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Health Issues Staff

Health Issues Staff

The most important people to communicate with are the health issues representatives for each of your legislators. If you don’t know who these people are, you can get that information by filling out the request in the sidebar. These people have the ear of your legislator, and have more time to listen to you. If we get these folks to understand the problem, we will get something done.  For ideas on what they need to know, continue to scroll down on this page.

Your Legislators

Communcation with your legislators, both federal and state, is not the most important, but is still important. The most important thing is that they receive communications over and over so that you are on a first-name basis with them.


Any and every organization you can communicate with, from th Opioid Commission to Fibromyalgia Awareness. The more people we contact, the sooner the propaganda will be countered with the truth.
Your Physician

Your Physician

Every physician needs to be aware of the solution to the problem. The more constituents we have communicating with Washington, the more we can accomplish. Doctors are just as much brainwashed by the propaganda and the media as the average person. They won’t change until they know the truth.

The President

If he hears the same thing from enough of us, he just might listen.

The Media

Communicate at every opportunity with your local or national media. We have to show their prejudice to the government propaganda for people to believe us.
There are example communication aids on the members page “Communication aids” There you will find points to cover during a face-to-face session, example emails whenever anything happens in the news that we need to reply to immediately, example FaceBook posts, example tweets, example protest posters, and example letters. If you aren’t a member and want to be an effective advocate, please consider becoming a member. After all, your time is valuable, and the benefits of membership pay you back in time and effectiveness.

Face to face

The most effective communication is a face-to-face meeting. That can be done by request to your area office of your representative/senator. Be sure and have a list of the points you want to cover. If you know what you want to say, you can cover a lot in a 15 minute session. If you are a member, you can get a list of points from the Communication Aids page.


The most important communication of any form should go to the health issues staff person for each legislator. Email regularly, but after making a face-to-face or a phone call contact. That way they learn to recognize you. Make sure you represent yourself as a member of DoctorsofCourage, and hopefully you are.

Snail Mail

And last (but hopefully not least) is the standard letter. But most of the time the representative doesn’t even know it exists. Letters generally just get a glance over, and a form letter in response. Now if that’s not a waste of your time, I don’t know what is. But where letter writing could be helpful is if enough people send enough letters day after day that they can’t be ignored, and your name and complaint gets recognized.

Phone Call

Next to importance to a face-to-face meeting is a phone call. Again, the person to talk to is the health issues staff person. Become a regular at calling and discussing the problems for doctors, chronic pain patients, and the fact that current methods will have no effect on drug abuse while more Americans die.  And we will hold their boss responsible at the voting booth!!!


It is very important to counter the government propaganda by submitting press releases, opt-ed articles, news articles, letters to the editor and any other news media contact. Go to local meetings where media are present, speak to the reporters and try to get interviewed. Use the media FaceBook and twitter posts to make comments on “Fake News” articles. Try to locate some decent freelance reporters who could carry our story to Pulitzer prize territory.


Protests have a place in effective advocacy. We will be organizing protests along with American Pain Institute and Pain Patients Coalition. Stay posted. They will be announced for everyone, but members will receive additional support.

It is imperative that every American communicate with the health issues staff person for their legislators. If you don't have that contact information, you can get it by filling out the contact form here:

Who Are My Health Issues Staff?

9 + 1 =

Below you will find a sample letter to write to a new legislator, congratulating them on their new position, and explaining how important it is that they understand the problem you are writing about. Other example letters are available and links are provided.  But to access some of these, you have to be a member of DoC. If you aren’t a member, you can join by going to Doc Member Login and follow the instructions.


Suggestions for Your Message

For legislators to notice your communication, you will need to send about 1000. The health issues staff representative will take notice much sooner, and be a liaison between you and your legislator. In your letters, emails or conversation with your members of congress, you should include the following:

  1. State “thousands of your constituents suffer with chronic pain or have a close relative who suffers with chronic pain and are no longer able to receive the medicines they need.”
  2. At the end of your letter state:

“As a member (or supporter) of Doctors of Courage, or the National Pain Patients Coalition (NPPC) (or whatever chronic pain advocacy group you are a part of), we invite you to support and participate in our annual PAIN PATIENTS ADVOCACY WEEK, April 23-30, 2018. Please support our efforts to establish PAIN PATIENTS ADVOCACY WEEK as a national observance. We would appreciate you mentioning it from the congressional floor (U.S. Senate or U.S. House of Representatives) at the appropriate time.

  1. Thank him/her for their support in improving the quality of life for their constituents who suffer with chronic pain and the compassionate physicians who treat them.
  2. List any organizations you are a member of after your name.
  3. Place the following cc list at the end of your letter:

cc: National Pain Patients Coalition (NPPC) – American Pain Institute (API) –       \ Doctors of Courage – American Civil Liberties Union –

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