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EXAMPLE TWEETS  Learn the REAL cause of drug abuse and stop the propaganda that is ruining lives and killing people.

Stop Title 21 government prosecution of doctors for money. Learn the REAL cause of Drug Abuse!/The-REAL-Cause-of-Drug-Abuse/p/68564073/category=20493001

Dr. John Patrick Couch via @lindacheekmd Innocent doctor on trial.  ACQUIT HIM. STOP ATTACKS ON DOCTORS FOR MONEY!!



Drugs do NOT cause drug abuse or addiction. Find out what does in this recording– –of a webinar by Linda Cheek, MD, that occurs the first week of every month. Or get the more complete information in her DVD available here:!/The-REAL-Cause-of-Drug-Abuse/p/68564073/category=20493001 . Stop putting innocent doctors in prison for money. The DOJ has gone rogue and you need to rein them in. Clarify Title 21 and exempt all doctors working in their office evaluating patients. Stop the misuse of the “legitimate medical practice” clause.



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