Clarence Scranage, Jr., MD of Richmond, VA was convicted today of all 19 counts against him — conspiracy to possess oxycodone with the intent to distribute it, and 18 counts of distribution of controlled substances. Although his sentencing won’t be until November 17, he was taken into custody immediately.

This case is an example of how government propaganda is the mainstay of current media “news”, and you can’t really believe anything you hear on TV or see in the newspaper. If you follow the thread of these articles written by Frank Green of the Richmond Times-Dispatch and reports on WTVR 12, the CBS affiliate, you will see how doctors are portrayed as “guilty” through what is reported, and evidence of innocence or government law-breaking is ignored.  Shame on you, Mr. Green. Shame on you, Richmond Times-Dispatch. Shame on you, CBS.  CBS is so bad about spreading propaganda over the truth that I refuse to even talk with them.

On Apr 8, 2017, Richmond Times-Dispatch journalist Frank Green wrote an article about Dr. Scranage’s forced decision to defend himself in the government attack on him for his pain management. But, as usual, the government propaganda is forced into the minds of potential jurors with the heading of the article referring to a ‘pill mill case’.

Dr. Scranage was first given a court appointed lawyer. [But in collusion with the prosecution who alleged he had hidden money], U.S. Magistrate Judge David J. Novak ordered him to sell some vehicles and office equipment to offset the cost of his lawyer, Amy L. Austin. So he was forced to defend himself pro se. Ms. Austin did remain as a legal advisor.

Judges are former lawyers. And the law profession is a big fraternity. People who defend themselves usually get punished worse because they didn’t give a lawyer their hard-earned money. Judge Novak basically warned Dr. Scranage this:

 “You’re facing a very substantial period of time in confinement, do you understand that?”  “I think it is quite unwise of you to represent yourself.”

Continuing the media’s propagandizing for the government, Mr. Green published more articles during the trial this week, covering the trial. In one article (click here he describes the testimony of office workers who made incriminating statements on the witness stand, incriminating themselves for distribution. But the government has probably granted these confessors immunity if they implicate Dr. Scranage, in spite of his innocence. That’s what they do—give the criminals immunity to criminalize the doctor in order to confiscate his assets. They don’t get enough money through forfeiture to go after the REAL criminals, so they target doctors. Plus, one more minority physician who treated the expendable population in the area is eliminated.

Mr. Green reported about a witness that admitted buying Dr. Scranage’s prescriptions from a third party. But that shouldn’t implicate the doctor in the crime. He didn’t know this was going on. She was convicted in 2015 and received a sentence of 9 years. She admitted that she was testifying under the assumption she would get a reduced sentence for her testimony. That’s a reason to commit perjury and implicate the good doctor.

In his next article, Mr. Green reported on the prosecution’s “expert” witness testimony. But again, he simply added to the propaganda machine, with the header “Expert testimony: Alleged Richmond-area ‘pill mill’ doctor was a ‘one-man opioid epidemic’” and filled the article with a paid government witness feeding the jury lies about record-keeping as he was instructed to do.

Now who is Dr. Gene Kennedy, the “expert” witness? He’s a f***ing government contractor to lie on the witness stand. [I’m a 68 y/o Christian who has never used that word in my life. But there is no other to describe him.] And the entire production (yes, like a theater) is orchestrated by the government, including the media propaganda spread by Mr. Green. In “real” life, Dr. Kennedy is a family practice physician in Saint Simons Island, GA. But he has a government contracting company you can see here: Dr Gene Kennedy Inc.  in which he has made over $100,000–over $36,000 each the last 2 years—testifying against doctors with a planned script.
“One-man opioid epidemic” was his prepped line to be used, using words to automatically castigate Dr. Scranage in the eyes of the jury, because of current government propaganda. “Pill mill” is another such term coined by the government, spread by the media, and indoctrinated into people’s minds.  People—you are being brainwashed. German propaganda in the 1940s, and Chinese or Korean propaganda today are no worse.

Dr. Kennedy is a Georgia family practice physician who does pain management. Guess what! He is the exact doctor that is being attacked all over the country and put in prison. I wonder if he thinks he is safe by being a government stooly!  Nope!  The government probably looks down more on him than the innocent ones they attack. Because they know he is selling his soul.

Journalists are supposed to report without bias. That does not appear to be the case with the Richmond Times-Dispatch, and Mr. Frank Green. He managed to write 3 articles reporting the testimonies of the prosecution witnesses. His summary of the defense witnesses’ testimony (5 people) was done in three sentences. I also sent him my written testimony (if I had been allowed to give it), which shows that what the government is doing is illegal. Did he mention any of that?  Of course not. I also offered it to NBC News, but have yet to hear from them. I will next approach FOX news, but I expect no better.

As usual and expected, the Richmond CBS affiliate, WTVR, broadcast derogatory propaganda against Dr. Scranage. Although they can state that their comments were not one-sided because they ended the sentence with “according to”, they know that it’s the preceding statement that is what people read and remember. And all they report is the government witness testimony that is probably perjured through either threats or promises.

I’m not going to report on any of the government testimony because in my opinion, it is all acquired through witness tampering and forced perjury. I know first-hand, how that is done. We must remove immunity from government officials who break the law to convict an innocent person. This cannot be tolerated in a free society that is supposedly based on justice.