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donald-austrian-mdHow Evil Are They?    The U.S. government is so evil, that it even illegally attacked a dying physician. This post is in memoriam to a wonderful, caring doctor, Donald J. Austrian, MD, of Trumbull, CT. There wasn’t much available about Dr. Austrian’s indictment or trial. What I could piece together from one news article and his obituary is that he was an internist for 30 years, loved and admired by his patients. But in 2008 he became a government target for prescribing opiates. In order to charge him with a crime, the government pulled the same prosecutorial misconduct as they did in my case. First, they accused him of prescribing to a patient that he knew was addicted to drugs. In my case, that was the basis for my indictment, and was an outright lie by the DEA agent.

According to Dr. Austrian’s obituary, he retired from practice in 2011 because of serious medical problems. His obituary mentioned cancer. So it is obvious that his diagnosis of cancer happened before his arrest in April, 2011. But the US Attorney continued with the prosecution and he went to trial in July, 2012. After all, confiscation of a doctor’s assets doesn’t have any boundaries in the eyes of the law.

At his trial, he was acquitted. But not before the prosecution committed known perjury with their main witness, former Stratford police officer William Jennings. Jennings posed as a landscaper with an unspecified pain problem and he went to see Austrian wearing a hidden recording device. Jennings testified he told the doctor he was taking Percocet he had gotten from his girlfriend and wanted to get more. He also testified it appeared the doctor was on drugs himself. But the defense attorney played the recording of the nearly two-hour visit for the jury, which showed a complete exam and evaluation.

I’m glad Dr. Austrian didn’t have to spend the end of his life in prison, and I’m thankful that the government was not able to strip his family of their inheritance. But this just hit me hard how there is not only any ethics in the Department of Justice, but no morality either. My sympathy goes out to Dr. Austrian’s wife and family.