Clarence Scranage Jr., MD, 61, of Richmond, VA is the next doctor illegally persecuted by the government for money. He was indicted Feb, 2017 on a charge of conspiracy to possess controlled substances with the intent to distribute them and 18 counts of distribution of controlled substances.

All of the news media reported the exact same information, so it is obviously government propaganda that they copied from the indictment. The news media also brought out past government attacks to paint Dr. Scranage in as bad a light as possible. They should have nothing to do with the current situation and poor reporting like that makes a fair trial impossible. Also, the attacks mentioned are usually planned government attacks created for the purpose of leaving a paper trail.

Dr. Scranage meets all the criteria for doctors that are specifically targeted for attack by the government:

  1. Older (so they can forfeit all assets—savings, property, etc) Yep—proven by the fact that the indictment seeks the forfeiture of $650,000 they base on these prescriptions
  2. Minority,
  3. Primary care who moved into pain management. Dr. Scranage was board certified in Emergency Medicine, but developed his pain management practice involving 3 clinics in the Richmond area.

According to the indictment, Dr. Scranage was in a conspiracy with Anthony Harper, who has pleaded not guilty to all 19 charges. Prosecutors claim Harper simply gave names of people to Dr. Scranage who then wrote prescriptions which Harper then paid for. Is anyone really gullible enough to believe that, in today’s pain management-attacking world?

And the charges are the standard illegal government maneuvering in order to charge a legitimate physician with criminal activity. From the media information, it can be gleaned that the people recruited by Harper did come to see Dr. Scranage as patients. They were evaluated and received legitimate prescriptions for their diagnosis. But because they acted fraudulently, the government uses that as an avenue to attack the doctor. If people present to a doctor fraudulently, THEY have committed a crime. But the government doesn’t get as much through attacking them as they do the doctor, so they ignore the illegal activity of the fraudulent patient, and instead, make deals with them for false testimony to use against the doctor.

The indictment accuses Scranage of repeatedly failing to individually assess the medical needs of the people for whom he wrote prescriptions. But if he saw the patient and prescribed medication, then he assessed the medical needs. It’s the government breaking the law by illegally misinterpreting the CSA.

I just hope Dr. Scranage also pleads NOT GUILTY!  I’m going to be at his trial and will give him support any way I can, hopefully through testimony. Please contact me, Dr. Scranage.