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Medical Board Supervisor Rachel Wachholz-Lasota

Los Angeles – A Northridge doctor decided to show-up to a mandatory Medical Board interview without wearing any clothing except his underwear. Doctor Robert Markman’s license was restricted by the Medical Board and he was assigned to complete a police oversight program involving him taking classes for ethics, billing, monitoring, and he had to submit to quarterly interviews by the Medical Board hired staff.

Doctor Robert Markman became suspicious about how he was being treated by several Medical Board staff members after they ordered police to strip search the doctor several times before he could be interviewed by them. Rachel Wachholz-Lasota is an inspector of probation for the Medical Board and she was in charge of supervising Dianna Garibian, a probation officer who was in charge of supervising doctor Markman.

One day, doctor Markman showed-up and he informed the police officer that he had injured his shoulder and could not raise his arm for the search. According to court papers, the police officer who was employed by the CHP, grabbed doctor Markman’s arm and shoved it behind his back, which later resulted in a rotator-cuff injury. This is not the first time Rachel Wachholz-Lasota has been involved in a controversial scandal, abusing her authority, and harassing innocent doctors with the sole intent to cause further harm and sham to them.

In 2013, approximately, Rachel Wachholz-Lasota was accused of telling the wife of a Beverly Hills doctor, Guven Uzun, she told her, “I want you to spy on your husband and give me the information so I can take his license!” Doctor Uzun’s wife reported the incident to the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) and they basically made fun of the entire situation. Doctor Uzun stated that Rachel should have never been hired by the Medical Board because she was caught by her former employer, when she worked for the Department of Homeland Security, she was caught doing credit card fraud and she stated that she had an “unknown” health condition several times. Doctor Uzun said, “The Medical Board is hiring felons and stupid people like Rachel Lasota to oversee doctors; this is crazy!”

The record shows that doctor Markman was getting tired of the strip searches and abuse of power by Rachel and the police officers that she apparently controlled. So one day, doctor Markman decided to go to the mandatory interview with Rachel and Dianna wearing only his underwear, no shirt, no pants, no shoes, no socks, nothing! Just his underwear… The police called Rachel and told her that Doctor Markman was wearing his underwear and she told them to turn him away. It appears that doctor Markman was waiting for a ride and when he was going downstairs, Rachel call the police in the building and told them to harass doctor Markman.

According to court papers filed in Federal Court, doctor Markman claims that while he was in the elevator, the CHP police, under the orders of Rachel and Dianna, threw him to the ground and arrested him. The records shows that he was taken and placed on a 51/50 at a nearby hospital. Doctor Markman is suing Rachel, Dianna, the CHP, Medical Board, and a list of individuals for civil rights violations of the law and abuse of power.

The story just further goes to show you that Rachel Wachholz-Lasota is a huge problem for the Medical Board and her lack of knowledge regarding medical doctors is a real liability. City data shows that Rachel’s salary has been cut from $54,000 thousand a year, down to $17,500 thousand. Doctor Uzun read the complaint and said, “This Rachel should never be allowed to supervise any doctor because she has been charged with fraud, making false sexual harassment suit against the government, and she is mental problem. Doctor Markman and Uzun have both filed federal lawsuits against the Medical Board and Rachel Wachholz-Lasota because she and other untrained employees are harassing doctors and their families, unnecessarily.


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Editor: Billy Earley,
Physician Assistant,
Healthcare Advocate,
National Adviser Black Doctors Matter
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