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snake-309143_1280Felicie Wyatt, MD, 42, of Jackson, MS was acquitted August 13, 2016 of conspiring to distribute hydrocodone and alprazolam while working in 2014 at the Artex Medical Clinic in Little Rock, AK.

She also worked part time at a Veterans Affairs hospital in Jackson. As supervising physician at the Artex clinic she was only required to be present once a week to review patient charts and prescriptions issued by midlevel providers. Aaron Borengasser, the physician assistant working under her, was also acquitted, while Kristin L. Raines, who replaced him after 2 weeks was convicted of

Two months after starting, Wyatt quit the position at Artex after having a discussion with Borengasser about his habit of routinely prescribing maximum doses and quantities of the pills for nearly every patient he saw. He told her he was only following the protocol that she had established. Wyatt said that’s when she learned that while one of the clinic owners told Borengasser that she created the protocol, he had told her that another physician created it. She then discovered that the owner was a convicted felon. A side note—the owners are being prosecuted in federal court in Texas.

Dr. Wyatt had been placed on indefinite suspension from the Mississippi veteran’s hospital when she was indicted [an example of guilty until proven innocent]. Her attorney, Richard Mays of Little Rock, feels confident that now she will get her job back and have her license reinstated in Arkansas as well.

This is one case stemming from “Operation Pilluted”, a four-state targeting of health care providers involving nearly 1,000 law enforcement officers. 280 individuals have been charged with crimes, half of which are in Arkansas. Included are 4 doctors, 4 nurses, and 5 pharmacists.

Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for persecuting medical professionals for doing their job. Let’s hope the American people are understanding that all these attacks are simply Justice Department’s abuse of authority, and not just because the doctor didn’t work at the clinic long.