by Sidney Powell


Chapter 1

Licensed to Lie starts with the 2010 suicide of 37 y/o US prosecutor Nicholas Marsh.  Then a flashback to 6 weeks earlier with the unexplainable crash of a private airplane in Alaska in which former Senator Ted Stevens was on a fishing trip with some friends. The plane was equipped with a terrain awareness warning system that would have notified the pilot if he was too close to the terrain. The TAWS had been “inhibited”.



“Ted Stevens, a decorated World War II hero, a former US attorney, and living legend in Alaska, had lost his seat of more than 40 years in the US Senate after being found guilty for failing to report alleged gifts on senate forms. It turned out Senator Stevens was innocent, and the prosecutors from the Public Integrity Section of the DOJ had broken ethical rules, disregarded court orders, and violated constitutional law while they hid evidence favorable to his defense.”

US District Judge Emmet Sullivan acted out of the ordinary, not ignoring the DOJ’s misconduct. He appointed a special prosecutor, DC attorney Henry Schuelke III, to investigate the prosecutors for possible charges. This was unprecedented.

Former Senator Stevens had been advocating for new legislation that would require the government to produce Brady material to a defendant in every case and to impose clear penalties for failure to do so. The DOJ vehemently opposed Steven’s proposal.

Nick Marsh, the gentleman who committed suicide at the beginning of the chapter, had been one of the youngest attorneys in the Public Integrity Section of the Justice Department. These attorneys were the best of the best, supposedly adhering to the highest standards since they investigated public officials for corruption. At the same time, there was extreme pressure to win.

In the prosecution of former Senator Stevens, Matthew Friedrich (Enron Task Force prosecutoràacting assistant attorney general of the Criminal Division of the DOJ) and his deputy, Rita Glavin took over, but when things fell apart, Nick Marsh took the flack while they walked.

“Lawyers know all too well that prosecutors are almost never punished in any way—regardless of how egregious their conduct is. It is extremely difficult for a wronged defendant to sue a prosecutor. They have immunity from lawsuits because they work on behalf of the “sovereign”. They can hid evidence of a defendant’s innocence with impunity. They have little concern that it will ever be discovered, and even if it is, they know they will suffer no consequences. Judges routinely believe prosecutors.

Special Prosecutor Schuelke and his partner, William Shields, worked on the exposure of the DOJ.

“Ultimately Schuelke would reveal shocking facts with ramifications of their own. As thorough as Schuelke was, he was barely scraping the surface. The illegal and unethical tactics that unseated Senator Stevens, changed the balance of power in the senate, and had now claimed two lives were orchestrated above Nicholas Marsh. Narcissistic and terrifying tacticians were ascending to great power on a foundation and legacy of lies, corruption, and injustice that would take years to uncover. They had long practiced to win at any cost and skillfully buried the truth deep.

Siohban Reynolds

The insinuation in the beginning of this chapter was very quiet, but for those of us who know how evil the DOJ is, it jumps out like a lightning bolt. The DOJ is so evil that they will orchestrate the death of their target through whatever means is at their disposal. The TAWS in Stevens’ airplane was “inhibited”.  That means it was disabled so that the Senator’s plane would crash. The same thing is believed, by those of us who understand this evil, to have happened to Siobhan Reynolds, the founder of Pain Relief Network. Her plane crashed on a clear night

Siobhan’s plane

Christmas Eve, 2011, to the side of the runway they were trying to land on in Ohio. An accident?  We don’t think so. Government manipulation of the instrumentation? Probably. She had created an enemy in US Attorney Tanya Treadway due to her advocacy on the part of Dr. Stephen Schneider. More of that story can be found here:  “Pain Patient Advocate Siobhan Reynolds Dies in Plane Crash” – where are pain advocates now? 11/03/2014 — Nancy Sajben MD

This article shows how injustice and constitutional rights were violated all the way through the ranks of the courts, including the Supreme Court, just as in my case and so many others.