Doctor Says “I am not a cop!”

Doctor Clarence Verdell of Voorhees, NJ., a Psychiatrist for 28 years who treated patients addicted to opioids with an FDA approved medication became the subject of another DEA investigation. There is a serious illegal drug problem in this country and many industry leaders believe the government is capitalizing on thousands of doctors who provide legal treatments and prescriptions to their patients by busting them and calling them drug dealers.

The DEA and the Medical Board forced him to surrender his license in February of 2016. Dr. Verdell stated in several articles “I didn’t commit any crime.” The DEA accused him of over prescribing Suboxone (a medication used for drug addicts) for the purpose of selling to drug addicts. The DEA states that they sent undercover investigators to see Dr. Verdell and he gave them medications with little complaints and no exams. However, Dr. Verdell stated in another article, “I’m not a cop. I can’t follow people around.” This is the urgency for many doctors who they feel the government is trying to hold them responsible for crooks utilizing the system and crooked cops targeting doctors for their unlawful activities.

Do You Trust The DEA?

This case against Dr. Verdell smells like a set-up because the DEA / Medical Board forced him to surrender his license in May of 2016 and the DEA filed charges in August of 2016, some three months after he surrendered his license. Why? The DEA, Medical Board, Police, and all the other government agencies need to put their pieces together to come up with their case presented to the Attorney General’s Office against Dr. Verdell. Don’t forget, the Attorney General has to accept these types of cases based on the merits and if they believe they can win the case in court. That’s were the misconduct and abuse of power occurs because now they have to “play” with the evidence to make the “charges” stick!

How much of the evidence do you think that was gathered against Doctor Verdell is “good” evidence? Let’s face it, prosecutorial misconduct and police misconduct is a public concern and there is an epidemic problem of corruption and bad policing; take a look at civil asset forfeiture laws that are robbing innocent people of their hard earned money all over this country. Another example, you can take a look at the Oversight of the DEA’s Confidential Source Program that just touched on a small aspect of the corruption and misconduct done by DEA agents and their confidential informants. The DEA has 18000 informants and many believe that CVS Health is a corporate informant and that’s why they have access to government top secret confidential records.

Are Doctors Treated Fair?

Doctor Verdell said, “I am not a cop!” The only reason a person would say that in a live interview with anybody, is because he feels that he is being charged with doing police work. The DEA sends paid professionals to these clinics and other clinics and get them to incriminate doctors and then charge doctors with prescription crimes. After 28 years of practicing medicine, this doctor is a drug dealer for treating patients in his office and having pictures of Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson in his waiting room.

There is a lot of DEA agents, police officers, and other government agents that steal, lie, and make false statements all the time. There are thousands of people going to jail and even put to death as a result of all these government employees who will do anything to make sure due process and fair rights are not afforded. Just take a look at the case involving Annie Ducan, the rogue lab chemist who sent 20,000 thousand innocent people to jail because she lied about thousands of lab tests. Please don’t forget to Boycott CVS because they are violating human right laws and calling patients drug addicts and disrespecting doctors abroad. Please don’t think twice!



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Editor: Billy Earley,
Physician Assistant,
Healthcare Advocate,
National Adviser Black Doctors Matter
National Adviser American Pain Institute
Advocate World Sickle Cell Federation

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