Yippee!! Finally we have a smart jury acquitting 71 y/o John K. Sturman, MD formerly of Indianapolis, IN of all charges. Let’s hope other juries in the country follow suit, and government attorney’s offices stop making money riding the backs of hard-working physicians. Dr. Sturman, a neurologist with a sub-specialty in pain management, went through this not once, but twice, due to the arrogance of the state prosecutors thinking they could come back at him a second time and get him convicted. The sad thing is that his acquittal was a brief mention in the media, while the charges against him got the big coverage. Ruin a person’s life, stamp out his credibility and honor, and then put the truth in a small bottom corner. That’s the way of the media.

Without going through all the gory details of the charges because they were defeated, Dr. Sturman was charged with overprescribing pain medicines, using the standard phrase being promulgated by prosecutors—“outside the usual course of medical care.” The charges would be considered medical decision making. Where did these prosecutors get their medical degree?

This is basically government overreach into medicine, and has got to stop.  As a result of this gross government overreach, Dr. Sturman was arrested in August, 2015 and has not been able to practice medicine since. At the time of his arrest, he was working for the VA Illiana Health Care System as chief of pain management, and was taken from his job in handcuffs. He was acquitted the first time in Dec. 2015, but Prosecutor Terry Curry appealed that, and filed charges a second time.

In their attempt to tamper with future juries, the prosecutors used the usual propaganda in their comments to the media, such as Indiana’s Attorney General Greg Zoeller when he said:

“Prescription drug abuse is an epidemic in our society and we appreciate all of Prosecutor Curry’s office’s efforts to investigate overprescribing and hold violators accountable.”  “It’s imperative that we crack down on over-prescribing prescription drugs that is a contributing factor in the drug abuse epidemic in our state,” “Far too many Hoosier lives are being lost to drug addiction and overdose.”

Prosecutor Terry Curry said “Overprescribing pain medication is not only unethical, but reckless. Addiction to pain medication is a widespread problem, and physicians and medical personnel who enable and endanger addicted patients should be held accountable.”

These are pure lies perpetrated by the Justice Departments to try to blame drug abuse on medical doctors so that they can attack the doctors using Title 21 (designed to go after illegal drug cartels) and forfeit everything the doctor owns.

Showing how the government branches work together in this heinous crime, US Senator Mark Kirk even got involved querying the VA System about their hiring Dr. Sturman. Before his letter was even received by the VA, the contents was reported to the media by his press secretary–more negative reporting to attempt to influence potential jurors.   But thankfully, Illinois voters got wise to Kirk’s work and replaced him with Tammy Duckworth. Let’s hope she is more responsible.

If convicted, Dr. Sturman could have spent the rest of his life in prison—for doing his job to the best of his ability!  Thank you, Indiana jurors, for preventing this travesty of justice.