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Raid on Dr. Khan’s Arizona Home

The following is an account on the raid on Dr. Khan’s home in Arizona by his younger brother, Nabeel Khan:

On Tuesday, November 15th, 2016 at approximately 9:30AM I was sitting in my room alone, watching TV and getting ready to go to sleep as I currently live alone. I was frightened by noises and movement that I saw in the hallway through a crack in my door. I opened the door and was faced with sheer terror as men with guns ordered me down on the floor with hands out to my sides. They never identified themselves while I lay face down. I was frisked and handcuffed, clad only in my shirt and shorts.  I was led outside of the house and made to sit outside in the hot Arizona Sun on one of my metal chairs in the driveway in full view of my neighbors. I am diabetic and have an open wound on my foot which requires me to keep my foot bandaged almost daily as I am a partial foot amputee. I was made to sit outside barefoot.

I was not told what was going on. All I could see outside were men clad in Police vests and DEA vests. I noted one Mohave County deputy sheriff. There were several vehicles outside. I was not shown a warrant until much later after my name and other information was demanded, all as I sat outside in handcuffs. I was never given my Miranda warning until the next morning when I appeared via closed circuit camera before a Judge after I was arrested and spent the night in jail.

I learned that a warrant had been issued by a Federal Magistrate in Phoenix to search my brother’s house, in which I resided.  Apparently, my brother’s home, office and Vape Shop in Casper, WY were also searched at approximately the same time. There was also a seizure warrant for a 2016 Corvette automobile owned by my brother. Later a second seizure warrant came for my brother’s 2014 Mustang. The officers asked me where the keys were to both vehicles. I was not allowed to re-enter the dwelling, so they went into my room and got the keys to the cars listed on a warrant. They also took the keys to other cars parked in garages at two other houses owned by my brother, as well as other vehicles at the house I live in, all of which were not listed on any search and seizure warrant. They obtained the keys to the other houses and told me if I did not tell them which key fit which door they would just break the doors down as they did in the house where I live. They also took keys to my brother’s office. Only after I complained of pain in my hands did they remove the handcuffs. They ransacked the house and went into my room where they had found me, opened my drawers and my closets. They eventually took me to the other houses opening the door with my keys and brought me back to the house I was living in. I asked if I could go in the house and was told no, so I had to sit on the hard metal chair in my garage. I was never left alone. I had to use the washroom several times in front of an officer, never freely. At all material times I was under their dominion and control.

I was told by the lead DEA agent that they were unaware that the house was occupied. I was questioned about my brother’s medical practice and I told them I had no information about anything they were alleging. I was then berated by the DEA agent about how my physician brother was the biggest drug dealer in the entire county and had been for the past half-decade who was responsible for prescribing opioids that were killing kids.

The cameras in the house were disconnected by the agents. I was not allowed to answer or make any phone calls. My personal computer was taken, along with other computers in the house. My brother had a large private gun collection consisting of 51 rare and vintage firearms that he had gifted to me when he got married as his wife did not want so many guns around his small children. The guns were in my closet, under my bed, in my father’s room and in the spare bedroom. None of them were in plain sight. The officers assisting the DEA grabbed every single gun but one rifle. Apparently in Wyoming, the DEA left my brother a single handgun. The Mohave Area General Narcotics Team (MAGNET) who were supposedly only assisting the DEA seized two large screen TV’s and 9 other vehicles, some of which were in mint condition with only 19 miles on them.

When I asked why they were taking the guns, cars and the TV’s, since they were not on any warrant, the MAGNET officer told me that it was to help drug addicted kids. The DEA agent got angry and told me how I only cared about the TV’s and that he could get a beer and sit on my easy chair telling all night long about the horrors of drugs. Earlier the lead DEA agent freely admitted to me that he had used opioids in the past for back pain and may still do so.

I had two vintage CHP patrol jackets and a replica badge in my closet. The jackets were a gift from a former CHP officer. The DEA, or Magnet officer seized them and had a CHP officer come from California to my home and take them away. Interestingly enough the replica LAPD Detective and DEA Diversion Officer badges I own were left alone. The DEA agent looked at the badges and commented how nice they were. He refused to inventory the CHP items, claiming I had no right to them. The CHP has since indicated that they would return the jackets and badge to me.

Throughout the day the DEA agent kept telling me he could arrest me but was not going to do so and what a break he was giving me. He had me open three safes under threat of breaking them. The safes contained money, documents and ammunition that belonged to either my brother or my father who winters in Arizona. They seized the contents of the safes.

I was ill all day since I am diabetic. They refused to offer me anything to eat, despite my requests. Furthermore, I was not free to move around the house, to eat any food or lay down causing my leg to swell, something the agent noticed. The MAGNET agent accused me of using my brother’s identification and other IDs my brother left behind.

I left the garage to use the washroom being escorted all the times, even forced to use the toilet in front of the DEA agent. I was then summoned into the garage by the MAGNET officer with whom there were two Mohave deputies waiting. I was 10 to 15 feet inside my garage. I had never been free to depart all day. I was arrested and placed in handcuffs. I asked what the charge was and was told that I was being arrested for fraudulent schemes. Of note is that the next morning when I appeared before the Judge, I was told that I was now charged with money laundering in the second degree.

I asked the DEA agent about his assertion that I wouldn’t be arrested for anything. He said that he was not arresting me but MAGNET was, even though MAGNET had no original jurisdiction and was only in the house to assist the DEA’s search warrant based upon information from Wyoming. The MAGNET officer said that another officer, Seviano, says

that you have to be arrested. I was loaded into a Mohave police unit, where my hands were in extreme pain as the handcuffs cut into me. We went to a desert road and sat there, which worried me. The two deputies then transferred me to another police unit, after which I was again transferred to another police unit. Finally, I was taken to the Bullhead City jail for intake. Later, I was loaded into a van and taken to county lockup in Kingman for the night. The nurse at the Mohave County Jail tested my glucose, which was 500 mg/dL. Such a number is excessively high and should have triggered a transfer to the hospital.

Ultimately, the DEA/MAGNET never filed a police report and therefore the Court dismissed all charges against me without me having to appear in Court. The whole matter seems cruel and unusual. I have never been arrested before in the 43 years of my life. I believe my rights were violated, as I am afforded protection under the U.S. Constitution.


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