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DoC Supporter Membership

DoC supporter membership is open to anyone.  A person might have a personal interest in seeing justice again in this country. Or it might be a person with a vested interest in getting the propaganda against pain management stopped.  It might be people on disability from untreated pain. That is why the cost is minimal. But everyone has an interest in stopping government overreach into medicine. As once said, absolute power corrupts absolutely.  And we are seeing that in grand scale today in our government.  It is critical that every person in the country understand that they are at risk for loss of quality of life. It is important that the knowledge offered in this group of professionals and supporters be spread across the nation. Please be a part and do your part.

Features of the DoC Supporters Membership

  • Membership to
    • Access to an ever-evolving video tutorial library that is always being updated.
    • Access to a group forum to help you connect with other supporters and professionals fast.
  • A community of like-minded people working together and growing in numbers.
  • Webinars
    • Monthly live Webinars with experts (plus access to the recordings of every Webinar)
    • Monthly live Q & A sessions (plus access to the recordings)
  • Resources
    • A resources tab packed with the latest news.
    • A resources tab of the latest media reports on related subjects.
    • A list of activities occuring in the country.
    • Lists of your legislators and their health issues staff
    • Example communications for your to copy, adjust to your own story, and share with others.
    • Information for you to share with your own physicians.
  • And more as the needs are determined