“On the street? No. No comments. I am absolutely innocent. I don’t know what’s going on. My attorney will take care of it,” as 70y/o Lazar I Feygin, MD was led into court in handcuffs.

That just about sums up what the average doctor knows about what is happening in the US today—how doctors are being specifically targeted by the DOJ for money through misuse of Title 21, the Controlled Substance Act, and fraud charges involving Medicare and Medicaid. But defense attorneys don’t want to end the gravy train either, so another doctor potentially bites the bullet.

This time the scene is New York City and the doctor is 70 y/o Lazar I. Feygin, MD—another independent, elderly, minority, primary care physician like most who are targeted to confiscate their assets. Dr. Feygin is facing over 200 charges.

Bridget G. Brennan, Special Narcotics Prosecutor for the City of New York released the following press release from which the media spread its propaganda: https://www.health.ny.gov/press/releases/2017/docs/narcotic_painkillers.pdf. If you really understand how the government works to create crime where there is no crime, you can see it here. The media feed the fire by writing articles with headings like:

‘putting $100million-worth of powerful opioids onto the black market’


‘Ex-State pol among 13 people busted for three Brooklyn clinic-turned-pill mills’

Then they report statements from the “authorities” like:

‘vast criminal enterprise that doled out opioids like candy and defrauded Medicare and Medicaid out of millions’.

Also, to help prejudice the jury pool, the investigation was revealed a day after the NYPD sounded an alarm over the city’s opioid epidemic. That, of course, ties the opioid epidemic to the prescription meds.

This time, however, they have also attacked a former Coney Island assemblyman, Alec Brook-Krasny. He is facing 4 charges including conspiracy and healthcare fraud for being the CEO of the medical lab that Dr. Feygin used. Maybe bringing in a politician will be their undoing. Brooke-Krasny is accused of deleting alcohol-positive urinalysis records at the medical lab to allow Feygin’s patients to continue to receive painkiller prescriptions. I honestly don’t see how lab reports could be doctored. He is also accused of ordering unnecessary urinary drug screens.

“They would get the government to pay them $400 just per cup of urine,” said Special Narcotics Prosecutor’s Office Associate Special Agent in Charge Will Plummer. Well, folks, doctors don’t determine reimbursement fees. And doctors who want to run an impeccable office routine will order gas chromatography-mass spectrometry to verify what the urine contents are. That is standard practice.

Since the reason for these attacks is the forfeiture of the victim’s assets, it is interesting that, according to the media report, a corrupt politician’s pension funds can be part of the forfeiture. Maybe they need to focus more on all the corrupt Washington politicians. We could put away the deficit in just a few years!

Also charged in the case were Dr. Michael Taitt, 56, physicians’ assistants Marie Nazaire, 59, and Juan Cabezas, 59, nurse practitioner Marjorie Louis-Jacques, 53, physical therapist Reynat Glaz, 43, and office managers Rachel Smolitsky, 64, and Kostantin Zeva, 65. But most of the office personnel will be used as witnesses against the doctors in exchange for perjured testimony. The charges put them in a position for the government to “make them an offer they can’t refuse”—their freedom for their perjury.

An associated clinic run by Paul McClung, MD and all of its employees was also charged. You can find that information here:

Medicare/Medicaid fraud is one way that the government uses to reclaim monies doctors have been paid over years of treating government-insured patients. In this case, fraud was charged for supposedly ‘forcing addicted patients to get unnecessary medical services in exchange for their painkiller prescriptions.’ This statement shows the propaganda being spewed today—that pain patients on opioids are automatic addicts. This is wrong. Opioids do not cause addiction. To understand the REAL cause, go here: https://youtu.be/YvG5Vv5rW5A

When a reporter asked Feygin if all the treatments were necessary, he replied, “Yes sir – absolutely, and we can prove it.” “We’re not treating addicts; we’re treating very, very sick people,” Dr. Feygin said. “We’re primary-care physicians.”

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