Wake up, Doctors!  This could be you. Drs. Milind and Suwarna Tilak, a husband and wife team in Jacksonville, FL were raided this week and their constitutional rights were violated.

Milind Tilak, MD has been providing pain management procedures for more than 15 years, more than 10 of which were in the Jacksonville area. He is board certified in Internal Medicine as well as Pain Management through the American Board of Interventional Pain Physicians.  He has jumped through all the hoops for proof of competency in prescribing controlled substances, passing the competency exam with distinction.  He uses interventional pain management with fluoroscopy including disc procedures, epidural injections, nerve blocks, spinal cord stimulation, and peripheral joint injections. He attends conferences regularly to keep abreast of the latest techniques. He is also certified to prescribe Suboxone for narcotics addiction, which is additional certification over the standard DEA certificate. As an internist, he also provides routing internal medicine care.

His wife, Suwarna Tilak, MD, is a pediatrician. They have an in-house lab, and are able to conduct various other procedures such as spirometry, Holter monitor, and EKGs. They have a very nicely designed website shown here: http://www.drtilak.com/. Everything about their practices reflects good, appropriate management. Basically, for some reason, they are simply the next government target for the middle district of Florida.

Why would the government target them? The middle district has been a major government targeting area for about 10 years.


Here is a list of doctors attacked that we have learned about:

Location Name Position Arrested Convicted
FL-Daytona Scolaro, Vincent DO 1998
FL-Pasco Paey, Richard husband 2004
FL-Orlando Wang, David MD 2005 2008
FL-Tampa Dominique, Jean C MD 2006 2006
FL-St. Petersburg Eicher, Mary Jane DO 2006 2007
FL-Melbourne Mirza, Sarfraz Ahmed MD 2007 2008
FL-Naples Johnston, Sharon L DO 2007 2008
FL-St. Augustine Friedes, Lawrence M MD 2007 2008
FL-Gulfport Bammer, Craig DO 2007 2009
FL-Haines City Ibanez, Juan Antonio MD 2008 2008
FL-Tampa Rew, John MD 2009 2009
FL-Tierra Verde Denny, Kevin M MD 2009 2009
FL-Kissimmee Friedlander, Jeffrey H. MD 2009 2010
FL-Tampa Barsoum, Ihab PharmD 2012
FL-Tampa Mekowulu, Emmanuel I. PharmD 2012
FL-Tampa (Dr. in Delaware) Bolles, Olivia MD 2013 2015
FL-Orlando Borges, Ibem MD 2013
FL-Parkland Cadet, Cynthia MD 2013
FL-Pasco Cty Beckles, Benjamin A. PharmD 2013
FL-Bradenton Lanning, John MD 2014
FL-Brandon Heromin, Ronald John MD 2014
FL-Ft Myers Green, Jeffrey Pharm owner 2014
FL-Ft Myers Hebble, Karen Pharm Mngr 2014
FL-Tampa Gold, Aigoul Owner 2014
FL-Tampa Gold, Warren owner 2014
FL-Tampa Weiler, Brian C PharmD 2014
FL-Winter Park Brutus, Roland MD 2015
FL-Cape Coral Otano, Jorge Pharm owner 2015
FL-Tampa Fuertes, Gladys Owner 2015
FL-Tampa Fuertes, Mario Owner 2015
FL-Orlando Aldridge, Billie MD 2016
FL-Orlando Okonkwo, Valentine PharmD 2016
FL-Tampa Feldman, Edward N. MD 2016
FL-Tampa Feldman, Kim wife 2016
FL-Brandon Camara, Yolanda Owner 2017
FL-Brandon Oliveria, Justin employee 2017
FL-Brandon Sahijwani, Anil MD 2017
FL-Osprey Cannata, Rosetta V. Office Mngr 2017
FL-Sarasota Turner, Fred Joseph MD 2017
FL-Satellite Beach Frazier, Marc Victor Owner 2015
FL-Cape Coral Otano, Martha wife, pharm owner
FL-Green Cove Springs Sachs, Russell MD
FL-Jacksonville Rose, Zachary Timothy Owner


Jacksonville has not been a major area. But as more doctors jump into copping pleas early, and the US Attorney’s offices now have cookie cutter prosecution strategies with more people hired to target doctors, more doctors are being set up to take the knife.

Why the Tilaks?

  1. They are independent.
  2. They are minority.
  3. They offer services that are in competition with the government-supported area hospitals.
  4. Possibly they have money or assets that the government can confiscate.
  5. They should be easy—the low-hanging fruit.

One of the problems we face in this War Against Doctors is that the media only publishes the government propaganda. The day after News4Jax released the story about the raid, three organizations supporting doctors with facts and the truth about these attacks presented press releases to anchor Jenese Harris, the station itself, Florida Times-Union, Financial News & Daily Record, Metro Jacksonville, and The Florida Star. But have any of those press releases been published?  Of course not!  Because we speak the truth, and not propaganda—which doesn’t interest the media.

The second problem is that doctors have misunderstandings about what is happening. These include:

  1. The doctors under attack think that because they aren’t doing anything wrong, the government will admit their mistake and life will go on. WRONG!! They usually find themselves destitute and in prison.
  2. Other doctors in the area think that there are possibly justifiable reasons for the attack, because they don’t know the law.

Well, my purpose is to tell you the truth and expose the illegal actions of the government in these attacks against good, caring physicians.

Doctors in Jacksonville: Use this website to learn before the attack happens to you.

Drs. Tilak: Consult me.