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Joseph Oesterling, MD, a urologist, is illegally being accused of running a criminal drug ring in his clinics in Caro, Saginaw, and Mount Pleasant, Michigan. The reason why these illegal actions occur is stated in the US Attorney’s release:

“In addition to criminal charges, the Tuscola County Prosecutor’s Office also instituted a civil forfeiture proceeding concerning multiple items of personal and real property which were previously seized pursuant to court order on October 25, 2016.”

Yes—it’s all about money and the confiscation of hard-working doctor’s property.

Dr. Joseph Oesterling is facing seven felony charges for Criminal Enterprise, five counts of Delivery of a Schedule 2 Controlled Substance, and Maintaining a Drug Building, based on the illegal application of Title 21. If convicted, Oesterling faces up to 20 years imprisonment. Meanwhile, the state of Michigan has suspended his license to practice medicine pending a formal administrative hearing.

A license to practice medicine in the state and a DEA certificate for prescribing controlled substances means that a doctor is legally able to prescribe controlled substances. The charges being brought against him are illegal. But we know, after the ENRON fiasco and the destruction of Senator Stevens, as described in detail in Sidney Powell’s book Licensed to Lie, that the out-of-control Department of Justice can take any innocent citizen and create a felon any time they want without fear of retribution. We have to change this.

Federal prosecutors have become so brazen in their assurance of success due to illegal means, that investigations that used to take 2 years  are now whittled down to a few months.

The Tuscola County Prosecutor’s Office tries to sway public opinion in their release by connecting the opioid abuse and addiction problem in the area along with a rise in crime with the prescribing of pain meds. They used the media to set up a propagandized connection of doctor’s prescribing with drug overdoses and deaths. But what they don’t tell you is a lot of those overdoses and deaths are due to untreated pain due to patients not receiving appropriate medical care for their pain, due to the illegal attacks on doctors who do so.  Also, the truth is that drugs do not cause addiction. My DVD and monthly webinar on the REAL cause of drug abuse shows that beyond a doubt.

The government alleges that Doctor Oesterling was “turned in” to them by pharmacists. With the new laws coming into effect, making pharmacists the “watchdog” over doctors, the government is, in effect, turning one medical profession against another. This is wrong.

Dr. Oesterling, trained at prestigious universities, has a very commendable history of work in the Urological field. He is world-renown in clinical practice and research, discovered PSA, the prostate cancer tumor marker, and traveled the world giving lectures. This is no way to end a respectable doctor’s career. The confiscation of his assets, which is what this is all about, has turned his world upside down.

People of America:  Understand these facts:

  1. Doctors have the legal right to prescribe controlled drugs.
  2. Title 21, the Controlled Substance Act, protects doctors from prosecution.
  3. Drugs do not cause addiction or abuse.
  4. The attacks on doctors is an illegal activity by the Justice Department to make money through forfeiture, and pave the way up the professional ladder.
  5. Convictions are achieved through perjury, lies to the jury, and a very inadequate defense since everything the doctor owns has been seized.
  6. We, the people have to stop the gravy train by acquitting doctors at trial

Dr. Oesterling, don’t cave in to prosecutorial plea offers. You are not guilty of committing a crime. You need to join us in the American Pain Institute and in this fight to stop this atrocity against our profession. Please contact Dr. Ron “Doc” Myers at  Feel free to contact me as well, if you are allowed to by your pre-trial bond. I am a felon, having been through what you are facing. I do have permission from my judge to talk to doctors under fire. Have your attorney consult me.