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West Covina California – Doctor Forest Tennant is a renowned pain physician, former Mayor of West Covina, and he wrote the Intractable Pain Laws in California, which outlined the treatment of how to treat and care for patients with intractable pain. Doctor Tennant has trained many physicians and inspired many more with his approach to pain management. Pain Management doctors and specialty groups that treat pain patients have been targeted by CVS Health who was identified as one of the top supporters and lobbying groups that controlled the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) during a special 60 Minutes Televised Investigation.

Doctor Tennant is a caring; highly respectable physician and compassionate human being that has dedicated his life to helping patients live a better quality of life, for those suffering from cancer and chronic related pain symptoms. Why do pain advocates blame CVS Health for what is happening to doctors? The reason that doctors who specialize in pain management and treat legitimate patients suffering from cancer and chronic sickle cell pain blame CVS Health is because they have used their corrupt lobbying forces to target Government and Media Entities to target doctors because of an old threat that they made against doctors and patients with respect to pain management.

CVS Health called for a “WAR AGAINST PAIN DOCTORS AND PATIENTS” and the 60 Minutes Special Investigative Report showed that they began to lobby the DEA and Congress with millions of dollars to create a national agenda of bad news for doctors and patients in the pain industry. CVS Health was humiliated and identified as one of the “key” players in the Florida “pill mill” epidemic and they were charged with violating the controlled substance law of the United States. After calling for a war against doctors and patients, they published a draft stating “CVS-DEA” and this was the basis of their attack on all pain patients and doctors.

The DEA said that Doctor Tennant was a “drug dealer” and he was over-prescribing pain medications. The DEA’s language spews that same language that CVS Health stated back in 2012, where they said, “Doctors are drug dealers and patients are drug addicts.”  CVS Health has a lot to gain by lobbying the DEA, DOJ, and the Medical Boards to target doctors; they want “YOU!” CVS Health has opened thousands of Minute Clinics and they are using Government Agencies like the DEA and the Medical Boards to shutdown doctors and steal their patients like horse thieves in the night.

The American Pain Institute, Black Doctors Matter, Doctors of Courage, and leaders from the World Sickle Cell Federation has petitioned the Federal Trade Commission to investigate CVS Health for Antitrust Violations and violation of the Sherman Act. By controlling corrupt Government Agencies such as the DEA, Medical Board, and Congress Members, CVS Health has created a coercive monopoly where they are pointing out doctors and instructing Government Agencies to target doctors; for the purpose of stealing their patients by means of fraud and deception.

Mr. Earley has met with Doctor Forest Tennant several times at his San Gabriel Intractable Pain meetings that he holds weekly. These meetings are patient focused and they go over guidelines, read case studies, and implement procedures to treat patients suffering from cancer and intractable pain. I remember when I informed Doctor Tennant about CVS Health employees telling patients that their doctors were drug dealers and under investigation by the DEA – His facial expression was priceless… “My patients don’t use those pharmacies.” Mr. Earley had informed the Medical Board Police that he knew and had spoken to Doctor Tennant on several occasions and they laughed and said, “He’s no expert!” The DEA and the Medical Board is a crooked police department that is utilizing illegal tactics and breaking laws of the United States Constitution to take “Assets” and take “Patients” away from good compassionate doctors by means of fraud and deceit, on behalf of CVS Health. For this reason, we ask that you BOYCOTT CVS HEALTH AND CVS PHARMACY on December 02, 2017 in show of support. Don’t shop at CVS Stores Please….

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  • BECOME A MEMBER: Please support Doctors of Courage and our fight against unlawful Government abuse of doctors and healthcare providers nationwide. Your Membership helps to provide support for thousands of doctors who are being unlawfully jailed and stripped of their medical careers for treating patients with legal prescriptions.
  • JOIN THE FIGHT: Please support the American Pain Institute (API) at and get involve with their PAIN ADVOCACY WEEK, April 23rd – 30th, 2018, March On Washington and donate to help this cause. Thousands of Chronic Sickle Cell patients’ lives are being drastically reduced and they are dying because doctors are afraid to follow NIH treatment guidelines due to bigotry and government wrongful persecution of doctors in this country.
  • HELP MAKE CHANGE: Sign our petition requesting that Congress enact a Medical Board Civilian Police Review Committee law to deter medical board police and prosecutorial misconduct and hold these officials responsible for their actions. The most common crime against doctors made by the medical board police teams are “FALSE REPORTS” that police officers refer to as accusations. These are criminal actions by law enforcement and they are not held accountable for making false statements, perjury, and manufacturing evidence. A Civilian Police Review Committee will help stop these senseless acts against healthcare providers and restore justice and constitutional rights.
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Editor: Billy Earley,
Physician Assistant,
Healthcare Advocate,
National Adviser Black Doctors Matter
National Adviser American Pain Institute
Advocate World Sickle Cell Federation