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Gilberto Sanchez, MD, 56, of Cecil, Alabama, pleaded guilty Nov, 2017 to drug distribution conspiracy, health care fraud, and money laundering charges from his family practice in Montgomery, AL.

Now here’s an interesting tidbit of information. Try to figure this out. Doctors all over the country are being charged with prescribing “outside of legitimate medical practice” because their record does not reflect a detailed enough physical exam. Here, Dr. Sanchez and his colleagues are being charged with health care fraud because they performed monthly physical examinations in order for the patients to receive their medications. The government calls these exams “not medically necessary” and charges the doctor with fraud. So WHAT, exactly, is a doctor supposed to do to not get criminal charges? The only way out is to NOT prescribe controlled drugs at all.  That is the direction we are being forced into through these “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” charges by the DOJ.

U.S. Attorney Morris said it was a case of a doctor overprescribing drugs that were not medically necessary. But since, according to the Controlled Substance Act, only the doctor can determine what is justifiable medical purpose and Mr. Morris is no doctor, they do not have just cause to raid his office, and by doing so have violated Dr. Sanchez’s 4th amendment rights.

Then, because the doctor spent the money he earned rightfully in the clinic, he gets charged with “money laundering”. That is a cover-up for confiscation of assets, specifically a vehicle and a residence in this case. And just by its name, you know that the crime is referring to off-shore drug cartels, not doctors.

To cover their illegal use of the law designed to go after off-shore drug cartels, government officials such as US Attorneys Franklin and A. Clark Morris, AUS Attorneys Jonathan S. Ross and R. Rand Neeley, DEA Agent Bret Hamilton, DHHS agent Derrick L. Jackson and IRS Agent James E. Dorsey all get their names in the paper making the same erroneous claim—that drug abuse and addiction are the result of doctors doing their job treating pain. Such comments couldn’t be farther from the truth, but they use the media to spread their propaganda. Shame on you all!! You should be working on stopping drug abuse, not causing it by forcing legitimate patients to the streets.

Dr. Sanchez was arrested in August, 2017. His plea was only 3 months later. Doctors reading this–DO NOT TAKE A PLEA.  We now have qualified attorneys who will be able to prove to the jury that these actions are illegal.  And please, DO NOT cave so quickly after arrest!  The jobs involved in these illegal attacks require food in the mill. When you cave and take a plea, they then move over to the next target.  Take my case, for example.  The government started their investigation of me supposedly in 2005.  My first plea was in 2008 (sorry I did that now, and hope no one else does). They didn’t achieve getting me convicted until 2013. So that was 8 years that I saved other physicians from becoming a target. Government agencies whose job security depend on these illegal attacks include the US Attorney’s office, DEA’s Tactical Diversion Squad, IRS’s Criminal Investigations Division, Sheriff’s Offices, Police Departments, and the United States DHHS OIG.

In this case, by taking a plea Dr. Sanchez also put 5 other people in the government sights: Dr. Shepherd A. Odom, Dr. Julio Delgado, 55, Montgomery nurse practitioner Lillian Akwuba, 38, Tallassee nurse practitioner Steven Cox, 62, and Montgomery nurse practitioner, Elizabeth Cronier, 69.

People, we need to take the Three Musketeer approach in this:

All For One And One For All

The Northern District of Alabama is one of the 12 districts in the three-year U.S. Department of Justice pilot project—the Opioid Fraud and Abuse Detection Unit—formed by AG Jeff Sessions in August. So Alabama, you can expect a lot more of these illegal attacks on good doctors. And now the government has gotten so lazy they don’t even want to find their next victim through the Prescription Monitoring Program. They advertise a number to the DEA for people to turn in the next doctor. How low can you go?