Louis C. Adamo, MD, 60, of Scranton, PA, was charged on Nov. 2, 2017 for “overprescribing oxycodone”.  Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced felony charges based on supposedly oxycodone pills to two patients over a two-year period.

Who’s the doctor here?  Tom DePietro, the pharmacist who turned the doctor in to the government?  I bet he still filled the prescriptions since according to the Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s press release, 24 prescriptions were filled at that pharmacy. So why hasn’t he been charged with illegal dispensing? Or is it Attorney General Josh Shapiro himself? Where is his medical degree?

The government likes to throw numbers around to stimulate negative public opinion against the doctor charged. But people are unaware of a few simple facts that alter the meaning of the numbers.

First, all controlled opioids are converted to oxycodone in government charges. That is because the Controlled Substance Act was designed to be used against illegal drug dealing, not doctor’s offices. The equivalency table is based on grams of marijuana. So to use the law against doctors, oxycodone is the term they use for everything prescribed. They don’t really say what the actual prescription is for. The numbers they throw around could be perfectly acceptable for the patient’s pain level. No one can make that decision except for the doctor. That is stated in the Controlled Substance Act. One patient had been on pain meds for 10 years and probably had developed a significant tolerance. With the attacks on long-acting opioids, doctors have been forced to prescribe small weight pills, which requires a larger number to have the same effect, and have to be dosed sometimes every 3-4 hours.

Second, they try to sway public opinion by stating that Dr. Adamo prescribed to a “drug-dependent” person. Anyone who had taken controlled drugs for the length of time mentioned would be “drug-dependent” But they use the term knowing that people will equate that with “addicted”. Dependency is a naturally occurring result of use of a drug while addiction isn’t.

“At one point, this doctor was prescribing over 33 pills a day to one man,” Attorney General Shapiro said.  “That’s an unconscionable amount of pills – and he broke the law.”  That is a bold-faced lie. Show me the Pennsylvania law that states how many pills can be prescribed to a patient. If the prescriptions were for Percocet, 33 pills could be a necessary amount. That would be only 330 mg/day. I’ve seen patients on 6 80mg Oxycontin/day, which is 480 mg. The point is, only the doctor has the legal right to determine what is legitimate, as per the Controlled Substance Act.

The press release gives quotes from the two patients in the charge. Obviously they will say whatever the government tells them to say, to save their own butt. So nothing there should be believed as truth.

In March 2016, the Office of Attorney General’s agents did an illegal search and seizure at Dr. Adamo’s office. Dr. Adamo’s constitutional rights were violated, and will continue to be violated through the course of the prosecution. As a rule, the 4th, 5th, and 14th amendments are violated in these cases.  And defense attorneys do nothing about it. Because they ride the gravy train too.

Pennsylvania is one of the bad states for attacks on doctors and it appears it is going to get worse before it gets better. On the list of doctors charged on http://doctorsofcourage.org/by-location/, 65 doctors have been charged there, and this list is not inclusive. Charges against medical personnel has sharply increased in 2017, with Attorney General Shapiro in office. Diversion agents have reportedly charged 150 people this year so far.

Attorney General Shapiro uses as his excuse for these illegal attacks that “Diverting prescription drugs for improper uses is the heroin epidemic’s fuel.” That is a government propaganda lie. Drugs are not the cause of addiction. To understand the REAL cause, watch the video The REAL Cause of Drug Abuse at https://doctorsofcourage.org/videos/

Dr. Adamo, please contact us at www.doctorsofcourage.org. Do not waive your rights to a speedy trial. Make them put up what they have NOW, not 2 years from now after you’ve lost all your savings and can’t defend yourself.  Do NOT cop a plea. That just opens the door for an attack on another physician. We have to work together—those attacked and those that haven’t been attacked—YET.