Department of Justice be a factor, or are they just easier targets?  Secondly, there appears to be specific US Districts where doctors are being attacked more than others. This finding will be broken down more on following pages. But basically the evaluation of this data should show that these attacks have nothing to do with actual law-breaking, but simply creating MEDICAL POLITICAL PRISONERS of good, compassionate doctors by money-hungry promotion-seeking US attorneys. Other characteristics of doctors attacked are that they are:

  1. Independent–not owned by a hospital but, like me, competing with hospital-owned, government supported physicians in the area.
  2. Accept Medicare/Medicaid patients: the population the government really doesn’t care about and use against us with fraud charges to reclaim all the money they paid the doctor for years.
  3. Lack the financial resources to fight the government.

I would appreciate any help with investigations of the US districts where the most doctors are attacked. Investigate the US Attorneys involved. Find out if they achieved promotions, like the current Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, or if they were brought into the district specifically to attack doctors, like Jenny Waering in SW Virginia. Send any information you have acquired to me through the Contact Us form.

Name Profession Location Arrested Indicted Convicted Sentence
Abbey, Julian A. MD MA-Saugus Oct. 2005 April-08 5 years probation
Adams, Lawrence MD PA-Phillipsburg June, 2007 Oct, 2008 7-14 yr
Adkins, George Marshal owner OH-Wheelersburg Plea Sept, 2012 10 yr
Aggarwal, Shelinder MD AL-Huntsville Plea Sept 2016
Agrawal, Pankaj MD NJ-Sicklerville June, 2008 Plea Mar, 2009 63 mo
Ahles, Peter MD CA-Anaheim June, 2005 Plea Oct 2006 6mo home detention
Ahmad, Salahuddin MD MI-Ferndale May, 2008 Plea Sept 2009 36 mo
Ajawat, Paramjit MD MD-Potomac Sept, 2015 9 1/4 yr
Ajrawat, Sukhveen Kaur MD MD-Potomac Sept, 2015 deceased Feb, 2016
Albert, Richard MD KY-Paintsville Plea Dec, 2011 75 mo
Alexander, Bruce MD TX-Frisco Dec, 2006 Plea May 2007 6 mo home detention
Alexander, Edward J MD PA-Philly Oct, 2007 Plea Feb 2008 3 years probation
Alexanderian, Harry MD PA-West Pittston Oct, 2004 Plea May 2005 6 mo home detention
Ali, Muhammad MD AL-Jasper April, 2015
Allara, Robert MD WV-Charleston April, 2008 Plea April, 2008 5 mo
Astin, Phil III MD GA-Carrollton July, 2007 Plea Jan, 2007
Auzine, Donald MD LA-Prairieville May, 2008 Plea May, 2008 37 mo
Aycock, George C. Jr MD SC-Sumter July, 2009 Plea Sept 2009 1 yr + 1 da
Bado, Jeffrey DO PA-Philly Feb, 2015
Bajwa, Jatinder MD PA-Springdale Mar, 2005 Plea Sept 2006 2 yr probation
Baker, Yvette MD DE-Dover Dec, 2011
Bamdad, Masoud MD CA-San Fernando April, 2008 May, 2009 still waiting
Bammer, Craig DO FL–Gulfport April, 2007 Plea Aug, 2009
Banks, Brenda MD OH-Columbus 2012 48 Mo
Barnes, Shanta owner LA-Baton Rouge May, 2015
Barnett, Randy MD PA-Philly Jan, 2005 Plea Oct, 2004 24 mo probation
Barrera, Carlos Manuel MD FL-Miami Jan, 2006 Plea April, 2006 6 mo home detention
Bass, Harrison MD NV-Las Vegas Dec, 2006 Mar, 2008 25 yr
Bates, Jeffrey Kent MD WV, South Charleston Aug, 2006 Plea Aug, 2006 3 mo
Battle, Frederick MD IN, Michigan City April, 2004 Plea Oct, 2004 1 yr probation
Baumstarck, Joseph MD WY–Lovell May, 2008 Plea Dec, 2008 3 yr probation
Bedi, Sukhdarshan S. MD IL-Marion July, 2009 Plea Nov, 2009 8 mo
Bek, Jong H MD IN-Gary Aug, 2003 May, 2005 41 mo
Belfiore, Michael DO NY-Merrick Oct, 2014 Aug, 2016
Bennett, Matthew MD NY-North Tonawanda Nov, 2015 3 yr
Bethencourt, Megaly S MD FL-Miami Mar, 2005 Plea April, 2006 6 mo home detention
Bias, Tracy owner WV, TN, OH April, 2012 plea May, 2013 14 years
Bickelhaupt, Ethan MD KS–Topeka Sept, 2009 Plea Sept 2010 3 yr probation
Bilyeu, Stuart W. DO MI-Southfield July, 2005 Plea April 2006 5 yr
Bischoff, James MD MT-Ennis Aug, 2004 Plea Sept, 2006 10 yr
Boccone, Paul owner VA-Chantilly August, 2012 15 years
Bofill, Rano MD KY-Paintsville Plea Mar, 2014 4 yr
Bolling, George R pharmacist AL-Jasper Dec, 2015
Borengasser, Aaron PA AR-Little Rock May, 2015 acquitted
Borkson, Joseph MD PA-Philly April, 2007 Plea Sept, 2008 60 mo
Bradley, Thomas MD PA-Dubois Jan, 2008 Plea Oct, 2008 5 yr probation
Braun, Robert MD CA-West Hills Oct, 2005 Plea Mar, 2007 70 mo
Bregar, Frank MD PA-Pittsburg Oct, 2005 Plea April, 2006 3 mo home detention
Brindley, Milton Lee MD KY-Augusta Dec, 2008 Plea Oct, 2009 71 mo
Broadnax, Walter MD OH-Cincinnati May, 2007 Plea Nov, 2011
Brooks, Shawn MD AR-Little Rock plea May, 2016 surrendered license
Brown, Charles CFNP VA-Chantilly Nov, 2012 5 yr
Brown, Michael R MD MA-Mashpee Aug, 2005 July, 2007 3 yr
Brutus, Roland MD FL-Winter Park Feb, 2015
Bush, Irving MD IL-Elgin July, 2008 Plea Dec, 2008 30 mo probation
Cadet, Cynthia MD FL-Parkland July, 2013 6 1/2 yr
Cannella, Louis MD MI-Menominee July, 2008 Plea Jan, 2009 48 mo
Cantrell, Tammy owner KY-Paintsville plea 2013
Caroni, Dennis owner CA-Los Angeles Jan, 2013 20 yr
Castellanos, Agustin M MD FL-Palm Beach Garden Feb, 2006 Plea July, 2006 36 mo
Castro, Hector MD NY-Manhattan July, 2015 5.5 yr
Castronuovo, Joseph MD FL-Palm Beach Gardens July, 2013 18 mo
Caviness, Paul H. MD PA-Middleton June, 2007 Plea Nov, 2007 9-23 mo
Ceasar, Shannon C. MD LA-Metairie July, 2016
Cemerlic, Senad MD DE-Dover Sept, 2015 Plea June, 2016 18 mo probation
Chait, Michael MD NY-Sag Harbor Mar, 2007 plea Apr, 2009 3 yr
Chaudhry, Aziz MD PA-Philly Oct, 2006 Plea June, 2008 15 mo
Cheek, Linda MD VA-Dublin June, 2012 Feb, 2013 33 mo
Cheng, Paul P. MD OK-Enid Oct, 2006 Plea July, 2007 2 yr probation
Chong, Joon MD MI-Coldwater April, 2012 Plea Sept, 2013 18 mo
Christensen, Chris A. MD MO-Florence Aug, 2015
Christensen, John MD FL-PB July, 2013 plea Sept 2016
Chua, Noel N MD GA-Kingsland Sept, 2006 Oct, 2007 life
Chube, Charles Randall MD IN-Gary Oct, 2004 May, 2006 60 mo
Chube, David MD IN-Gary Oct, 2004 May, 2006 15 2/3 yr
Clardy, Christina MD TX-Houston May, 2011
Clark, Cordell MD TX-Dallas April, 2003 Plea Oct, 2003 10 yr probation
Clough, Chris, PA PA-C NH-Somersworth
Connolly, Christine Ann MD CO-Littleton Mar, 2008 Plea Dec, 2008 1 yr probation
Conway, William MD NY-Long Island Plea July, 2013 8 yr
Cossi, Michael MD IN-Fort Wayne Mar, 2016
Couch, John Patrick MD AL-Mobile May, 2015
Covington, Karl MD TX-Houston April, 2012 Sept, 2012
Cowie, Albert MD NY-Amherst April, 2015 Jan, 2016 Plea Jan, 2016
Crake, Robert J DO WV-Wheeling Mar, 2008 Plea June, 2008 36 mo probation
Crouthamel, Matthew R MD WA-Seattle Dec, 2007 Plea Mar, 2008 3 yr probation
Cullins, Suzette MD LA-New Orleans April, 2005 July, 2006 60 mo
Dahlsten, John MD OH-Cincinnati April, 2012 May, 2014 4 mo
Davis, John Blevins MD NC-Winston Salem Oct, 2007 Plea June, 2008 3 yr probation
Dawson, Anita DO WV-Milton plea Jan 2013 2 years
Dayananda, Dewundara P MD MI-Waterford Oct, 2003 Plea July, 2005 4 yr probation
Dehart, Gail E MD NY-Gouverneur May, 2005 Plea Feb 2006 5 yr probation
Deloach, Betty MD LA-Shreveport April, 2005 Plea April 2007 6 mo
Delp, William DO PA-Bethlehem Nov, 2003 Plea Jan, 2005 1-2 yrs
Caroni, Dennis owner FL-Pensacola Sept, 2010 Nov, 2011 20 yr
Denny, Kevin M MD FL-Tierra Verde May, 2009 Plea Sept, 2009 70 mo
Desgrottes, Schiller MD NY-Brooklyn 2013 Oct, 2014
Deundara, Patabendige S. MD MI-Waterford Dec, 2003 Plea July, 2005 4 yr probation
Dewilde, Steven B DO MI-St. Clair Nov, 2003 Plea April 2004 1 yr
Diaz, Mario Alberto MD FL-Miami Mar, 2006 Plea Mar, 2006 30 mo
Dietrich, Peter Scott MD CA-Sacramento Jan, 2009 Plea Nov, 2009 60 days suspended
Dileo, Gerard MD LA-Metairie Sept, 2010 Nov, 2011 2 years
Dimowo, John MD CA-Wilmington Oct, 2013 May, 2015 3 yr probation
Dodge, Jack MD SD-Mitchell Aug, 2005 Plea April, 2006 5 yr
Dominique, Jean C MD FL-Tampa May, 2006 Plea May, 2006 5 yr probation
Douglas, Kelvin Lynn MD TN-Jackson Oct, 2007 Plea Sept, 2008 time served
Dubrule, Rosaire Michel MD TN-Tiptonville Aug, 2007 Nov, 2014 12.5 yr
Duffy, David MD NY-Queens May, 2015 May, 2015
Duffy, Tressie MD WV-Martinsburg 2014 June, 2016 1 yr + 1day
Durante, Michael MD NJ-Nutley Mar, 2011 Dec, 2013 11 1/3 yr
Durfey, John Q MD FL-Panama City Dec, 2006 Plea Aug, 2007 20 yr
Durgappa, Janardhanna MD FL-Coral Springs April, 2006 Plea Aug, 2008 12 mo probation
Eatough, Philip B DO NJ-Middleton Oct, 2007 Plea Mar 2009 41 mo
Eicher, Mary Jane DO FL-St. Petersburg May, 2006 Plea Jan, 2007 36 mo probation
Elder, Christopher L. MD TX-Houston Feb, 2008 June, 2010 15 mo
Emerson, Paul H DO MI-Taylor Aug, 2007 Plea Jan, 2009 12 yr
Evans, Eugene MD NJ-Roselle Park Jan, 2015 Plea April, 2015 5 yr state
Fankell, Raymond Pharmacist OH-Wheelersburg June, 2015
Fantauzzi, Mark DO OH-Cincinnati April, 2012 plea Jan 2013
Faswala, Munir Hussain MD NJ-Millville Feb, 2005 fugitive
Fernando, Samuel Cube MD IL-Justice Nov, 2006 Plea Aug, 2007 2 yr probation
Ferryman, Jeff PA IN-Connersville Nov, 2013 Plea
Fischer, David V. MD IN-New Carlisle April, 2004 Plea Sept, 2004 2 yr
Fletcher, Christopher W MD TN-Nashville Sept, 2005 Plea Sept, 2005 3 yr probation
Fox, Stuart MD FL-W. Palm Beach July, 2013
Friedes, Lawrence M MD FL-St. Augustine Feb, 2007 Plea Feb, 2008 10 yr
Friedlander, Jeffrey H. MD FL-Kissimmee April, 2009 Plea Oct, 2010 9 yr
Adkins, George owner OH-Wheelersburg Plea Aug 2012 10 yr
Georgescu, Victor MD OH-Wheelersburg July-05 Suicide Aug, 2012
Gibbs, Robert MD NY-Harlem 2013 5 yr probation
Gibson, Donald II MD TX-Houston May, 2012 Plea Oct, 2013 52 mo
Gillick, Daniel MD NY-Youngstown Jan, 2014
Gillick, Daniel MD NY Nov, 2012 6 mo home detention
Gilreath, Marcellus MD OH-Cleveland April, 2012 Plea July 2013
Girardi, David MD PA-Curwensville July, 2008 Plea Mar, 2008 2 yr probation
Glass, Ted Alan MD MS-Jackson Nov, 2006 Plea Feb, 2007 4 yr probation
Godofsky, Alan Arnold MD KY-Georgetown July, 2016
Gogenola, Lawrence Joseph MD WA-Bellevue May, 2008 Plea Aug, 2008 2 yr probation
Gonzalez, Juan Oscar MD FL-Miami Mar, 2005 Plea Mar, 2006 8 ;mo home detention
Gordinho, Jose MD WV-Glen Daniel Nov, 2015 Nov, 2015 Plea Jan 2016 8 yr
Gorin, Kevin MD LA-Lake Charles Jan, 2006 Plea June, 2006 48 days
Gosy, Eugene MD NY-Amherst April, 2016
Green, Spurgeon Jr MD GA-Perry July, 2004 Plea Nov, 2008 30 years
Grigg, Peter MD CO-Colorado Springs Jan, 2009 Plea Aug, 2009 5 yr probation
Guenther, Joseph MD LA-Metairie April, 2005 Plea April, 2007 10 mo
Guerra, Rene MD FL-Miami Lakes July, 2006 Plea April, 2007 18 mo
Ha, Yong Soo MD IL-Oak Brook Sept, 2007 fugitive
Hackney, David T MD Washington, DC Dec, 2006 Plea Oct, 2007
Hanny, Thomas Anthony MD CT-South Glastonbury July, 2006 Plea Dec, 2006 33 mo
Haque, Ehteshamul MD VA-Norfolk Oct, 2008 Plea Nov, 2008
Hasan, Shaikh Monirul MD NY-Brooklyn June, 2012 June, 2012 30 day
Healy, Daniel MD CA, Arcadia Feb, 2009 Plea July, 2009 4 yr
Henry, Jesse B MD NM-Albuquerque June, 2003 Plea Sept, 2004 5 yr probation
Hernandez, Adolfo Pliego MD IN-Noblesville Mar, 2008 Plea Nov, 2008 6 yr
Herndon, Oliver MD PA-Pittsburg Plea May, 2012 11 yr 3mo
Herpin, Callie MD TX-Houston Sept, 2004 Plea April, 2006 10 yr
Hershline, Roger MD SC-Hilton Head June, 2009 Plea Feb, 2010 41 mo
Hindman, Keith DO WA-Deer Park July, 2007 Plea April, 2009 9 mo
Hofstetter, Sylvia owner KY-Knoxville April, 2015 Oct, 2016
Holland, Kristen Pharmacist AR-Little Rock May, 2015
Hooper, James MD AL-Tuscaloosa June, 2016
Howard, Douglas MD MA-Melrose Jan, 2005 Plea Sept, 2005 3 mo, 27 mo suspended
Howell, George MD OK-Roland April, 2016
Hoxie, David Albert MD OH-Waverly May, 2005 Plea Aug, 2006 3 year community control
Hsu, Ven MD CT-Waterbury July, 2010 Feb, 2013 suspended
Huffman, Alice employee OH-South Point Plea 2010 5 yr
Huffman, Denise owner OH-South Point Plea 2010 12 2/3 yr
Hussain, Abdul MD PA-Wilkes-Barre July, 2005 Plea Jan, 2006 3-10 yr
Ibanez, Juan Antonio MD FL-Haines City Oct, 2008 Plea Nov, 2008 51 mo
Ignasiak, Robert Leonard Jr MD FL-Freeport Mar, 2008 July, 2009 24 1/3 yr
Jacobson, Eric MD NY-Great Neck Plea May, 2014 8 yr
Jacobson, Joel C MD WI-Oshkosh Sept, 2005 Plea Aug, 2006 6 mo
Jaszczult, Joan DO NJ-Belleville Sept, 2005 Mar, 2008 11 yr
Jenkins, Harvey MD OK- Oklahoma City Mar, 2016
Jewett, Stephen S. MD IA-Centerville Mar, 2006 Plea June, 2007 4 mo
Johns, Richard MD AR-Little Rock May, 2015 Sept, 2015
Johnston, Sharon L DO FL-Naples Aug, 2007 Plea July, 2008 30 mo
Jones, Eric MD IN-Pemdleton Oct, 2014
Jorgensen, Eric MD MO-St. Joseph April, 2003 Plea Aug, 2003 3 yr probation
Junco, Anthony Jr MD GA-Savannah Jan, 2006 Plea Mar, 2006 3 mo
Kader, Nasreen MD NY-Central Islip Sept, 2014 Plea Nov 2015 6 mo house arrest
Kane, Gerald MD IL, Highland Park April, 2008 Plea Sept, 2009 12 mo suspended
Kanevsky, Zhanna MD NY-Brooklyn 2013 5 yr probation
Kapanjie, Theodore MD WA-Seattle May, 2009 Plea May, 2009 1 yr probation
Kaskiw, Richard P. MD NY-New Hartford June, 2007 Plea Aug, 2007 1 yr probation
Kathpal, Gurbachan MD PA-Canonburg Nov, 2004 Plea May, 2006 2-4 yr
Katz, Harry M MD MO-Cedar Hill June, 2004 Plea Mar, 2005 16 mo
Keenan, Robert M MD MD-Towson Oct, 2004 June, 2005 8 yr
Keith, Rosalie DO NY-Alfred Oct, 2005 Plea Jan, 2006 Fine $5000
Kennedy, Gloria FNP VA-Richlands Plea Nov 2015 46 mo
Khan, Azad MD PA-Villanova May, 2016
King, Anthony Markeith owner AR-Little Rock May, 2015
Kiser, Donald Raymond DO OH-Marietta April, 2007 Plea Feb, 2008 7 1/4 yr
Klug, Gerardo MD FL-Palm Beach Feb, 2008 Mar, 2009 30 mo
Knox, Cecil MD VA-Roanoke Acquitted Oct, 2003
Koff, Richard MD PA-Richboro Jan, 2005 Plea Jan 2005 4 yr probation
Kofsky, Albert DO PA-Huntingdon Valley Aug, 2006 Plea Sept, 2008 1 yr + 1 d
Kornell, Bernard MD TX-Duncanville Nov, 2005 Plea Mar, 2007 10 yr
Kostenko, Michael DO WV-Daniels
Kotsonis, Steven MD WI-Wauwatosa June, 2016
Kutschbach, Joan Z MD CA-Elk Grove June, 2007 Plea Aug, 2007 30 d
Lackey, Shelby owner KY-Paintsville plea 2013
Lafata, Philip MD MI-Pigeon Aug, 2009 Plea Sept, 2010 3 yr
Lanting, Felix (85 y/o) MD NY-Staten Island Nov, 2010 Jan, 2013 6 mo house arrest
Lassiter, James MD OH-Findlay April, 2012 Plea June, 2013
Lau, Abel MD OK-Catoosa May, 2008 Plea Aug, 2009 6 mo home detention
Lazaro-Paulina, Juan Carol MD ME-Westbrook Aug, 2004 Plea Nov, 2005 30 days
Le, Vu MD CA-Midway City Dec, 2006 Plea Nov, 2009 57 mo
Leman, Michael D owner KY-Lexington March, 2012 15 years
Levine, Howard J MD WA-Seattle June, 2007 Plea Feb, 2008 22 mo
Levitt, Keith Neil MD WA-Seattle July, 2008 Plea Oct, 2008 3 yr probation
Li, Frank MD WA-Seattle
Li, Fuhai MD PA-Milford July, 2016
Li, Stan Xuhui MD NY-Queens 2014 10-20 yr
Lieberman, Ira DO MI-North Branch Oct, 2003 Plea Oct, 2004 27 mo
Linares, Oscar MD MI-Monroe Mar, 2011 Plea Dec, 2015 4 3/4 yr
Lipson, Philip A DO PA-Churchville June, 2005 Plea June, 2005 36 mo
Lisnichy, Nicholas MD PA-Dunmore Dec, 2004 Plea Feb 2005 6-12 yr
Little, Albert G MD MD-Catonsville Jan, 2007 Plea July, 2007 3 yr probation
Littleford, John Alan DO CO-Parker April, 2016
Lockridge, William R MD FL-Lake Park April, 2008 Plea Sept, 2009 12 mo
Lodewick, Peter MD AL-Birmingham Plea Oct, 2015 4 yr probation
Lopez, Peter Colon MD FL-Miami Oct, 2007 Plea Dec, 2008 22 mo
Lowe, Kevin MD NY-New York May, 2015 12 yr
Loxley, Sidney S. MD VA-Chesapeake Jan, 2005 Plea Dec, 2005 7 1/4 yr
Lundeen, James MD OH-Portsmouth
Ly, Hung Thien MD GA-Savannah Oct, 2007 Plea May, 2009 97 mo
Mach, Philip MD NJ-New Brunswick Aug, 2005 Plea May, 2007 15 mo
MacKay, Dewey MD UT-Brigham City July-05 20 years reduced to 3
Malik, Atif MD MD-Germantown June, 2016
Manfredonia, Seraphin J MD FL-North Palm Beach Oct, 2006 Plea Feb, 2007 1 year home detention
Mangar, Steven MD CA-Salinas May, 2016
Marshall, Harold MD TX-Dallas Sept, 2007 Plea June, 2008 10 yr probation
Martinez, Estrella MD NY-Albany Nov, 2006 Plea May, 2007 3 yr probation
Martinez, Jorge A. MD OH-Boardman Sept, 2004 June, 2006 life
Martinez, Rogelio MD FL-Pensacola Feb, 2008 Plea April, 2009 6 yr
Mathur, Rakesh MD MD-Falston lic susp Feb 2012 license reinstated 2012 Probation through 2015
Maye, John MD NY-Rochester Oct, 2013 plea 1 yr
Maynard, Paul V MD VI-Charlotte Amalie Sept, 2003 Feb, 2007 7 mo
Mazur, Richard A. MD MS-Pass Christian July, 2004 Plea June, 2005 27 mo
McArthur, William F III MD GA-Jesup Nov, 2006 Plea Jan, 2008 30 mo
McCandless, Jeremy R MD UT–Bountiful Aug, 2009 Plea Mar, 2011 18 mo
McCrary, Theodore PA KY-Knoxville April, 2015
McElwee, Tandy MD LA-Bossier City Sept, 2008 Plea Oct, 2010 5 yr
McGrail, Carolyn MD FL-Fort Walton Aug, 2009 Plea July, 2009 5 mo
McIntosh-Filmore, Margaret MD NC-Charlotte May, 2008 Plea Aug, 2009 1 yr home confinement
McIver, Ronald Allen DO SC-Hodges Aug, 2004 Sept, 2005 30 yr
McKinney, Laurence T MD PA-Philly April, 2009 Mar, 2010 7 1/4 yr
McNeil, Apryl Mamzette MD NY, New York July, 2005 Plea April, 2006 20 mo
Mehta, Pravin MD NY-Niagara Falls June, 2014 plea May 2015 2 yr
Menser-Parks, Melanie MD TX-Houston Aug, 2016
Mercado-Francis, Jose MD MI-Eastpoint Jan, 2008 Plea Jan, 2008 11 mo
Merrill, Thomas DO FL-Apalachicola Aug, 2005 July, 2006 life
Metzger, Michael E MD MT-Billings Dec, 2008 April, 2009 3 yr probation
Michel, Jean-Luc MD FL-Boynton Beach Mar, 2012
Millette, Michael J. MD IL-Crystal Lake July, 2006 Jan, 2007 41 mo
Minas, Michael MD ID-Eagle Nov, 2014 May, 2016 8 yr
Minicozzi, Richard MD PA-PHilly Mar, 2012 7 yr
Mirza, Sarfraz Ahmed MD FL-Melbourne June, 2007 Plea Feb, 2008 2 years community control
Molmenti, Luis A MD MA-Plymouth Feb, 2005 Plea April 2005 2 yr probation
Morgan, Breton Lee MD WV-Point Pleasant Sept, 2006 Plea Mar, 2007 30 days
Morgan, Richard A. DO NY-Oceanside May, 2007 Plea Mar, 2009 14 yr
Moss, Joe P MD TN-Franklin Dec, 2004 Plea April, 2007 18 mo
Mudd, Kenneth MD KY-Louisville July, 2004 Plea Oct, 2005 3 yr
Mukherjee, Mukunda D MD MI-Flint June, 2004 Feb, 2006 328 yr
Myers, Michael Frank MD SC-Greenville Dec, 2006 May, 2007 78 mo
Myers, Ronald MD OK-Roland April, 2016
Myers, Sanford Kent MD TN-Knoxville Dec, 2006 Plea Nov, 2008 13 yr
Naramore, Stanley L DO OH-Cincinnati July, 2008 Plea July, 2008 48 mo
Nigalan, Manuel B MD NJ-Northfield June, 2009 Plea May, 2010 3 yr
Norden, Jack MD FL-Ft. Lauderdale Surrendered license April 2012
Nyamekye, Absylom Kwabena MD NY-New York July, 2005 Plea April, 2006 20 mo
O’Brien, Paul John DO IN-Crawfordsville Feb, 2009 Plea May, 2009 1 yr
O’Brien, William DO PA-Philly January-15 June, 2016
Odegaard, Barry N MD HI-Honolulu April, 2006 Oct, 2008 5 yr
Olds, Kenneth M MD CO-Greeley June, 2008 Plea Mar, 2010 3 yr probation
Opsahl, Jon S MD CA-Colton Mar, 2006 Plea Nov, 2007
Orta-Rosario, Porfirio MD WI-Oshkosh July, 2007 Aug, 2009 5 yrs
Ortenzio, Louis MD WV-Blacksville Oct, 2005 Plea Mar, 2006 6 mo home detention
Owens, Guy MD CT-New Britain May, 2003 Plea April, 2005 3 yr suspended
Pagalilauan, Manuel MD PA-Bensalem April, 2007 Plea June, 2008 9 mo
Palmer, Daniel MD IN-Connersville Nov, 2013 Plea 8 yr, 4 suspended
Parris, Lawrence L MD WA-Bothell May, 2008 Plea Aug, 2008 2 yr probation
Parsa, Bruce N DO KS–Kansas City May, 2003 Plea Oct, 2003 60 mo
Parsia, Keyhosrow MD PA-Ridley Park May, 2016
Pascal, Harold J MD PA-East Stroudsburg Dec, 2006 Plea Feb, 2008 6-18 mo
Pastorek, Joseph G. II MD LA-Slidell Nov, 2011 1 yr
Pearlman, Jeff drug rep NY Sept, 2016
Pellmann, Roger MD WI-New Berlin Oct, 2010 4 years
Perry-Thornton, Elena MD MI-Detroit Sept, 2005 Plea Oct, 2006 72 mo
Persaud, Anand MD NY-Long Island July, 2013
Peters, Alonzo III MD TX-Houston July, 2006 Plea Jan, 2009 5 yr
Petrash, Gerald PA TX-Montgomery Cty April, 2012 Sept, 2012
Petrovich, John A. MD IL-Granite City July, 2005 Plea Oct, 2005 5 yr probation
Phung, Can D MD OK-Norman May, 2008 Plea July, 2009 9 3/4 yr
Pickens, James Eliot MD UT–Bountiful May, 2008 Plea April, 2009 21 mo
Pierce, Stephen MD OH-Cincinnati April, 2012 Plea Dec, 2012
Pirie, Lynne Bursey DO AZ-Phoenix July, 2008 Plea Oct, 2008 18 mo probation
Pompy, Leslie MD MI-Monroe Sept, 2016
Pont, Jeffrey M MD AZ-Scottsdale Aug, 2004 Plea Dec, 2004 2 yr probation
Poulshock, Andrew S DO PA-Philly Jan, 2005 Plea Dec, 2004 3 yr probation
Purpera, Frank MD VA-Blacksburg Raided Sept, 2016
Rahman, Ronald MD NJ-Sicklerville June, 2009 Plea Jan, 2012 25 mo
Raines, Kristen FNP AR-Little Rock Aug, 2016
Randall, Michael DO NY-Long Island May, 2014 June, 2016 32 mo
Raza, Jamal MD VA-Reston Jan, 2011 Plea Nov, 2011 15 mo
Reese, Perry III MD NC-Cary April, 2008 Feb, 2009 20 yrs
Reifeiss, Jerry MD AR-Conway May, 2015 Plea April, 2016
Reimers, Elizabeth MD TN-Winchester Oct, 2008 Plea Mar, 2011 70 mo
Ressner, Eric L MD FL-Palm Beach Gardens Feb, 2006 Plea Aug, 2006 48 mo
Rew, John MD FL-Tampa Mar, 2009 Plea Oct, 2009 3 yr probation
Richards, Kenneth D DO MO-Green City Feb, 2007 Plea June, 2008 24 mo probation
Ringel, David DO IN-Connersville Nov, 2013 Plea June, 2016 4 yr probation
Ringel, Steven MD MO-Harrisonville Oct, 2004 Plea Feb, 2005 30 mo
Ritchea, Robert MD AL-Phenix City Sued Aug, 2010 Civil settlement Mar, 2012 Medicare fraud
Roberg, Bradford MD IL-McHenry May, 2008 Feb, 2009 30 mo probation
Roman-Torres, Alexis MD PR-Adjuntas May, 2008 Plea July, 2009 18 mo
Rosen, Michael MD PA-Lafayette Hill April, 2013
Ross, James Stanley MD VA-Clarksville Jan, 2007 Plea Aug, 2007 19 mo
Roth, Arnold MD NY-Westchester Plea Aug, 2013 1-3 yr
Rottschaefer, Bernard MD PA-Pittsburg June, 2003 March, 2004 6 1/3 yr
Ruan, Xiulu MD AL-Mobile May, 2015
Ruth, Richard R. DO PA-Franconia Nov, 2013 15-30 yr
Ryabik, Brett MD KY-Louisville Jan, 2004 Plea Feb, 2005 1 yr
Sabugo, Evelyn Frances MD PA-Philly Mar, 2007 Plea May, 2008 18 mo
Sanders, Lisa MD GA-Fort Gordon Feb, 2005 Plea May, 2005 6 mo
Sasson, Nicholas MD CA-Salinas July, 2004 Plea Oct, 2004 5 yr probation
Scheyer, William J MD WA-Kirkland Jan, 2005 Plea Jan, 2005 60 days home confinement
Schlesinger, Richard MD MD-Owings Mill May, 2004 Plea May, 2004 3 yr probation
Schold, Alan Craig MD KY-Georgetown July, 2016
Schruggs, Ramon MD CA-Tustin May, 2008 Plea June, 2009 2 yr probation
Schwab, Edward T DO MS-Canton Mar, 2006 Plea Sept, 2006 22 mo
Scolaro, Vincent DO FL-Daytona May, 1998
Senler, Tufan MD KY-Louisville Mar, 2009 Plea April, 2009 12 mo home detention
Shafinia, Sohrab DO MI-Farmington Hills Feb, 2009 Plea Jan, 2011 6 3/4 years
Shankman, Richard M DPM NY-Rosedale Nov, 2006 Plea Sept, 2007 5 yr
Sharma, Arun MD TX-Webster June, 2009 Plea April, 2010 15 yr
Sharma, Kiran MD TX-Webster June, 2009 Plea April, 2010 8 yr
Sherlekar, Sandeep MD MD-Germantown June, 2016 Deceased Sept 2016
Shinderman, Marc MD ME-Westbrook Aug, 2005 July, 2006 6 mo
Shortt, James M MD SC-W. Columbia Oct, 2005 Plea July, 2006 1 yr + 1 d
Simons, Lawrence M MD KS-Goddard April, 2009 Plea Jan, 2010 2 yr
Singleton, Ernest W. Owner, nurse KY-Georgetown June, 2013 20 yrs
Sinha, Sanjay MD GA-Woodstock April, 2014 Plea June, 2015 5 yr
Sipsy, Lonnie Keigh DO WV-Charleston Oct, 2007 Plea, Feb, 2008 1 yr + 1 d
Sirechi, John B DO NJ-Woodbury June, 2004 Plea Sept, 2005 3 yr probation
Skolnik, Laurence MD FL-Plantation April, 2016
Smith, Joseph Kerry MD IL-Mount Vernon July, 2007 Plea April, 2008 10 mo
Smith, William Kerry MD OK-Sallisaw April, 2016
Snyder, Robert DO PA-Pittsburgh Feb, 2006 Plea Sept, 2006 1 yr probation
Sokoll, William MD MI-Royal Oak Oct, 2007 Plea April, 2008 9 mo
Sokoloff, Keith DO DE-Newark Mar, 2005 Plea May, 2006 6 mo home detention
Solis, Armando MD FL-Miami Beach Dec, 2004 Plea Aug, 2005 46 mo
Spector, Michael Anthony MD CO-Superior June, 2003 Plea Dec, 2003 2 yr probation
Stack, Warren R MD UT-Salt Lake City Dec, 2007 Plea July, 2009 9 yr
Stanch, James M MD NJ-Manahawkin Feb, 2006 Plea June, 2006 57 mo
Steel, Doyle Stuart MD NV-Las Vegas Dec, 2005 Plea Mar, 2007 7 1/4 yr
Stowell, Steven MD PA-Cranberry April, 2008 Plea Oct, 2008 24 mo probation
Summers, Alan MD PA-Ambler May, 2016
Swanson, Shannon L. DO OH-Andover Mar, 2014
Taylor, Paul R. MD UT-Layton Nov, 2007 Plea Oct, 2009 85 mo
Temponeras, John MD OH-Wheelersburg June, 2015
Temponeras, Margaret MD OH-Wheelersburg June, 2015
Terdiman, Robert MD NY-Bronx Feb, 2014 Plea 2014 time served
Theodore, Alexander MD UT-Salt Lake City May, 2006 Plea April, 2007 1 yr
Tincher, Steven MD MS-Brandon Sept, 2016
Tiwari, Kamal MD IN-Bloomington June, 2010 Sept, 2012 3 yr
Tobin, Christopher Greg MD NC-Wilmington July, 2008 Aug, 2009 36 mo
Tougas, Bernard PA, Owner OK-Roland April, 2016
Trieu, Thomas MD MS-Biloxi May, 2008 Plea June, 2009 8 yr
Tseng, Hsiu-Ying DO CA-Rowland Heights Oct, 2015 30 yr
Tucker, Kelly W MD CO-Greeley May, 2008 Plea May, 2008
Umansky, Michael MD CA-Los Angeles Feb, 2003 Plea Aug, 2003 3 yr probation
Umawa Imo owner TX-Houston June, 2011
Valdez, Anthony F. MD TX-El Paso April, 2011 July, 2011 20 yr
Van, Thu-Hoa MD MS-Biloxi May, 2008 Plea June 2009 12 mo
Vasoya, Pravin MD NJ-Mount Laurel June, 2008 Plea Feb, 2009 57 mo
Vazquez-Senti, Jose Victor MD PR-Carolina Sept, 2007 Sept, 2010 time served
Verdell, Clarence R MD PA-Philly investigation
Georgescu, Victor MD OH-Wheelersburg
Virey, Tomasito MD NY-Bronx Feb, 2014 Plea 2014 suicide Feb, 2014
Volkman, Paul MD OH-South Point May, 2007 May, 2011 4 life terms
Wadley, Ester DO MO-Republic Aug, 2004 Plea April, 2005 5 yr probation
Wagman, Philip G MD PA-New Castle Oct, 2004 May, 2006 7-15 yr
Wang, David MD FL-Orlando Aug, 2005 Plea July, 2008 5 yr probation
Watson, Christopher Pharmacist AR-Perryville Jan, 2015 Feb, 2015
Webb, David W. MD FL-Destin Feb, 2009 Sept, 2009 life
Webman, Larry MD GA-Lilburn Jan, 2013 Plea May, 2015 10 yr
Webman, Randy MD GA-Lilburn Jan, 2013 Plea May, 2015 11 yr
Weinstein, Paul MD MA-Lawrence April, 2009 Plea Jan, 2011 63 mo
Weiss, Randy DO PA-Philly plea 4 yr
Werther, Norman MD PA-Willow Grove Aug, 2011 Sept, 2013 25 yr
White, Larry Curtis DO MI-Rochester April, 2007 Plea April, 2008 1 yr + 1 d
Wilbirt, David A MD AZ-Tempe Aug, 2008 Plea Aug, 2008 4 mo
Williams, George MD GA-Lilburn Jan, 2013 Plea May, 2015 7 yr
Williams, Michael L MD TX-Palestine Oct, 2006 Plea Sept, 2008 2 yrs home confinement, suspended
Williams, Monique Bridget MD CA-Los Angeles Nov, 2008 Plea Nov, 2008 36 mo
Williams, Warren H MD NC-Charlotte April, 2005 May, 2006 1 yr + 1 d
Williams, Warren Sr. MD LA-Baton Rouge June, 2008 Plea Aug, 2012 3 yr probation
Williamson, Wayne W DO MO-Kansas City Oct, 2009 Plea Nov, 2010 36 mo
Wills, Danny Ray MD WV-Princeton Aug, 2009 Plea Jan, 2009 6 mo
Winkler, Heidi Ann MD CA-Norwalk June, 2006 Plea Feb, 2007 3 yr probation
Wulff, David PA IN-Connersville Oct, 2013 Plea
Wyatt, Felicie MD AR-Little Rock May, 2015 May, 2015 acquitted
Yande, Rajendra D. DO PA-DuBois Plea Jan 2013 4-8 yr state
Yang, Han . MD OH-Dayton Plea Jan, 2012
Yassine, Bassam MD CA, Glendora July, 2007 Plea June, 2008 37 mo
Yezbic, Alphonse DO MI, West Bloomfield May, 2005 Plea Feb, 2006 2 wks
Yun, In Whan MD GA-Wrens April, 2007 Plea Mar, 2008 5 yr probation
Zampogna, Jennifer MD PA-Mechanicsburg June, 2007 Plea Sept, 2009 23 mo probation
Zhao, Mengjia MD NY-New York July, 2015 4 yr probation
Zouairbani, Mohamed MD PR-Vega Alta July, 2011 Plea July, 2011 1 yr + 1 d
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