Jeffrey Bado, D.O.Jeffrey Bado, DO, of Philadelphia, PA was found guilty of 304 charges involving his pain management clinic. All of these charges are examples of government overreach into doctors’ legitimate medical practices.  THIS HAS TO BE STOPPED!!!

In the Eastern District of Pennsylvania this illegal prosecution of doctors has become Big Business. It supports a multitude of US Attorneys and all their employees. It supports DEA agents and Department of Health and Human Services agents. In just the research I’ve done from 2004 to 2011, 24 doctors had been prosecuted by the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, half of which were in Philadelphia. Now really! Even by simple statistical probability, you are not going to have that many “bad doctors” in one area. Doesn’t that tell you something? I doubt if there has even been one bad doctor. This is just a case of an out-of-control Department of Justice.

The rule is, in these areas that are supporting their jobs and their agencies by illegal prosecutions of doctors, that as soon as one doctor is convicted or takes a plea, they put a target on another doctor’s back. You see, jobs are secured for 2 years from the targeting to the raid on the office, then another two years to the trial. All of this is simply FOR THE MONEY!!! And because US Attorneys have immunity, they are now simply going to where the money is. They fabricate a crime where there is no crime, and people believe it, because there USED to be some integrity in our government. But not anymore.  Sidney Powell’s book Licensed To Lie is a perfect example of how prosecutors work now. This has become the norm, not the exception. And the rise to power and politics of these most unscrupulous US Attorneys shows that there are no ramifications for government agents who break the law.

And then there is the confiscation of the doctor’s assets. This is a major reason why doctors are being illegally prosecuted today. The charge of “maintaining a drug-involved premises” gives the government the right to confiscate his office, and any other items of value that he owns. The government is making money on the backs of hard-working, caring physicians.

In order to charge these doctors with committing a crime, the prosecutors have to reconstruct the Controlled Substance Act into language to make it work. This is just want the prosecutors did in Licensed to Lie—create a law where there isn’t one by restructuring the wording in statutes.

In the original Title 21 Law, doctors are exempt from prosecution. Here is the exact wording:
§1306.04 Purpose of issue of prescription
(a) A prescription for a controlled substance to be effective must be issued for a legitimate medical purpose by an individual practitioner acting in the usual course of his professional practice.

Now what the legislators meant here when they wrote that, as stated by a US Supreme Court Justice, is that as long as the doctor isn’t out on the street selling prescriptions, he/she is protected from prosecution. But because this has become big business, and the doctors in the country are completely unaware that they could just as easily become the next target, the prosecutors are riding the gravy train.  They just use terms in front of the jury like “just like a street pusher”, and other inflammatory terms to make the doctor’s actions fit the purported crime he/she is being charged with. In reality, if a person comes in to a doctor’s office as a patient, is seen and evaluated by the doctor, and receives a prescription, it is legitimate medical practice. The prosecution, though, just throws out that phrase completely disregarding its meaning, and creates a “crime” where there isn’t a crime.

As I have been working for the last year trying to educate people into this illegal restructuring of law, I was hoping to see a shift with Dr. Bado’s case. I am very disappointed it didn’t happen. But I also fault the defense attorneys. I was available to be a witness at Dr. Bado’s trial and could have informed the jury of the truth. But defense attorneys are in cahoots with the government. Everybody in the legal profession wins with creating crimes that aren’t crimes, because innocent people have to then be defended. No one in the legal profession wants to stop the gravy train. So the defense attorneys didn’t even approach me for my testimony.

So the only way we are going to change this is for the American people to wake up and realize that our Justice Department is no longer that. It is now the Injustice Department of Greed and Self-promotion.

I also wonder one more thing, because it happened to me before my trial. Did the CBS affiliate in Philly run any documentaries just before Dr. Bado’s trial, or during it, in which doctors were blamed for the heroin epidemic?  It is my belief from all of the media coverage that I’ve seen, that CBS does this, possibly connected in some way to sway public opinion. I believe a connection between CBS and the government needs to be investigated.

In conclusion, but probably the most important, neither doctors nor the prescribing of opiates is the cause of addiction. The REAL cause of addiction is identified in my DVD: The REAL Cause of Drug Abuse that can be found on my website at!/The-REAL-Cause-of-Drug-Abuse/p/68564073/category=20493001.  If doctors being tried would just understand this and pass it on to their friends and family, maybe this illegal persecution of doctors would stop. Chronic pain patients would get the medicines they need desperately and are now being deprived of, and people could easily treat or prevent drug abuse, saving themselves from a life of depravity.