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Letter to President Obama–2009

I received no response to this letter sent to President Obama while I was waiting on my DEA certificate in 2009.

Dear President Obama:

I am writing to you in hope that you will actually read this, but I bet you won’t.  I wrote several letters to President Bush about our health care situation in rural America, and my letters ended up in the hands of the local US Attorney, his appointee.  Someday I hope to publish my letters, so the American people will learn what happens to doctors that actually help people heal. 

You speak about health care reform.  But you aren’t really interested in reform.  You are interested in putting more money in the hands of the insurance and pharmaceutical companies.  I knew that the minute I heard your solution to the future health care crisis was to use taxpayer’s money to insure all the uninsured in the country.  That is no solution.  The insurance and pharmaceutical companies, along with the doctors and with the government’s sanction and help, have created the health care crisis we will soon be facing. 

The government isn’t interested in health.  The government wants sickness.  Why?  Because it is a large part of our nation’s economy.  And if people get sick and die before the age of 65, it saves the government all those social security payments.  How do I know the government isn’t interested in health?  Because I was able to achieve it with my patients, saving the government money and putting people back to work.  And what was the thanks I got?  I’m a felon for “Medicare/Medicaid fraud”.

Medicare and Medicaid basically run the health care of this country.  I have had my license reinstated, but I am slowly finding out that I can’t even take care of the uninsured.  The hospital in the area will not accept my orders because I am excluded from Medicare and Medicaid.  There are other problems surfacing, but I will tell you about them in future letters once it happens.

When I practiced medicine before my plea agreement I was the only physician in the area willing to take Medicare or Medicaid patients.  When I lost my practice, most of my patients were unable to find another physician.  I didn’t make much money as a physician, because Medicare and Medicaid failed to pay me for my services most of the time.  But my dedication was to patient care, and I just did without myself.  I never felt it was right to limit what patients I saw in my practice.  I still don’t see how doctors can turn Medicare/Medicaid patients away, and the government doesn’t punish them.  They run up the expenses and make money.  I help people heal, save money, and get raided. 

I don’t want you to think that I am only a complainer.  I also have a solution to the problem, if you are really interested in the health of our nation.  I have proven with my program that lifestyle changes are where true health lies.   And alternative medicine helps the body heal once people eat nutritious food.  Our current sickness care system does not reward doctors for keeping people healthy.  It rewards them for keeping people sick.  Paying a doctor for every visit, and paying more for including lab work is part of the problem.  When I did my program, patients never got sick.  They never went to the hospital.  They got rid of their pills.  And some on disability ended up working two jobs.  I only did lab work when it was necessary, not just to make more money. 

I know my program was cheaper and saved the government money.  Paying doctors for sickness is not the right approach.  Here is my solution:  Pay doctors willing to join the program a certain amount per year per patient, say $1000 per patient per year.  They then do not charge for the visit.  The doctor has to agree to have an open roll for Medicare/Medicaid patients and not to deny any as long as they are accepting any patients.   This would save money at the claims department as well as the doctor’s office.  If the doctor receives a flat rate per patient, it would be in his best interest to keep the patient healthy.  He would also not be running unnecessary lab tests just to have a higher level visit.  A healthy patient does not have to be admitted to the hospital, thus saving more money.

Now for the challenge:  I have sworn never to have Medicare or Medicaid in my office again.  But I would be willing to prove my theory.  I would be willing to show you that I can save the government money with this concept.  However, I would require two things.  First, a complete pardon of my “fraud” conviction.  Second, complete protection of any future Medicare/Medicaid attacks on my office or me. 

If you are really interested in ‘health’ care, prove it.