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The pictures above are of medical professionals who have suffered attack by government officials for doing their job and treating pain in America–pain that affects 1/3 of Americans. All have suffered.


Below you will see short vignettes of specific doctors currently under attack or the most egregious attacks. More information is available to members of DoC by clicking on the link at the bottom.
Linda S. Cheek, MD

Linda S. Cheek, MD

Family Practice, Alternative Medicine, Pain Management

Dr. Cheek is a former family practice and healing alternative medicine physician in Southwest Virginia forced into retirement, as well as a convicted felon, by an out-of-control government whose working philosophy now is “Do whatever it takes”.  Her first career was teaching. She is a best-selling author for her book, Target: Pain Doc, a fictionalized story based on the first attack on her. She incorporates all of her professions now in her two websites, and

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Billy Z. Early, PA

Billy Z. Early, PA

Physician Assistant, Author, Activist

Billy Z. Earley ran a successful family care clinic in Corona California until he was targeted by the California Medical Board because of his standing up against the racism and discrimination against Black Americans. He was a victim of Medical Board collusion with the California Department of Justice.

Billy has authored two books: Gods of the Bacteria and The Wrath of the Species. He is also an inventor.

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Harvey C. Jenkins, MD, PhD

Harvey C. Jenkins, MD, PhD

Spine Surgery, Pain Management

Dr. Jenkins is a graduate of Duke University School of Medicine and Beth Israel Hospital Spine Surgery Fellowship. He practiced in Oklahoma City. He is a Top 10 Best-Seller on Amazon for his book A Patient’s Guide to Pain Management.

Arrested in March, 2016, Dr. Jenkins is a real ambassador for pain management. He stands by his innocence and is anticipating trial in 2018.

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Eugene J. Gosy, MD

Eugene J. Gosy, MD

Neurologist, Pain Management

Dr. Gosy, from Amherst NY, owned 8 pain management clinics which helped 8000 chronic pain patients. His office was raided in 2014. But because government doctors attempted to deal with his complex patients, he was allowed to continue working, but couldn’t write the scripts. Recently he has been indicted on 166 charges. He will be an ambassador for pain management and go to trial, hopefully in 2018.

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