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Get to Know the Representatives You are Communicating With

State District Name Representative’s Information email accepts Phone Room Party Incumbent/New % vote
Alabama 1 Bradley Byrne Business attorney, Alabama State Senator, college chancellor only district 4931 119C R I unopposed
Alabama 2 Martha Roby Lawyer anybody 2901 442C R I 54.6
Alabama 3 Mike Rogers Lawyer general practice only district 3261 2184R R I 67.1
Alabama 4 Robert Aderholt Tea Party Caucus, Lawyer, municipal judge only district 4876 235C R I unopposed
Alabama 5 Mo Brooks Lawyer only district 4801 2400R R I 66.8
Alabama 6 Gary Palmer Co-founder Alabama Policy Institute, a conservative think tank only district 4921 330C R I 74.8
Alabama 7 Terri Sewell Black, Public finance lawyer only district 2665 2201R D I unopposed
Alaska 1 Don Young Alaska State Rep, state senator, faced 2 federal investigations with no charges. Army, teacher, barge operator only district 5765 2314R R I 50.1
Arizona 1 Tom O’Halleran Chicago Police officer, bond trader, Arizona State rep, senate. only district 3361 126C D N 51.6
Arizona 2 Martha McSally Retired USAF Colonel pilot,  won lawsuit against forcing military women in Saudi Arabia to wear the abaya, authors bills for homeland security or for veterans. only district 2542 510C R I 56.7
Arizona 3 Raul Grijalva Son of migrant worker, Sociology degree,  Director El Pueblo Neighborhood Center, school board anybody 2435 1511L D I unopposed
Arizona 4 Paul Gosar, DDS Dentist, tea party, only district 2315 2057R R I 71.5
Arizona 5 Andy Biggs New, Political science degree, Lawyer, State senator, won $10 mil in American Family Sweepstates only district 2635 1626L R N
Arizona 6 David Schweikert State Rep, County Treas, adopted, MBA Business, anybody 2190 2059R G I 61.5
Arizona 7 Ruben Gallego Marine, Iraq, Harvard, State rep, only district 4065 1218L D I 74.5
Arizona 8 Trent Franks High school grad, Oil well driller, born with cleft lip/palate, State rep only district 4576 2435R R I 68.5
Arizona 9 Kyrsten Sinema Childhood traumas, Former Mormon, Master Social Work, lawyer, State Senate, State rep, bisexual, anybody 9888 1725L D I 61.3
Arkansas 1 Rick Crawford Army sergeant, radio announcer, news anchor BS in Agriculture Bus & economics. only district 4076 2422R R I 76.5
Arkansas 2 French Hill Vanderbilt, BS economics, founded Delta Trust & Banking Corp, only district 2506 1229L R I 58.4
Arkansas 3 Steve Womack Army Nat’l Guard Colonel, radio station manager, Merrill Lynch financial consultant, City Mayor only district 4301 2412R R I 77.3
Arkansas 4 Bruce Westerman College football player, Masters in forestry Yale, Engineer, forester, State Rep, only district 3772 130C R I 74.1
California 1 Doug La Malfa BS in Ag/Business, rice farmer, State Rep, only district 3076 322C R I 58.9
California 2 Jared Huffman BA Political Science, volleyball player, Lawyer for public interest cases, State Rep, only district 5161 1406L D I 76.5
California 3 John Garamendi BA business, MBA Harvard, Peace Corps in Ethiopia, Rancher, businessman, state insurance Commissioner, US Deputy Sec of Interior, Lt. Gov Calif only district 1880 2438R D I 59.5
California 4 Tom McClintock Professional polititian: Chairman County Republican Party, State government agency director, State Rep, state senator only district 2511 2312R R I 62.3
California 5 Mike Thompson Army Sergeant, Vietnam Vet, vineyard owner, University professor in Public Admin & State gov, State Senator only district 3311 231C D I 77
California 6 Doris Matsui BA psych, housewife, volunteer for Bill Clinton campaign, served in White House, replaced husband as US rep when he died. only district 7163 2311R D I 74.8
California 7 Ami Bera, MD Man, academic physician, County Medical officer anybody 5716 1431L D I 50.6
California 8 Paul Cook BS in education, MA political science, Marine officer, Vietnam vet, college professor, City Council, state rep, only district 5861 1222L R I 63.7
California 9 Jerry McNerney Ph D in mathematics, engineer, energy specialist, consultant, owns company for wind turbines. only district 1947 2265R D I 57
California 10 Jeff Denham Enlisted USAF, Desert Storm vet, BA poli sci, farmer & businessman as founder of plastics container company, state senate only district 4540 1730L R I 52.4
California 11 Mark DeSaulnier BA History, probation officer, truck driver, hotel services, restaurant owner, amateur athlete in marathons, State Senator, State rep, only district 2095 115C D I 71.5
California 12 Nancy Pelosi BA Political science, Professional politician, Dem. Nat’l Committee only district 4965 233C D I 81.6
California 13 Barbara Lee Military father, single parent on public assistance when young, Masters in Social Work,  Black Panther, State Rep. only district 2661 2267R D I 90.3
California 14 Jackie Speier Lawyer, State Senator, state rep. First husband was a doctor. only district 3531 2465R D I 81
California 15 Eric Swalwell BA Government & Politics, Lawyer only district 5065 129C D I 73.3
California 16 Jim Costa Farmer/rancher. College grad. State Rep, State Senator. Arrested for soliciting prostitution, pleaded no contest. only district 3341 2081R D I 55.4
California 17 Ro Khanna BA economics, Lawyer in intellectual property, Deputy ass’t sec in Dept of Commerce, White House Business Council, professor of economics at Stanford and law at Santa Clara Univ. Author. only district 2631 513C D N 59.6
California 18 Anna Eshoo Associate of Arts degree, worked for ALCOA, Chair of city democratic party,  City Board of supervisors. anybody 8104 241C D I 71.8
California 19 Zoe Lofgren Lawyer, County Board of Supervisors only district 3072 1401L D I 73.6
California 20 Jimmy Panetta BA international relations, Lawyer, US Navy Reserve, tour in Afghanistan, government prosecutor, deputy district attorney. Son of former Secretary of Defense. Wife is a County Superior Court Judge. only district 2861 228C D N 70.5
California 21 David Valadao State Rep,  Dairy farmer, on several Boards for business. only district 4695 1728L R I 58.6
California 22 Devin Nunes BA agricultural business, MA agriculture, farmer. anybody 2523 1013L R I 68.5
California 23 Kevin McCarthy BS marketing, MBA, State rep, only district 2915 2421R R I 70.6
California 24 Salud Carbajal Born in Mexico. MA Organizational Management, US Marine Corps Reserve, County Board of supervisors only district 3601 212C D N 53.8
California 25 Steve Knight US Army, LAPD, Associates degree, City Council, state senator, state rep, only district 1956 1023L R I 54.3
California 26 Julia Brownley BA in political science, worked in marketing & sales, School Board rep, State rep only district 5811 1019L D I 59.5
California 27 Judy Chu Chinese American, BA Math, PhD psych, psych professor, School Board rep, state rep. only district 5464 2423R D I 66.7
California 28 Adam Schifff Jewish, Lawyer, US Attorney, State Senator, anybody 4176 2372R D I 77.8
California 29 Tony Cardenas BS electrical engineering, City Council, State Rep, only district 6131 1510L D I 75
California 30 Brad Sherman BA Political science, Lawyer-tax law, CPA, Harvard instructor, Board of Equalization anybody 5911 2181R D I 72.5
California 31 Pete Aguilar BA government, MBA, City Mayor, city council only district 3201 1223L D I 54.9
California 32 Grace Napolitano City council, mayor, Ford Motor company employee only district 5256 1610L D I 62
California 33 Ted Lieu Born in Taiwan. BS Computer Science, Lawyer, USAF Res Colonel, JAG Corps, State Senator, State rep. only district 3976 236C D I 66.3
California 34 Xavier Becerra BA Economics, Lawyer, State rep, Attorney General of California anybody 6235 1226L D I 78.7
California 35 Norma Torres Born in Guatemala, 911 dispatcher, City Council, Mayor, State rep. only district 6161 1713L D I 71.5
California 36 Raul Ruiz, MD Born in Mexico. Physician, worked abroad, ER physician, non-profit, Medical School Associate dean. only district 5330 1319L D I 60.4
California 37 Karen Bass Black, BS Health Sciences, physician assistant, instructor,  founder of Community Coalition, State rep, only district 7084 2241R D I 82.1
California 38 Linda Sanchez BA Spanish, Lawyer in labor law, City council only district 6676 2329R D I 70
California 39 Ed Royce BA Accounting, business owner, tax manager, state senator only district 4111 2310R R I 58
California 40 Lucille Roybal-Allard Public relations officer and fund raising exec., state rep, only district 1766 2083 D I 71.9
California 41 Mark Takano Gay, Japanese descent, BA government, taught literature in public schools, College school board. only district 2305 1507L D I 62.6
California 42 Ken Calvert BA degree. Managed family restaurant, had real estate business. only district 1986 2205R R I 59.9
California 43 Maxine Waters Black,  factory worker, telephone operator, assistant teacher, then BA in sociology. State rep. Charged wih ethics violation, but cleared. only district 2201 2221R D I 75.7
California 44 Nanette Barragan BA Political Science, Lawyer, city council,  Clinton White House as facilitator with NAACP, worked on health policy and racial health disparities. only district 8220 1320L D N 51.2
California 45 Mimi Walters BA Political Science, stockbroker, State rep,  state senator, only district 5611 215C R I 59.5
California 46 Lou Correa BA Economics, MBA, lawyer,  State senator, County Board of Supervisors, State rep, only district 2965 1039L D N 70.2
California 47 Alan Lowenthal Jewish, Ph.D, professor of psychology, City Council, State rep, State senator, only district 7924 125C D I 63
California 48 Dana Rohrabacher Masters in American Studies, folk singer, free-market anarchist, libertarian activist,  worked for Reagan White House only district 2415 2300R R I 58.8
California 49 Darrell Issa Army, GED certificate, arrested  & indicted for alleged theft but prosecutors dropped the charge, and also for carrying a concealed weapon, sentenced to 6 mo probation. CEO of Directed Electronics, the wealthiest member of Congress anybody 3906 2269R R I 51.1
California 50 Duncan Hunter Army, Vietnam vet, Lawyer only district 5672 2429R R I 64.2
California 51 Juan Vargas State senator, state rep, city council,  MA Humanities, Jesuit, Lawyer only district 8045 1605L D I 71.9
California 52 Scott Peters City council, economist in EPA, lawyer in environmental law only district O508 1122L D I 56.6
California 53 Susan Davis Jewish, MA social work, husband was USAF physician, school board, state rep only district 2040 1214L D I 66.1
Colorado 1 Diana DeGette BA Political science, Lawyer in civil rights, state rep anybody 4431 2111R D I 68.2
Colorado 2 Jared Polis Gay, one of the wealthiest members, BA politics, co-founder of American Information Systems (AIS), and, other online businesses, philanthropist, education board anybody 2161 1727L D I 57.1
Colorado 3 Scott Tipton state rep, co-owner of pottery company only district 4761 218C R I 54.6
Colorado 4 Ken Buck Lawyer, law professor, DOJ prosecutor in Washington, DC & Colorado–Chief of Criminal Div, reprimanded by DOJ for not pursuing a weak case. only district 4676 1130L R I 64.1
Colorado 5 Doug Lamborn BS Journalism, Lawyer–business & real estate, state rep, state senator only district 4422 2402R R I 62.3
Colorado 6 Mike Coffman Army enlisted, BA political science, Marine officer, Ownder property management firm, Colorado Sec of State & Treasurer, State Senate, State rep, only district 7882 2443R R I 51.5
Colorado 7 Ed Perlmutter Christian with Jewish father, Lawyer, state senator anybody 2645 1410L D I 55.4
Connecticut 1 John Larson Grew up in public housing, high school history teacher & coach, co-owner insurance agency, past chair of the House Democratic Caucus only district 2265 1501L D I 63.8
Connecticut 2 Joe Courtney Lawyer, Public defender, town attorney, only district 2076 2348R D I 63.1
Connecticut 3 Rosa DeLauro MA economics,  Exec director Emily’s List. only district 3661 2413R D I 68.3
Connecticut 4 Jim Himes MA Philosophy, Banker for Goldman Sachs, non-profit Enterprise community Partners, only district 5541 1227L D I 56.9
Connecticut 5 Elizabeth Esty Lawyer, law professor, state rep, only district 4476 221C D I 57.4
Delaware 1 Lisa Rochester Black, BA international relations, MA urban affairs & public policy, state labor secretary, state personnel director, CEO Metro Wilmington Urban League only district 4165 1123L D N 55.5
D.C. AL Eleanor Norton Black, lawyer, civil rights, Chair of Equal Employement Opportunity Commission, ass’t legal directof or ACLU, law professor, advocate of legalization of cannabis only district 8050 2136R
Florida 1 Matt Gaetz Lawyer, arrested for DUI, state rep only district 4136 507C R N 69.1
Florida 2 Neal Dunn, MD Surgeon, urologist, US Army, owns surgery center, chairman of Summit Bank only district 5235 423C R N 67.4
Florida 3 Ted Yoho, DVM Veterinarian, coauthored bill to amend CSA for vets outside of office only district 5744 511C R I 56.6
Florida 4 John Rutherford BA criminology, Policeman, County Sheriff, Director of Corrections only district 2501 230C R N 70.2
Florida 5 Al Lawson Black, MA Public Admin, state senator, only district 123 1337L D N 64.2
Florida 6 Ron DeSantis Lawyer, Navy JAG, military prosecutor, Guantanamo, SEAL in Iraq, US Attorney, author Dreams From Our Founding Fathers, law professor only district 2706 1524L R I 58.6
Florida 7 Stephanie Murphy Vietnamese refugee, BA economics, MS foreign service, Business consultant, professor, DoD national security specialist only district 4035 1237L D N 51.4
Florida 8 Bill Posey Assoc of arts, worked at McDonnell Douglas, city council, state rep, state senator, founded real estate company anybody 3671 2150R R I 63.1
Florida 9 Darren Soto Lawyer of commercial and civil rights, State senator, state rep, only district 9889 1429L D N 57.5
Florida 10 Val Demings (Ms) Black, BA criminology, social worker, Police officer, Chief Orlando PD,  Husband Orange County Sheriff only district 21765 238C D N 64.8
Florida 11 Daniel Webster BS engineering, owns HVAC company, state senator, state rep only district 1002 1210L R I 65.4
Florida 12 Gus Bilirakis Lawyer in probate and estate planing, state rep, only district 5755 2112R R I 68.6
Florida 13 Charlie Crist Lawyer, state senator, Florida Attorney General, Governor only district 5961 427C D N 51.9
Florida 14 Kathy Castor Lawyer, Ass’t General Counsel to FL Dept of Community Affairs, County Board, primary focus health care anybody 3376 2052R D I 61.8
Florida 15 Dennis Ross Jewish, diplomat, Pentagon, Director Bush’s State Dept’s Policy Planning Staff,  Clinton’s Middle East Coordinator only district 1252 436C R I 57.5
Florida 16 Vern Buchanan BA business admin and MBA, businessman in auto dealerships, printing bus., state & nat’l chambers of commerce, one of wealthiest legislators, charges of fraud, ethics. Named one of most corrupt members. only district 5015 2104R R I 59.8
Florida 17 Tom Rooney BA English Lit, MA Political Sci, Lawyer, US Army JAG, Special Assistant US Attorney, law professor West Point only district 5792 2160R R I 61.8
Florida 18 Brian Mast BA economics, Army enlisted, Afghanistan, bilateral amputee & 1 finger, works for Dept of Homeland Security only district 3026 2182R R N 53.7
Florida 19 Francis Rooney Lawyer, US Ambassador to the Holy See, CEO holding company and Manhattan Construction Co only district 2536 120C R N 65.9
Florida 20 Alcee Hastings Black, lawyer, US District Court judge, impeached for bribes only district 1313 2353R D I 80.3
Florida 22 Lois Frankel Lawyer, State rep, Mayor West Palm Beach only district 3001 1037L D I 62.6
Florida 21 Ted Deutch Jewish, Lawyer, State senator anybody 9890 2447R D I 58.9
Florida 23 Debbie Wasserman Schultz Jewish, MA political campaining, state senator, state rep,  Chair of Democratic National Committee, breast cancer survivor only district 7931 1114L D I 56.7
Florida 24 Frederica Wilson MA, Black, state senate, state rep, school principal, school board. only district 4506 2445R D I unopposed
Florida 25 Mario Diaz-Balart Cuban parents, BA political science, aide to Miami Mayer, state rep, state senator only district 4211 440C R I 62.4
Florida 26 Carlos Curbelo MA public admin, School Board, founder of Capital Gains, a public relations firm only district 2778 1404L R I 53
Florida 27 Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Cuban American, MA education, owner private school, state senator, state rep, only district 3931 2206R R I 54.9
Georgia 1 Buddy Carter BS pharmacy, owns 3 pharmacies, State senator, state rep only district 5831 432C R I unopposed
Georgia 2 Sanford Bishop Black, lawyer, US Army,  cancer survivor (lymph node), state , state senator only district 3631 2407R D I 61
Georgia 3 Drew Ferguson, DDM Dentist, city mayor only district 5901 1032L R N 68.4
Georgia 4 Hank Johnson Black, Buddhist, lawyer,  father in Bureau of Prisons Wash, DC.  County Commissioner, Associate Magistrate Judge only district 1605 2240R D I 75.6
Georgia 5 John Lewis Black, civil rights leader,  BA only district 3801 343C D I 84.6
Georgia 6 Tom Price, MD Orthopedic clinic, professor, state senator, member Assoc of American Physicians and Surgeons which fights socialized medicine and government takeover of medicine. Trumps DHHS Secretary. only district 4501 1211L R I 61.6
Georgia 7 Rob Woodall Lawyer, Chief of Staff to US Congressman John Linder of GA. only district 4272 1724L R I 60.5
Georgia 8 Austin Scott BBA Risk Mgmt & Insurance, President of The Southern Group, LLC, state rep only district 6531 2417R R I 67.7
Georgia 9 Doug Collins BA political science & criminal law, Lawyer, State rep, Navy & US Air Force Reserve Chaplain, pastor, retail store owner anybody 9893 1504L R I unopposed
Georgia 10 Jody Hice Radio show host (Let Freedom Ring, now The Jody Hice Show), political activist, Southern Baptist pastor only district 4101 324C R I unopposed
Georgia 11 Barry Loudermilk BS Occupational Education and IT, State senator, state rep, Chairman county republican party. Member of Freedom Caucus. only district 2931 329C R I 67.5
Georgia 12 Rick Allen BA building construction, owns a construction company only district 2823 426C R I 61.6
Georgia 13 David Scott Black, Finance & Business degrees, advertizing company, GA state senator, rep. anybody 2939 225C D I unopposed
Georgia 14 Tom Graves BBA, State rep,  owns landscaping company and works in real estate investment only district 5211 2078R R I unopposed
Hawaii 1 Colleen Hanabusa BA economics &sociology, MA sociology, lawyer in labor, State senator only district 2726 422C D N 71.9
Hawaii 2 Tulsi Gabbard BS business admin, Hindu, state rep, US Army served in Iraq, city council, Hawaii Army National Guard. anybody 4906 1433L D I 81.1
Idaho 1 Raúl Labrador Puerto Rican, Lawyer in immigration, state rep,58 anybody 6611 1523L R I 68.1
Idaho 2 Mike Simpson, DDM Dentist, Mormon, state rep, only district 5531 2084R R I 63
Illinois 1 Bobby Rush Black, US Army, Black Panthers, civil rights, sickle-cell advocate, in prison 6 months 1972 on weapons charge. only district 4372 2188R D I 73.4
Illinois 2 Robin Kelly Black, BA psychology, MA counseling, Director of Crisis Nursery, Assoc Directo The Youth Shelter, state rep, Commissioner on Human Rights only district O773 1239L D I 79.6
Illinois 3 Dan Lipinski BS Mechanical Engineering, MA engineering-economic systems, Ph.D political science. Worked for legislators, professor only district 5701 2346R D I unopposed
Illinois 4 Luis Gutierrez Puerto Rican, BA English, taxi driver, school teacher, Dept of Children & Family Services, City Council, Congressional Progressive Caucus only district 8203 2408R D I unopposed
Illinois 5 Mike Quigley Lawyer, MA public policy, County Board, professor environmental policy, anybody 4061 2458R D I 67.6
Illinois 6 Peter Roskam State senator, state rep, only district 4561 2246R R I 59.5
Illinois 7 Danny Davis Lawyer–personal injury, HS history/gov’t teacher, legislative ass’t. only district 5006 2159R D I 84
Illinois 8 Raja Krishnamoorthi Indian-American, lived in public housing as child, BS mechanical engineering, lawyer, special ass’t Illinois attorney general, Presiden Sivananthan Labs develops and sells technology only district 3711 515C D N 58.1
Illinois 9 Jan Schakowsky Jewish, BS elementary ed, Program Dir Illinois Public Acion, a public interest group, Illinois State council of Senior Citizens anybody 2111 2367R D I 65.8
Illinois 10 Brad Schneider Jewish, BA Industrial Engineering, Management consultant, industrial engineer, worked on kibbutz, life insurance firm, founded consulting co. only district 4835 1432L D N 52.5
Illinois 11 Bill Foster Physicist (Ph.D physics), businessman, owner Electronic Theatre Controls which manufactures theater lighing equip. Worked at Fermilab, a Dept of Energy Nat’l Lab only district 3515 1224L D I 59.9
Illinois 12 Mike Bost State rep, firefighter, US Marines, ran his family’s trucking business, owns White House Beauty Salon, County Board, Town treasurer only district 5661 1440L R I 54.3
Illinois 13 Rodney Davis BA Political Science, worked for Sec of State George Ryan, congressman John Shimkus. only district 2371 1740L R I 59.7
Illinois 14 Randy Hultgren Lawyer, State rep, state senator, county board, only district 2976 2455R R I 59.6
Illinois 15 John Shimkus MBA, Army officer, County treasurer only district 5271 2217R R I unopposed
Illinois 16 Adam Kinzinger BA, county board, USAF pilot, Afghanistan, Iraq only district 3635 2245R R I unopposed
Illinois 17 Cheri Bustos BA political science, MA journalism, journalist, healthcare communications executive anybody 5905 1009L D I 60.1
Illinois 18 Darin LaHood Lawyer, State senator, State attorney prosecutor, private law practice only district 6201 1424L R I 72.2
Indiana 1 Peter Visclosky BS Accounting, Lawyer US Rep since 1985 only district 2461 2328R D I 81.5
Indiana 2 Jackie Walorski BA communications & public admin, television reporter for CBS, Exec director St. Joseph County Humane Society, Christian missionary work in Romania, founded Impact International anybody 3915 419C R I 59.3
Indiana 3 Jim Banks MBA, state senator, US Navy Reserves, Afghanistan, business development and broker only district 4436 509C R N 70.1
Indiana 4 Todd Rokita Lawyer, state Sec. of State only district 5037 2439R R I 64.6
Indiana 5 Susan Brooks Lawyer, criminal defense, US Attorney Southern Dist. IN, attacked Dr. Randolph Lievertz, Dep. Mayor Indianapolis, introduced HR 2805 against CPPs and doctors only district 2276 1030L R I 61.5
Indiana 6 Luke Messer Lawyer in public affairs, state rep, legal counsel & campaign mngr for other politicians, only district 3021 1230L R I 69.2
Indiana 7 Andre Carson Black, Muslim, policeman, marketing specialist, City-County Council only district 4011 2135R D I 59.9
Indiana 8 Larry Bucshon, MD Cardiothoracic surgeon, US Navy Reserve. only district 4636 1005L R I 63.7
Indiana 9 Trey Hollinsworth BA, owns Hollingsworth Capital Partners which rebuilds old manufacturing sites only district 5315 1641L R N 54.3
Iowa 1 Rod Blum MBA, CEO Eagle Point Software, owner Cigital Canal, a software co. only district 2911 1108L R I 53.9
Iowa 2 Dave Loebsack Ph.D political science, professor political sci anybody 6576 1527L D I 53.7
Iowa 3 David Young BA English, Chief of Staff to senators Chuck Grassley & Jim Bunning only district 5476 240C R I 53.5
Iowa 4 Steve King State senator, Founded King Construction, an earth moving company and Kiron Bus. Assoc. only district 4426 2210R R I 61.4
Kansas 1 Roger Marshall, MD Obstetrician,  Hospital Chairman of Board, US Army Reserve only district 2715 312C R N 66.2
Kansas 2 Lynn Jenkins BA accounting & economics, CPA, state treasurer, state senator, state rep, anybody 6601 1526L R I 61.1
Kansas 3 Kevin Yoder Lawyer–private, State rep only district 2865 2433R R I 51.3
Kansas 4 Mike Pompeo BS Mechanical Engineering, US Army, Lawyer–Williams & connolly,  Founded Thayer Aerospace &Private Security, Pres Sentry International, only district 6216 2452R R I 61
Kentucky 1 James Comer BA agriculture, farmer, director local bank, State Agriculture Commissioner, state rep, Pres. Chamber of Commerce only district 3115 1513L R N 72.6
Kentucky 2 Brett Guthrie BS mathematics, MA Public Management, state senator, US Army, only district 3501 2434R R I unopposed
Kentucky 3 John Yarmuth BA American Studies, founded Louisville Today magazine, VP University only district 5401 131C D I 63.5
Kentucky 4 Thomas Massie BS electrical engineering, MS mechanical engineering, founded SensAbleDevices Inc, Judge-Executive of County only district 3465 2453R R I 71.3
Kentucky 5 Hal Rogers Lawyer, Commonwealth’s Attorney, Army National Guard. anybody 4601 2406R R I unopposed
Kentucky 6 Andy Barr Lawyer–liability defense & business, law professor, worked for various government officials only district 4706 1427L R I 61.1
Louisiana 1 Steve Scalise BS computer programing/ political science. Majority Whip, state senator, state rep, only district 3015 2338R R I 74.6
Louisiana 2 Cedric Richmond Black, Lawyer, Chairman of Black Congressional Caucus,  state rep only district 6636 420C D I 69.8
Louisiana 3 Clay Higgins Policeman, Reserve Deputy Marshal, US Army Military Police Corp, US Nat’l Guard, manager of car dealership, has not paid child support. only district 2031 1711L
Louisiana 4 Mike Johnson Lawyer–constitutional, state rep, talk radio host, columnist only district 2777 327C
Louisiana 5 Ralph Abraham, MD Physician & former veterinarian, US Coast Guard Auxiliary, MS Nat’l Guard, only district 8490 417C R I 81.6
Louisiana 6 Garret Graves Aide to US Rep and senator, managed LA Coastal Protection Authority only district 3901 430C R I 62.7
Maine 1 Chellie Pingree State senator, farmer, founder North Island Yarn (hand knitters with store), authored knitting books only district 6116 2162R D I 57.8
Maine 2 Bruce Poliquin BA economics, investment manager, Main State Treasurer only district 6306 1208L R I 54.6
Maryland 1 Andy Harris, MD Anesthesiologist, State senator, US Navy Reserve Medical Corps only district 5311 1533L R I 67.8
Maryland 2 Dutch Ruppersberger Lawyer, Ass’t State’s Attorney, pursuing organized crime, political corruption, drug trafficking. only district 3061 2416R D I 62.2
Maryland 3 John Sarbanes Lawyer, health care practice, only district 4016 2444R D I 62.8
Maryland 4 Anthony Brown Black, lawyer, Lt. Gov, state rep, US Army Reserve, Iraq, JAG only district 8699 1505L D N 74.1
Maryland 5 Steny Hoyer Lawyer,  House Minority Whip, past House Majority Leader, state stenator, only district 4131 1705L D I 67.3
Maryland 6 John Delaney Lawyer, businessman, co-founded Health Care Financial Partners and CapitalSource, a commercial lender only district 2721 1632L D I 55.4
Maryland 7 Elijah Cummings Black, lawyer, private practice, state rep, only district 4741 2163R D I 75.1
Maryland 8 Jamie Raskin Jewish, Lawyer, law professor, author, state senator. Wife is US Deputy Sec of Treas. only district 5341 431C D N 59.3
Massachusetts 1 Richard Neal MA Public admin, City Council, Mayor springfield MA, HS history teacher only district 5601 341C D 73.4
Massachusetts 2 James McGovern MA Public admin, aide to senators, reps, only district 6101 438C D unopposed
Massachusetts 3 Niki Tsongas Lawyer, BA religion, social worker, dean of community college, husband was senator. only district 3411 1714L D 68.7
Massachusetts 4 Joseph Kennedy III Lawyer, Ass’t DA, Peace corps volunteer, only district 5931 434C D 70
Massachusetts 5 Katherine Clark Lawyer, state rep, state senator, clerk for federal judge, school board, state Attorney General’s office, anybody 2836 1415L D unopposed
Massachusetts 6 Seth Moulton Marine, Iraq, MA business & public admin anybody 8020 1408L D unopposed
Massachusetts 7 Michael Capuano Lawyer, legal counsel for Mass. General court, Alderman, Mayor only district 5111 1414L D unopposed
Massachusetts 8 Stephen Lynch Lawyer, ironworker, state senator, state rep, alcoholic only district 8273 2268R D 72.4
Massachusetts 9 Bill Keating Lawyer, state rep, state senator, authored bills for drug crimes & sentencing reforms with drug courts. District Attorney only district 3111 2351R D 55.7
Michigan 1 Jack Bergman US Marine Lt. Gen, commanding Marine Forces Reserve, naval aviator.  MBA. only district 4735 414C R N 55.4
Michigan 2 Bill Huizenga BA Political science, Co-owner Huizenga Gravel Co., Realtor, state rep, Director Public Policy for Congressman Peter Hoekstra, only district 4401 2232R R I 62.7
Michigan 3 Justin Amash Lawyer, corporate for family’s business,  Arab-American of Palestinian Christian descent, opposed Trump’s nomination, interested in presidency. only district 3831 114C R I 59.4
Michigan 4 John Moolenaar Chemist, Dow Chemical Co, state rep, state senator only district 3561 117C R I 61.6
Michigan 5 Dan Kildee BS Community Development Admin, CEO non-profit Center for Community Progress,  County Commissioner, County Treasurer, resides in Flint only district 3611 227C D I 61.3
Michigan 6 Fred Upton BA journalism, sports editor, congressional staff, Office of Management & Budget only district 3761 2183R R I 58.6
Michigan 7 Tim Walberg US Forest Service, BA religious education, pastor, MA communications, state rep anybody 6276 2436R R I 55
Michigan 8 Mike Bishop Lawyer, State senator, state rep, real estate broker, owns 2 real estate businesses, law professor only district 4872 428C R I 56
Michigan 9 Sander Levin Lawyer, private practice, state senator, Ass’t admin of Agency for Internat’l Dev. only district 4961 1236L D I 57.9
Michigan 10 Paul Mitchell Owner Ross Medical Education Center, Chairman Faith & Freedom Coalition only district 2106 211C R N 63
Michigan 11 Dave Trott Lawyer, CEO Trott & Trott PC for real estate litigation, co-owner Dietz Trot Sports & Entertainment, owner Trott Recovery Services, other chairman positions, University boards only district 8171 1722L R I 52.9
Michigan 12 Debbie Dingell MS Foreign Service, Charity boards, non-profits only district 4071 116C D I 64.8
Michigan 13 John Conyers Black, Bachelor of law, Michigan Nat’l Guard, US Army Reserves, longest-serving member, only district 5126 2426R D I 77.2
Michigan 14 Brenda Lawrence Black, BA public admin, school board, city council, Mayor only district 5802 1213L D I 78.5
Minnesota 1 Tim Walz BS social science education, high school teacher, Army Nat’l Guard only district 2472 2313R D I 50.4
Minnesota 2 Jason Lewis MS political science, Radio talk show host, politial commentator, writer only district 2271 418C R N 47.2
Minnesota 3 Erik Paulsen BA mathematics, political staff positions, State rep, anybody 2871 127C R I 56.9
Minnesota 4 Betty McCollum High school social sciences teacher, sales manager, city council, state rep anybody 6631 2256R D I 57.8
Minnesota 5 Keith Ellison Black, Muslim, lawyer in civil rights, criminal defense, brother is a physician, another brother is a Baptist pastor only district 4755 2263R D I 69.2
Minnesota 6 Tom Emmer Lawyer, city council, State rep, only district 2331 315C R I 65.7
Minnesota 7 Collin Peterson BA, US Army, state senator only district 2165 2204R D I 52.5
Minnesota 8 Rick Nolan State rep, social studies teacher,  former sawmill owner, businessman only district 6211 2366R D I 50.3
Mississippi 1 Trent Kelly Lawyer, District Attorney, Army Nat’l Guard, only district 4306 1721L R I 68.9
Mississippi 2 Bennie Thompson Black, BA Political Science, MA educational admin, alderman, mayor, Board of Supervisors anybody 5876 2466R D I 67
Mississippi 3 Gregg Harper Lawyer–private practice, city prosecuting attorney, Chairman County Republican Party only district 5031 2227R R I 66.2
Mississippi 4 Steven Palazzo MA Public Administration, State rep, Marine Corp Reserve, Army Nat’l Guard, CPA only district 5772 2349R R I 65.1
Missouri 1 Lacy Clay Black, BA political science, paralegal, state rep, state senator only district 2406 2428R D I 75.5
Missouri 2 Ann Wagner BSBA from business school in logistics. Ambassador to Luxembourg, Chair Missouri Republican Party, only district 1621 435C R I 58.6
Missouri 3 Blaine Luetkemeyer BA political science, bus. admin, farmer, small business owner, town board, state rep only district 2956 2230R R I 67.8
Missouri 4 Vicky Hartzler MS education, high school teacher, state rep only district 2876 2235R R I 67.8
Missouri 5 Emanuel Cleaver Black, MA divinity, Methodist pastor, city council, mayor anybody 4535 2335R D I 58.4
Missouri 6 Sam Graves college grad, state house, state senators, brother was US Attorney Western Dist Missouri only district 7041 1135L R I 68.1
Missouri 7 Billy Long auctioneer, Owner Billy Long Auctions, radio talk show host, anybody 6536 2454R R I 67.6
Missouri 8 Jason Smith Lawyer, farmer, real estate business, state rep only district 4404 1118L R I 74.4
Montana 1 Ryan Zinke MBA, Navy SEAL, ownder property mgmt and bus. development co., state senator, only district 3211 1419L R I 56.9
Nebraska 1 Jeff Fortenberry MA public policy, theology, economist, publishing executive, policy analyst, city council only district 4806 1514L R I 69.6
Nebraska 2 Don Bacon USAF Brigadier Gen, political aide, university professor only district 4155 1516L R N 49.4
Nebraska 3 Adrian Smith college grad, City Council, state rep, realtor, marketing specialist for housing only district 6435 320C R I unopposed
Nevada 1 Dina Titus Ph.D, State senator, professor political science, only district 5965 2464R D I 61.8
Nevada 2 Mark Amodei Lawyer, US Army, JAG, Ass’t US Attorney, Ass’t Post Judge Advocate, Chairman Nevada Republican Party, only district 6155 332C R I 58.3
Nevada 3 Jacky Rosen Jewish, college grad, Computer programmer, software developmer, consultant. Husband is radiologist only district 3252 413C D N 47.2
Nevada 4 Ruben Kihuen Mexican, BS education, political aide, State senator, state rep only district 9894 313C D N 48.5
New Hampshire 1 Carol Shea-Porter BA social studies, MA public admin, social worker, community college instructor only district 5456 1530 D N 44.2
New Hampshire 2 Ann Kuster Lawyer, lobbyist, non-profit consultant, only district 5456 137C D I 49.8
New Jersey 1 Donald Norcross BA Criminal Justice, apprentice electrical worker, Ass’t manager Internat’l Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, state rep, only district 6501 1531L D I 59.3
New Jersey 2 Frank LoBiondo BA bus admin, family owned trucking co, state rep, only district 6572 2427R R I 59.5
New Jersey 3 Tom MacArthur college grad, insurance business, Town council, mayor only district 4765 506C R I 59.6
New Jersey 4 Chris Smith college grad, Exec director New Jersey Right to Life Committee, worked family’s sporting goods store only district 3765 2373R R I 64.1
New Jersey 5 Joshua Gottheimer Lawyer, congressional aide, Worked for several businesses–Ford Motors, Burson-Marsteller, FTC, Microsoft. only district 4465 213C D N 50.5
New Jersey 6 Frank Pallone Lawyer, city council, state senator only district 4671 237C D I 63.1
New Jersey 7 Leonard Lance Lawyer, state rep, ass’t counsel for county and municipal matters. only district 5361 2352R R I 54.5
New Jersey 8 Albio Sires Cuban, MA spanish, state rep, Mayor, owner A.M. Title Agency, HS teacher & coach only district 7919 2342R D I 76.8
New Jersey 9 Bill Pascrell MA Philosophy, HS teacher, Board of Ed, Pres, Community College Board, state rep, mayor only district 5751 2370R D I 69.6
New Jersey 10 Donald Payne Jr Black, Newark city council, worked for NJ Highway Authority, Essex Cty Educational Services Commission, Supervisor of Student Transportation only district 3436 132C D I 85.8
New Jersey 11 Rodney Frelinghuysen BA American History, US Army, County Aid coordinator, County Freeholder, state rep,29 anybody 5034 2306R R I 58.3
New Jersey 12 Bonnie Coleman Black, college grad, state rep, state office of civil rights only district 5801 1535L D I 62.6
New Mexico 1 Michelle Grisham Lawyer, director NM Agency on Aging, county commission. Father was dentist anybody 6316 214C D I 65.1
New Mexico 2 Steve Pearce MA Bus Admin, USAF pilot, Vietnam, owned an oilfield services company, state rep only district 2365 2432 R R I 62.7
New Mexico 3 Ben Ray Luján college grad, Blackjack dealer, Deputy State Treasurer, NM Public Regulation Commission, Chairman Dem Congressional Campaign Comm only district 6190 2231R D I 62.5
New York 1 Lee Zeldin Lawyer, private,  US Army, Iraq, State senator, only district 3826 1517L R I 59
New York 2 Peter King Lawyer, Army Nat’l Guard, Distric Attorney’s office, County Comptroller anybody 7896 339 C R I 62.4
New York 3 Thomas Suozzi Lawyer, County Executive, mayor only district 3335 226C D N 52.4
New York 4 Kathleen Rice Lawyer, District Attorney, US Attorney’s office federal prosecutor in Philadelphia, only district 5516 1508L D I 59.4
New York 5 Gregory Meeks Lawyer, Black, state rep, born in East Harlem, Ass’t Distric Attorney, Special Narcotics Prosecutor for NYC only district 3461 2234R D I 85.5
New York 6 Grace Meng Lawyer, Chinese descent, state rep only district 2601 1317L D I 71.9
New York 7 Nydia Velázquez Puerto Rican, MA political science, college professor, chair Congressional Hispanic Caucus, NY city council only district 2361 2302R D I 90.7
New York 8 Hakeem Jeffries Lawyer, private corporate, Viacom & CBS, state rep only district 5936 1607L D I 93.2
New York 9 Yvette Clarke Black, attended college-did not graduate, director of business dev for the Bronx, city council, only district 6231 2058R D I 92.3
New York 10 Jerrold Nadler Lawyer, state rep anybody 5635 2109R D I 77.5
New York 11 Dan Donovan Lawyer, district attorney, Deputy Borough President only district 3371 1541L R I 62.2
New York 12 Carolyn Maloney Teacher, Board of Ed, legislative aide, city council, only district 7944 2308R D I 83
New York 13 Adriano Espaillat Dominican-American, BS political science, state senate, state rep, only district 4365 1630L D N 88.8
New York 14 Joe Crowley BA political science, legislative aide, state rep, 3965 1035L D I 82.6
New York 15 José Serrano Puerto Rican, US Army medical corp, education assitant, state rep only district 4361 2354R D I 95.2
New York 16 Eliot Engel Lawyer, school teacher, guidance counselor, state rep only district 2464 2462R D I 95.7
New York 17 Nita Lowey BA Liberal studies, worked in state gov, Ass’t Sec of State of NY, only district 6506 2365R D I unopposed
New York 18 Sean Patrick Maloney Lawyer, Clinton’s White House staff sec, Dep Sec in NY, Private equity firm only district 5441 1027L D I 54.9
New York 19 John Faso Lawyer, County grants officer, political jobs in DC, state rep, only district 5614 1616L R N 54.7
New York 20 Paul Tonko BS Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Pres NY State Energy Research & Dev Authority, Chair county supervisors, state rep only district 5076 2463 R D I 67.9
New York 21 Elise Stefanik Harvard grad, Bush’s White House staff,  different Policy Director positions,   RepEliseStefanik only district 4611 318C R I 66.1
New York 22 Claudia Tenney Lawyer, private practice, publisher, commentator, state rep, worked for Consulate Gen of Yugoslavia. Daughter of NY Supreme Court Justice John Tenney. only district 3665 512C R N 47
New York 23 Tom Reed Lawyer, private practice, Mayor only district 3161 2437R R I 58
New York 24 John Katko Lawyer, Ass’t US Attorney–organized crime only district 3701 1620L R I 61
New York 25 Louise Slaughter MA public health, Raised in Coal mining country in Kentucky. Marketing for Procter & Gamble, county legislator, state rep only district 3615 2469R D I 55.7
New York 26 Brian Higgins MA history, M Public Admin, City council, state rep only district 3306 2459R D I 74.4
New York 27 Chris Collins MBA, Pres Nuttall Gear Corp, businessman, County Exec only district 5265 1117L R I 67.7
North Carolina 1 G.K. Butterfield Black, lawyer, US Army, Congressional Black Caucus, Superior Court Judge, NC Supreme Court only district 3101 2080R D I 68.6
North Carolina 2 George Holding Lawyer, private,  legislative counsel for Sen Jesse Helms. US Attorney Eastern Dist NC–drugs, federal judge 3032 1110L R I 56.7
North Carolina 3 Walter Jones BA, NC Nat’l Guard, executive in family’s business supply co., state rep only district 3415 2333R R I 67.4
North Carolina 4 David Price MA theology, Ph.D political science, legislative aide to Sen Bob Bartlett (AL), professor, Exec dir NC Democratic Party only district 1784 2108R D I 68.2
North Carolina 5 Virginia Foxx Poor family, 1st to graduate HS, MA education, owner landscaping/nursery bus, professor, university admin, president, state senator only district 2071 2262R R I 58.5
North Carolina 6 Mark Walker Pastor, southern Baptist, father chaplain of prison only district 3065 1305L R I 59.3
North Carolina 7 David Rouzer BA Agricultural Bus Mgmt and Chemistry,  small business owner, ass’t to Dean of College, assoc rural Administrator for US Dept of Ag,  state senator, only district 2731 424C R I 61
North Carolina 8 Richard Hudson College grad, Pres. Business consulting firm, political aide only district 3715 429C R I 58.8
North Carolina 9 Robert Pittenger Grad Univ TX, worked Campus Crusade for Christ, real estate investor, state senator only district 1976 224C R I 58.3
North Carolina 10 Patrick McHenry BA History, worked for medial consulting firm in DC, ran website, state rep, only district 2576 2334R R I 63.2
North Carolina 11 Mark Meadows Restaurant owner, real estate development co, Chair county republican party, Board for Economic Dev, only district 6401 1024L R I 64.2
North Carolina 12 Alma Adams Black, Ph.D Art Education, state rep, college adminitrator, professor only district 1510 222C D I 67
North Carolina 13 Ted Budd MS theology & bus. admin, farmer/rancher, owns gun store only district 4531 118C R N 56.1
North Dakota 1 Kevin Cramer MA management, Chair ND Republican Party, State Tourism Director, Economic Development Director, Public Service Comm only district 2611 1717L R I 69.2
Ohio 1 Steve Chabot Lawyer, private domestic, elementary school teacher, city council, County commissioner only district 2216 2371R R I 59.6
Ohio 2 Brad Wenstrup, DPM Podiatrist, US Army Reserve, Iraq, only district 3164 2419L R I 66.6
Ohio 3 Joyce Beatty Black, MS counseling psych, County Health & Human Services director only district 4324 133C D I 68.3
Ohio 4 Jim Jordan Lawyer, wrestling champion, state rep, state senator, only district 2676 2056R R I 68.1
Ohio 5 Bob Latta Lawyer, private, County Commissioner, state senator, state rep, only district 6405 2448R R I 71
Ohio 6 Bill Johnson MA USAF officer x 26 yr, co-founded IT consulting co, defense contractor, electronic components manufacturer only district 5705 1710L R I 70.6
Ohio 7 Bob Gibbs Agricultural Technical School Grad, farmer, pres Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, state rep, state senator only district 6265 2446R R I 64.1
Ohio 8 Warren Davidson MBA, US Army only district 6205 1004L R I 69
Ohio 9 Marcy Kaptur MA Urban Planning, County Plan Commission only district 4146 2186R D I 68.5
Ohio 10 Mike Turner Lawyer, private, Pres. NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Mayor Dayton OH, only district 6465 2368R R I 64.4
Ohio 11 Marcia Fudge Black, lawyer, County prosecutor’s office, mayor only district 7032 2344R D I 80.1
Ohio 12 Pat Tiberi BA journalism, realtor, state rep, sponsored billes for vets, older Americans only district 5355 1203L R I 66.6
Ohio 13 Tim Ryan Lawyer, state senator only district 5261 1126L D I 67.6
Ohio 14 David Joyce Lawyer, County prosecutor anybody 5731 1124L R I 62.7
Ohio 15 Steve Stivers MBA, Army Nat’l Guard, Iraq, state senator, securities trader, banking only district 2015 1022L R I 66.2
Ohio 16 Jim Renacci BA bus admin, CPA, financial advisor, owns many businesses, self-made millionaire anybody 3876 328C R I 65.4
Oklahoma 1 Jim Bridenstine MBA, Exec dir Tulsa Air & Space Museum, US Navy Reserve Aviator only district 2211 216C R I unopposed
Oklahoma 2 Markwayne Mullin Native American, Assoc in Applied Science, Multiple business owner, Mullin Plumbing, Mixed martial arts fighter, hosted House Talk on radio. only district 2701 1113L R I 70.6
Oklahoma 3 Frank Lucas College grad, polititian. only district 5565 2405R R I 78.3
Oklahoma 4 Tom Cole Native American, Ph.D British History, Chair Nat’l Rep Congressional Comm, Deputy Majority Whip, state senator, OK Sec of State only district 6165 2467R R I 69.6
Oklahoma 5 Steve Russell BA Public Speaking, US Army Ranger, Iraq & Afghanistan, veterans advocacy, Vets for Victory, author & speaker, owns rifle manufacturing bus. only district 2132 128C R I 57.1
Oregon 1 Suzanne Bonamici Lawyer, State senator, state rep, Legal Aid ass’t, consumer protection attorney for FTC in DC, also private practice in Portland. only district O855 439C D I 59.6
Oregon 2 Greg Walden BS degree, owner radio stations, Press Sec and Chief of Staff to Congressman Denny Smith, state rep, State senator, anybody 6730 2185R R I 72.5
Oregon 3 Earl Blumenauer Lawyer, Public official, city council, state rep, Portland City Commission, anybody 4811 1111L D I 72.7
Oregon 4 Peter DeFazio MA, worked as gerontologist, County commissioner,  USAF reserves only district 6416 2134R D I 55.5
Oregon 5 Kurt Schrader, DVM Veterinarian, City Planning Commission, state rep, state senator only district 5711 2431R D I 53.6
Pennsylvania 1 Bob Brady Carpenter, union leader, Chair Philadelphia Democratic Party, staff aide in city council and state senate, only district 4731 2004R D I 82.2
Pennsylvania 2 Dwight Evans Black, college grad, school teacher, state rep, only district 4001 1105L D N 90.2
Pennsylvania 3 Mike Kelly College grad, owns family car dealership only district 5406 1707L R I unopposed
Pennsylvania 4 Scott Perry BA bus admin, MA strategic planning, Army Nat’l Guard, Iraq, state rep, founded Hydrotech Mechanical Services, a contracting firm. only district 5836 1207L R I 66.1
Pennsylvania 5 Glenn Thompson Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, Nursing Home Administrator, Chair County Republican Committee, Volunteer fire company, Board of Ed only district 5121 124C R I 67.3
Pennsylvania 6 Ryan Costello Lawyer, Board of Supervisors, Board Of commissioners, Recorder of Deeds only district 4315 326C R I 57.3
Pennsylvania 7 Pat Meehan Lawyer, US Attorney Eastern Dist PA, district attorney, only district 2011 2305R R I 59.7
Pennsylvania 8 Brian Fitzpatrick Lawyer, Special Ass’t US Attorney, FBI special agent, only district 4276 514C R N 54.5
Pennsylvania 9 Bill Shuster MA Bus admin, farmer, management in various businesses, owns car dealership only district 2431 2079R R I 63.4
Pennsylvania 10 Tom Marino Lawyer, factory worker, District Attorney, US Attorney Middle District PA–resigned, moved to corporate attorney. only district 3731 2242R R I 70.3
Pennsylvania 11 Lou Barletta attended college, family construction and heating oil business, founded pavement marking co, Mayor of Hazleton, anybody 6511 2049R R I 63.7
Pennsylvania 12 Keith Rothfus Lawyer, corporate, US Dept Homeland Security, Board of Directors Veterans Leadership Program, cancer survivor only district 2065 1205L R I 61.9
Pennsylvania 13 Brendan Boyle BA Government, MA Public Policy, consultant DoD, state rep only district 6111 1133L D I unopposed
Pennsylvania 14 Mike Doyle BS Community Development, exec Dir Turtle Creek Valley Citizens Union, Borough Council, aide to Senator Frank Pecora, only district 2135 239C D I 74.3
Pennsylvania 15 Charles Dent MA Public admin, multiple various jobs, legislative aide, state rep, state senator anybody 6411 2082R R I 58.4
Pennsylvania 16 Lloyd Smucker Pres family-owned construction business, state senator, township supervisor, only district 2411 516C R N 53.9
Pennsylvania 17 Matt Cartwright Lawyer, private business, NBC on-air legal analyst, author, anybody 5546 1034 D I 53.8
Pennsylvania 18 Tim Murphy Ph. D, practicing psychologist, professor, TV health care expert, author, state senator anybody 2301 2332R R I unopposed
Rhode Island 1 David Cicilline Lawyer, Gay, mayor of Providence, RI, state rep, only district 4911 2244R D I 64.5
Rhode Island 2 Jim Langevin MA Public admin, paralyzed from gun accident at age 16, state rep, Sec of State of RI only district 2735 2077R D I 57.8
South Carolina 1 Mark Sanford MA bus admin, Governor of SC, Real estate developer, owner real estate leasing & brokerage co,  US AF Reserve medical admin. Father was cardiologist only district 3176 2211R R I 58.6
South Carolina 2 Joe Wilson Lawyer, real estate, municipal judge, state senator, US Army Reserve & Nat’l Guard Staff Judge Advocate only district 2452 1436L R I 61.9
South Carolina 3 Jeff Duncan BA political science, Pres. Real estate marketing firm, auctioneer, state rep, only district 5301 2229R R I 72.9
South Carolina 4 Trey Gowdy Lawyer, district attorney, US Attorney, anybody 6030 2418R R I 67.2
South Carolina 5 Mick Mulvaney Lawyer, family business in homebuilding & real estate, state rep, state senator, Trump’s director of Office of Management & Budget anybody 5501 2350R R I 59.1
South Carolina 6 Jim Clyburn Black, BA history, HS teacher, previous House Majority Whip, only district 3315 242C D I 68.6
South Carolina 7 Tom Rice Lawyer–private, CPA, County council, only district 9895 223C R I 60.7
South Dakota 1 Kristi Noem BA political science, House rep, farmer/rancher/business mngr anybody 2801 2457R R I 64.1
Tennessee 1 Phil Roe, MD US Army Medical Corps, OB/gyn, Mayor Johnson City only district 6356 407C R I 78.4
Tennessee 2 Jimmy Duncan Lawyer-private, Army Nat’l Guard, state court judge only district 5435 2207R R I 75.6
Tennessee 3 Chuck Fleischmann Lawyer-private, only district 3271 2410R R I 66.4
Tennessee 4 Scott DesJarlais, MD GP, tea party, scandals only district 6831 2301R R I 65
Tennessee 5 Jim Cooper Lawyer-private only district 4311 1536L D I 62.5
Tennessee 6 Diane Black Registered Nurse, state senator, state rep, only district 4231 1131L R I 71.1
Tennessee 7 Marsha Blackburn BS home economics, sales manager only district 2811 2266R R I 72.3
Tennessee 8 David Kustoff Lawyer-private, chair Cty Republican Party, US Attorney Western Dist TN only district 4714 508C R N 68.8
Tennessee 9 Steve Cohen Jewish,  lawyer-private civil & criminal, father was a pediatrician. Cohen contracted polio at age 5, legal advisor for Memphis PD, state senator only district 3265 2404R D I 78.8
Texas 1 Louie Gohmert Lawyer, US Army JAG defense attorney, state district judge, Chief Justice TX Court of Appeals only district 3035 2243R R I 73.9
Texas 2 Ted Poe Lawyer, USAF Reserves, County chief felony prosecutor, felony court judge, interesting sentences, has leukemia anybody 6565 2132R R I 60.6
Texas 3 Sam Johnson USAF pilot, Vietnam prisoner of war 7 yrs, homebuilding business. Will not run in 2018 only district 4201 2304R R I 61.3
Texas 4 John Ratcliffe Lawyer-private, law professor, mayor, US Attorney Eastern Dist. TX only district 6673 325C R I 88
Texas 5 Jeb Hensarling Lawyer, State Director for Senator Phil Gramm only district 3484 2228R R I 80.6
Texas 6 Joe Barton BS industrial engineering, private industry, White House Fellow, consultant for Atlantic Richfield Oil only district 2002 2107R R I 58.4
Texas 7 John Culberson Lawyer, state rep, only district 2571 2161R R I 56.2
Texas 8 Kevin Brady BA mass communications, chamber of commerce exec, city council, state rep, only district 4901 1011L R I unopposed
Texas 9 Al Green Black, Lawyer-trial, private, Justice of Peace, Pres Houston NAACP only district 7508 2347R D I 80.6
Texas 10 Michael McCaul Lawyer, federal prosecutor, Deputy Attorney General, 2nd wealthiest in Congress based on wife’s family, only district 2401 2001R R I 57.4
Texas 11 Mike Conaway BA Accounting, US Army, CPA, CFO Arbusto Energy Inc only district 3605 2430R R I 89.5
Texas 12 Kay Granger HS teacher, owner insurance agency , mayor Fort Worth, author “What’s Right About America, Celebrating Our Nation’s Values only district 5071 1026L R I 69.4
Texas 13 Mac Thornberry Lawyer-private, staff to congressmen, Dep Sec of State for Legislative Affairs, rancher, only district 3706 2208R R I 89.9
Texas 14 Randy Weber BS public affairs, founder HVAC co., city council, only district 2831 1708L R I 61.9
Texas 15 Vincente González Lawyer, private only district 2531 113C D N 57.3
Texas 16 Beto O’Rourke BA English lit, Opposed to War on Drugs, singer, guitarist, arrested for burglary and DWI, city council, anybody 4831 1330L D I 85.8
Texas 17 Bill Flores MBA, CEO Phoenix Exploration Co-oil & nat’l gas, TX Real Estate commission, only district 6105 2440R R I 60.8
Texas 18 Sheila Jackson Lee Lawyer, city council, only district 3816 2187R D I 73.5
Texas 19 Jodey Arrington MA public admin, Bush White House, Chief of Staff Federal Deposit Insurance Corp, University Admin, Pres Scott Lab only district 4005 1029L R N 86.7
Texas 20 Joaquín Castro Lawyer-private, public education, health care, juvenile justice system, state rep, only district 3236 1221L D I 79.7
Texas 21 Lamar Smith Lawyer-private, writer for Christian Science Monitor, County Commissioner, state rep only district 4236 2409R R I 57
Texas 22 Pete Olson Lawyer, US Navy pilot, staff for Senator Phil Gramm, Chief of Staff Texas Attorney General John Cornyn only district 5951 2133R R I 59.5
Texas 23 Will Hurd Black, BA computer science, CIA, stategic advisor for cybersecurity form FusionX only district 4511 317C R I 48.5
Texas 24 Kenny Marchant BA Bus admin, real estate developer, mayor,  state rep only district 6605 2369R R I 56.2
Texas 25 Roger Williams Col grad, coached baseball, family car dealership, political campaigns, Sec of State of TX, only district 9896 1323L R I 58.4
Texas 26 Michael Burgess, MD Ob/Gyn, health care reform, Congressional Health Care caucus only district 7772 2336R R I 66.3
Texas 27 Blake Farenthold Lawyer-private, founder Farenthold consulting LLC for computer consulting & web design, radio talk show host only district 7742 2331R R I 61.7
Texas 28 Henry Cuellar Lawyer, customs broker,  Ph.D Government, adjunct professor, state rep, TX Sec of State,  brother is sheriff, sister is judge only district 1640 2209R D I 63.6
Texas 29 Gene Green Lawyer-private, state rep, state senator, only district 1688 2470R D I 72.5
Texas 30 Eddie Bernice Johnson (Ms) Black, RN, Chief Psychiatric Nurse VA Hosp Dallas, state rep, only district 8885 2468R D I 77.9
Texas 31 John Carter Lawyer-private, General Counsel to TX House of Rep Ag committee, judge distric court only district 3864 2110R R I 58.4
Texas 32 Pete Sessions Col. Grad, Father former Director FBI. Manager for Southwestern Bell only district 2231 2233R R I 71.1
Texas 33 Marc Veasey BS mass communications, substitute teacher, sportswriter, worked for US Rep Martin Frost anybody 9897 1519L D I 73.7
Texas 34 Filemon Vela Lawyer-plaintiff attorney, father was federal judge, mother was Brownsville’s mayor only district 9901 437C D I 62.7
Texas 35 Lloyd Doggett Lawyer, TX Supreme Court Justice, state senator, only district 4865 2307R D I 63.1
Texas 36 Brian Babin, DDM Dentist, USAF, private practice, mayor, other local gov positions only district 1555 316C R I 88.7
Utah 1 Rob Bishop  BA political science, HS teacher–civics, german, gov, hist, state rep, Majority Leader & Speaker only district O453 123C R I 64.1
Utah 2 Chris Stewart Mormon, BA economics, Author (Seven Miracles That Saved America, The Miracle of Freedom:), businessman–Pres Shipley Group–consulting in energy & environment issues, USAF pilot only district 9730 323C R I 61.5
Utah 3 Jason Chaffetz Mormon, BA communications,  multi-level marketing co-Nu Skin Int’l, political staff only district 7751 2236R R I 74.3
Utah 4 Mia Love Haitian American, Mormon, BA musical theatre, flight attendant, Mayor only district 3011 217C R I 52.7
Vermont 1 Peter Welch Lawyer–private, personal injury, state senator only district 4115 2303R D I 90
Virginia 1 Rob Wittman Ph.D public health. VA Dept of Health, environmental health specialist, town council, mayor, state rep only district 4261 2055R R I 60.9
Virginia 2 Scott Taylor BA Int’l Relations, US Navy SEAL, Author (Trust Betrayed…) , state rep only district 4215 412C R N 61.7
Virginia 3 Robert Scott Lawyer-private, Black, Army Reserve Nat’l Guard, state rep, state senator, father was a surgeon. only district 8351 1201L D I 66.9
Virginia 4 Donald McEachin Lawyer-private, MA divinity, State senator, state rep. Wife is lawyer in Richmond Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office. only district 6365 314C D N 57.3
Virginia 5 Tom Garrett Lawyer, state senator, US Army, Ass’t Attorney General under Bob McDonnell, Commonwealth’s Attorney only district 4711 415C R N 58.3
Virginia 6 Robert Goodlatte Lawyer-private, Chair Judiciary Committee only district 5431 2309R R I 66.7
Virginia 7 Dave Brat Ph.D economics, MA Divinity, College professor, Worked for Arthur Andersen, consultant for World Bank, Governor’s Advisory Board for Economists only district 2815 1628L R I 57.9
Virginia 8 Donald Beyer BA economics, Owner car dealerships, Lt Gov VA, Ambassador to Switzerland & Liechtenstein, civic activism only district 4376 1119L D I 68.6
Virginia 9 Morgan Griffith Lawyer-private, chair Salem Rep Party, state rep, anybody 3861 2202R R I 68.7
Virginia 10 Barbara Comstock Lawyer, State rep, director public affairs for DOJ, congressional staff, co-founder public realtions firm only district 5136 229C R I 52.9
Virginia 11 Gerry Connolly (Mr.) MA Public admin, County Board, managed senate committee on Foreign Relations oversight anybody 1492 2238R D I unopposed
Washington 1 Suzan DelBene MA bus admin, Microsoft director of marketing & bus dev, Dir WA Dept of Revenue only district 6311 2442R D I 57.2
Washington 2 Rick Larsen MA public affairs, Dir public affairs for WA Dental Assoc., county council only district 2605 2113R D I 65.1
Washington 3 Jaime Beutler (Ms.) BA communications, State rep, senator aide, only district 3536 1107L R I 58.8
Washington 4 Dan Newhouse BA agricultural economics, farmer, head state agriculture department only district 5816 1318L R I 57.8
Washington 5 Cathy Rodgers BA pre-law, Exec MBA, aide to state rep Bob Morton, state rep only district 2006 1314L R I 58.3
Washington 6 Derek Kilmer BA public affairs, business consultant, state rep, state senator only district 5916 1520L D I 62.3
Washington 7 Pramila Jayapal MBA, Indian-American, civil rights activist, exec dir OneAmerica only district 3106 319C D N 57.2
Washington 8 Dave Reichert Assoc arts in social work, USAF Reserves, law enforcement, County sheriff only district 7761 1127L R I 58.4
Washington 9 Adam Smith Lawyer-private, state senator, only district 8901 2264R D I 74.3
Washington 10 Denny Heck college grad, WA Chief of Staff, state rep, entrepreneur, CEO TVW, cofounder Intrepid Learning Solutions, author only district 9740 425C D I 59.5
West Virginia 1 David McKinley BS engineering, state rep, Chair WV Republican Party, civil engineer, owner construction business anybody 4172 2239R R I 69
West Virginia 2 Alex Mooney BA philosophy, Staff ass’t to US Rep Roscoe Barlett, state senator for Maryland, Chairman Maryland Republican Party only district 2711 1232L R I 58.2
West Virginia 3 Evan Jenkins Lawyer, law professor, Exec Dir WV State Medical Association, State senator, Co-chair Health Care Committee in WV State Chamber of Commerce only district 3452 1609L R I 67.9
Wisconsin 1 Paul Ryan BA economics, political science, aide to Senators, speechwriter, Speaker of the House only district 3031 1233L R I 65
Wisconsin 2 Mark Pocan BA journalism, owner printing company, Board of Supervisors, state rep only district 2906 1421L D I 68.7
Wisconsin 3 Ron Kind Lawyer, county prosecutor, special prosecutor,  Council on Alcohol or Other Drug Abuse only district 5506 1502L D I unnopposed
Wisconsin 4 Gwen Moore Black,  BA political science, oranizer with Volunteers in Service to America, state senator anybody 4572 2252R D I 77
Wisconsin 5 Jim Sensenbrenner Lawyer, state rep, state senator only district 5101 2449R R I 66.8
Wisconsin 6 Glenn Grothman Lawyer, state rep, state senator only district 2476 1217L R I 57.2
Wisconsin 7 Sean Duffy Lawyer, Reality TV personality, District attorney, only district 3365 2330R R I 61.8
Wisconsin 8 Mike Gallagher MS Stategic Intelligence, US Marine Corps, Iraq, foreign policy advisor to Gov of WI only district 5665 1007L R N 62.7
Wyoming 1 Liz Cheney Lawyer-private, consultant Intern’l Finance Corp., Co-founder Keep America Safe, Daughter of VP Dick Cheney only district 2311 416C R N 62.2
House Democrats
House Republicans