Can’t New York City pay its bills without using illegal forfeiture against innocent physicians?  This week the 10th Long Island physician and 50th in the Eastern District of New York over the last 10 years listed on (and that isn’t an inclusive list) was attacked.

Ernesto Lopez, MD, an internist on Long Island, was arrested Nov. 2, 2017. Dr. Lopez graduated from medical school in 1967, and has over 50 years of experience. His charges involve the usual illegal targeting of older minority solo-practice primary care doctors doing pain management. And the media published the usual government propaganda blaming doctors’ prescriptions for the opioid epidemic. This is all a farce, and it is for one purpose—financial support of the DOJ.

Fourteen additional people were arrested including people who presented themselves as patients to Dr. Lopez, but then sold the pills on the street. But the government isn’t interested in attacking those people, because usually there’s no money in it. However, in this case the media pointed out that Eric and Christine Fortmeyer did own some high-end vehicles, which were confiscated. Usually the people actually breaking the law—the fake patients—get off if they lie against the doctor in trial.  I wonder if they’ll get their cars back. Two of Dr. Lopez’ staff were also charged with conspiracy to distribute controlled substances—Sharon Washington-Bhamre, NP and Audra Baker. These charges are usually also dropped for perjured testimony against the doctor. You see, they really don’t ever have a case against a doctor, and have to fabricate one and get people to lie on the witness stand.  Charging the doctor’s staff also prevents him from having defense witnesses.

As usual, the US Attorney used the phrase “drug dealers in lab coats”.  That is simply a lame attempt to make what they are doing appear legal. The Controlled Substance Act specifically exempts doctors from criminal charges. It was written expressly to attack the illegal sale of drugs on the street. See how the government is Using Law Illegally Against Doctors on the video on But the DOJ tries to justify its illegal action through such propagandizing phrases. The REAL criminal breaking the law is the US Attorney. But instead, they get promoted, like Loretta Lynch who rode the backs of innocent doctors to the position of Attorney General. NY DEA head, James Hunt, should also do time behind bars for his illegal activity.


Loretta Lynch

DEA James Hunt
picture from DEA