Clifford T. Bowe, MD, 83 y/o family medicine physician, pain management and addiction specialist in Cadott, MI, had DEA Federal agents with the Chippewa County Sheriff’s deputies and Cadott Police raid his small clinic Jan.18, spreading through the clinic “like a hill of ants”. Their entry was based on a federal inspection warrant, which is used to check records at hospitals and clinics prescribing controlled pain medications. They coerced Dr. Bowe to sign away his ability to prescribe all controlled substances, therefore closing down his clinic.

Dr. Cabot treated both pain and addiction. He held the special DEA certificate and training for prescribing Suboxone. Many of his patients had been on opioids for a long time, and had built up a tolerance. That made their doses higher than other doctors would prescribe. Dr. Bowe knew the risks and made provisions for them, with close monitoring, Narcan availability in case of a possible overdose, and patient instructions. Now members of the community are worried that the loss of the clinic is cutting off a source of life-saving medicine keeping patients from using illegal drugs.

But ignorant members of the community who know nothing about prescribing controlled drugs, and only know the propaganda now being spread by a government body that is mostly interested in confiscating doctor’s assets as income and job promotions, consider that drug dealers are using the clinic to get pills, and pushed to get it shut down.

And so now what do these people who have been on high doses do?  In some cases they will die from withdrawal. In other cases they will commit suicide from the excruciating pain that can no longer be controlled. And in every case 200 people suffer. For what? Jobs? Money? Power?

DEA Special Agent Bell said the DEA and the Department of Justice are very concerned about the opioid epidemic in the state and will continue to use all of the tools at its disposal to fight that. Well, that’s a laugh. Because they know that their war on drugs has failed over the last 60 years, and the more they use their “tools” of attacking doctors and removing pain management from the population, the more people are forced to the street for self-treatment, leading to accidental and unnecessary death. But the government doesn’t care if the population of expendables—the elderly, disabled, chronically ill population—dies. They laugh all the way to the bank.

The media is just as much at fault. Articles written about this case spread more “fake news”, leading people to conclusions that shouldn’t be made. Stating that pre-signing prescription pads is illegal is wrong. As long as they are protected, and only in the possession of the doctor with no one else available to use them, they are not illegal. In a small town like Cadott, I’m sure the pharmacies that he used recognized his handwriting, and it would be impossible for someone else to write a prescription on a script with his signature, even if they got one.

They also report that he had complaints filed with the state Board of Medicine and was reprimanded for prescribing “without proper justification”. That just goes to show that Boards of Medicine work hand in hand with the government. An 83 year old physician with Dr. Bowe’s record knows what he is doing, and the Board of Medicine should have supported him, not led the way for government attack.

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