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Doctors who have been convicted of criminal activity based on the Controlled Substances Act in which doctors are specifically exempted from such prosecution.

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Richard W. Albert                             Paintsville, KY
Jeffrey Bado                                     Philadelphia, PA
Michael Belfiore                                NY, NY
John Patrick Couch                          Mobile, AL
Michael Cozzi                                   Fort Wayne, Indiana
Eugene Evans                                  New Jersey
Eugene Gosy                                   Amherst, NY
James Hooper                                 Tuscaloosa, AL
Mark Ibsen                                       Helena, MT
Steven Kotsonis                              Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
Frank D. Li                                       Seattle, WA
Fuhai Li                                            Milford, PA
John Allan Littleford                         Parker, CO
Steven Mangar                                Salinas, CA
Melanie Mencer-Parks                    Houston, TX
Ronald Vincent Myers                    Oklahoma City, OK
Xiulu Ruan                                      Mobile, AL




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