Lesly Pompy, MD of Monroe, Michigan is the latest pain management physician now under attack for treating pain. His office was raided by the usual DEA agents, state and local law enforcement on Sept 26, 2016.  His office is located at ProMedica Monroe Regional Hospital and he is affiliated with them, but the hospital immediately made public that his practice was not owned by the hospital.

Dr.Pompy is a board certified anesthesiolgist with subspecialty board in Pain Management. He earned his MD degree from the New-York Medical College, an MBA from the University of South Florida, an MS from Madonna University and an MSF from Walsh College, so he is highly educated and intelligent.

Dr. Lesly Pompy has been named in two search warrants—of his office and his private residence (for confiscation purposes). He is accused of prescribing more than one million doses of narcotic pills, supposedly the most in the state of Michigan, in the past year. The doctor was arrested and taken to jail where he was expected to be booked on prescription and insurance fraud charges in addition to delivery of narcotics charges.

Michigan State Police Lt. Marc Moore, head of the drug unit MANTIS, accused Dr. Pompy of seeing hundreds of patients a day and issuing prescriptions for opiates to people who did not need them. Lt. Moore showed his ignorance and prejudice by referring to another convicted doctor saying “That’s Linares territory,” and saying that he is convinced Dr. Pompy contributed to the heroin addiction epidemic in Monroe County. Someone needs to inform Lt. Moore (as well as all other law enforcement) of the REAL cause of drug abuse that I teach through my DVD and webinars.

Lt. Moore also said “Our information was, you go in there a handful of times and eventually you’ll get a medication from him.” Well…that’s how pain management offices are supposed to work.

On Dr. Pompy’s Facebook page, patients have written messages showing the kind of doctor he is—compassionate and knowledgeable. Examples:

  1. Dr. Pompy has been helping my mother for the last 10 years. Before him, no one could even acknowledge her pain was real. Today she loves life and appreciates the things that matter like family. Thank you Dr. Pompy.

  2. 5 star rating: Dr Pompy goes over and beyond on helping those with difficult illness. I have CRPS and he has help bring me along in my illness to places other doctors could not. TY Doc for being here for me the last four years. Yes he has many patients because he is good at what he does but when it is your turn he listens to you. I have been to many doctors and I would wait my turn gladly to see doctor Pompy. I trust him with my care. He has not ever lead me wrong.

  3. 5 star rating: I love Dr.Pompy. He has helped me overcome a lot of pain issues besides his great bedside manners! He is truly one if not the best Dr. they have in Monroe. If it weren’t for Dr. Pompy I don’t think I’d be here…staff is great they will help with anything you have going on always there to help out. Thank you Dr.Pompy for everything! ♡

Similar statements have been written in response to the negative doctor-bashing media articles.

Now for some facts. ProPublica has published prescription data on 410,000 doctors across the country. Let’s compare Dr. Pompy with the government subsidized “expert witness” that they used against me and see how “bad” Dr. Pompy really is, (or isn’t?)

First, here is the data on the medications written by the doctors. What this shows is that Dr. Pompy covers all of the needs of the patient pertaining to their pain and side effects of their medications, not just the pain medicine itself. This shows a doctor who is more well-rounded and patient oriented.

Rank for Dr. Pompy Rank for Dr. Swanson Rank for Dr. Pompy Rank for Dr. Swanson Rank for Dr. Pompy Rank for Dr. Swanson
Lortab 1 1 Flexeril 11 17 Seroquel 21
Percocet 2 4 Cymbalta 12 Topamax 22
Methadone 3 8 Fentanyl 13 5 Baclofen 23 23
Lyrica 4 Ibuprofen 14 Trazodone 24 24
Tramadol 5 9 Endocet 15 7 Lodine 25
Neurontin 6 10 Mobic 16 14 Xanax 26 16
Zanaflex 7 15 Ambien 17 Elavil 27 21
Morphine ER 8 3 Prilosec 18 Zantac 28
Oxycodone 9 2 Remeron 19 Flector 30
Suboxone 10 Oxycontin 20 11


The medications listed under Dr. Swanson with a — means he never prescribed these. They are all non-controlled medications that would be considered by the legal powers targeting doctors as the better choice. Notice Dr. Pompy prescribed them while Dr. Swanson, the government “expert” didn’t.


Dr. Pompy Dr. Pompy Dr. Swanson Dr. Swanson
Total Prescriptions # patients Total Prescriptions # patients
Lortab 1889 204 Lortab 1378 275
Percocet 846 106 Oxycodone 1057 227
Methadone 680 66 Morphine 372 92
Morphine ER 394 46 Percocet 361 84
Oxycodone 325 43 Fentanyl 327 78
Suboxone 369 35 Hydromorphone 302 93
Fentanyl 175 19 Endocet 188 59
Endocet 165 32 Methadone 180 34
Oxycontin 118 12 Oxycontin 153 28
Xanax 59 <11 Morphine Sulfate 128 36
Xanax 108 18
Valium 80 24
Ativan 78 16



This table shows a few significant points. In the attack against Dr. Pompy, the law charges him with prescribing a high number of controlled drugs. But here, compared with Dr. Swanson, the government’s accepted “expert”, Dr. Pompy didn’t prescribe as much of the strong opiates as Dr. Swanson did. His prescriptions were more for the lower strength opiates—a move that was basically forced on pain management physicians because of the anti-long-acting opiaphobia the government has caused. But naturally that increases the number of pills to do the job.

Also, Dr. Swanson prescribed a considerable amount of benzodiazepines (Ativan, Valium and Zanax), while Dr. Pompy prescribed them to less than 11 patients over the entire year.  Benzodiazepines treat anxiety and anxiety is more of a marker for addiction and abuse than pain medicines are. So in actuality, Dr. Swanson is contributing more to the potential addict than Dr. Pompy is.

So what does all of this prove? That there is no justification for this attack on Dr. Pompy. He is just the chosen target of the government for whatever reason they want to target him—money or prestige. But realistically his prescription pattern is actually better than that of the physicians that the government uses as “expert witnesses” in trials. And doctors like Dr. Swanson shouldn’t be throwing stones.

As a side note, Dr. Swanson took over one of my patients that I discharged after 2 months because I recognized the fact that she was taking medications I had not prescribed.  Dr. Swanson continued to see her for the 6 months we saw her records (and could still be seeing her), even though the illegal medication was still showing up in her UDS. But Dr. Swanson is still in practice and I spent >2 years in prison.