Washington DC – The Sherman Antitrust Act is a landmark federal statute in the history of the United States antitrust laws, passed by Congress in under former president Benjamin Harrison. Republican Senator John Sherman of Ohio was the principal author of the Sherman Antitrust Act and it was designed to help federal government regulate competition laws and monopolies. That Sherman Act allowed certain business activities that federal government regulators deem to be competitive, and recommend the federal government to investigate and pursue trusts.

The term Monopoly refers to a business that may not unfairly keep others from competing with it. Businesses may and should compete vigorously to obtain and to retain customers. Growth through superior ability and efficiency is not illegal. However, a business with significant market power may not, without legitimate business justification, take actions that exclude or handicap its competitors.

Example: The Executive Director and Board of Directors for CVS Health designed a scheme back in 2012 to infiltrate the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and weaken their powers against Big Pharma, in what is known today as the pill mill epidemic. The fortune 500 corporation then set its scopes on hiring thousands of Physician Assistants and placing small retail clinics in their stores, which they later called Minute Clinics.

The Executive Director and Board of Directors had a brilliant plan to fill these retail clinics with millions of peoples – Their plan included using the DEA, the Medical Board, and other Government Agencies to help them weed out the competition. Not only was the fortune 500 giant was able to weed out the competition, they were able to control investigative and mainstream media narratives that portrayed thousands of good doctors and legitimate patients as Drug Dealers and Drug Addicts.

The Sherman Antitrust Act was triggered when 60 Minutes correlated their investigation into Big Pharma and how they lobbied Government Agency Top Employees to sell out confidential investigative and Government data on doctors and patients for the purpose of illegal competition and fraud. CVS Health controlled the DEA and other Government Agencies such as the Medical Board and the Board of Pharmacies. By controlling these Boards, CVS Executive Director Larry Merlo and his Board of Directors where able to control the investigative outcomes and punishment of doctors under active investigations by the Medical Boards.

Every doctor that is investigated by the Medical Board is quickly relinquished his or her ability to supervise physician assistants and nurse practitioners. The Minute Clinics are the biggest employer of these professionals that many doctors cannot use. This is a form of Antitrust violations and these acts are criminal because tax paying dollars are combined with lobbying dollars to control Government investigation and violate the Administrative Procedural Act to benefit greedy corporations to punish doctors for special interest Market shares.

The other part of the Antitrust laws violated by CVS Health, Executive Director Larry Merlo and his Board of Directors was the patients’ rights and privacy laws. This is what happens when greedy special interest groups targets disadvantaged populations, such as the chronic pain patients and the Sickle Cell patients. Larry Merlo instructed an entire workforce of CVS Pharmacist and pharmacy workers to take aim at unsuspecting patients looking for medical help.

This unfair and illegal competition has affect millions of Americans and it is one of the biggest scams in the U.S. history involving monopolizing patient care and people trust. Larry Merlo authorize his pharmacy workforce to use illegal consultations to slander the community doctors that were established in the community. The pharmacy workforce were advised to create a narrative designed to run away the patients from their treating doctors, which they did without hesitation, and with knowledge and authorization from the same Government Agencies that they brought-out: The DEA, FBI, DOJ, and the Medical Boards.

The Attorney General’s Office supposed to protect citizens from the Antitrust and competitive laws but we all witnessed that they were actually involved in implementation and design of the illegal acts against millions of people around this country. Here is a list of competitive Antitrust directives used by CVS Health Pharmacy Workforce to steal the patients of good doctors like chicken thieves in the night:

  • Your doctor is under DEA investigation,
  • Your doctor is under FBI investigation,
  • Your doctor is no good,
  • Your doctor should be in jail,
  • Your doctor is not licensed,
  • You should not go to your doctor,
  • Your doctor is a criminal,
  • Your doctor is a murderer,
  • I will call the police on you,
  • Your doctor is red flagged,
  • Find another doctor,
  • Your doctor is under criminal investigation,
  • Your doctor….

This is in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Laws and CVS Health, Executive Director Larry Merlo and his Board of Directors should face criminal lock-up and prison time for their involvement with screwing chronic pain patients and limiting the lives of chronic Sickle Cell patients for profit and unfair business practices.

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Editor: Billy Earley,
Physician Assistant,
Healthcare Advocate,
National Adviser Black Doctors Matter
National Adviser American Pain Institute
Advocate World Sickle Cell Federation