Doctor Anthony Jackson’s Death tied to the Medical Board

Los Angeles – We recently published an article about Anthony Jackson M.D., a prominent American Black Anesthesiologist who accused the Medical Board of California of racism and discrimination against people of color, a dark fact that was later found to be true. Doctor Jackson license was taken for using a fake driver’s license card that he showed to a TSA agent while boarding a flight at the airport. He purchased the fake driver’s license because he was accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, which he denied, and later fought and won in Court.

The Medical Board sought to revoke his license because of the drunk driving arrest that he contested and had the bogus charge exonerated. The Medical Board then moved to revoke his license stating that he lied on an application, a fact that doctor Jackson denied, and court records shows that he mentioned the incident, in another place on the application. He was found guilty of dishonesty, using a fake driver’s license, and a list of other charges that drove the Medical Board to revoke his license.


The Board consists of appointed individuals by the Governor and their job is to hear cases brought against doctors by the State Law Enforcement Officers and the Department of Justice. Law Enforcement has a rich history of targeting people of color and Police Misconduct is a very serious problem in the United States. However, there is an exception to misconduct with police officers working for the Medical Board; (i). There is no oversight, (ii). There are no body cameras, (iii). They are known to retaliate, (iv). They control the Judges and Media, and (v). Tampering with evidence, perjury, harassment, fabricating evidence, and threatening abuse is extremely common and permitted by this agency.


For showing a false identification that he got because he was wrongful charged and vindicated for a drunk driving conviction. The Medical Board sought to make an example of Doctor Jackson for using a fake ID to board a plane and the administrative judge, who are controlled and hired by the DOJ, throw the book at Doctor Jackson because he was an American Black doctor. His dark and evil punishment recommended by Medical Board Law Enforcement team was shocking:

  1. 240 days immediate suspension from practicing medicine,
  2. Enroll into a 6 month PACE clinical training course and completion, if not license would be suspended,
  3. Enroll into a 6 month course on Ethics and completion, if not license would be suspended.
  4. Solo Practice Prohibition, he was not allowed to have a clinic in his own name,
  5. He had to hire another doctor to Monitor his practice for the entire term of the probation, a five year period.
  6. He had to provide a written report of all the allegations that he was charged, with all of his employers and hospitals where he had privileges.
  7. He was ordered not to supervise Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners, which helps the Retail Clinics gain control over the Mid-Levels.
  8. If he traveled out of town for more than 30 days, he had to give a written notice and get approval.
  9. He had to pay the cost of the enforcement and his attorney fees, which broke him and ruined his life.


The Medical Board records shows that doctor Jackson appeared before them, and he was representing himself. The Medical Board attorneys are “Officers” of the “Court” and they will “Drain” all your money and most (specially people of color) will end-up paying the fees and being force feed what the DOJ and the Police ask “demand” that the court does. Doctor Jackson, rallied the several large Black associations including the National Medical Association (NMA), Golden State Medical Association (GSMA), Black American Political Association of California (BAPAC), and he sought the help of Al Sharpton’s Action Network group.

Doctor Jackson met with this group and said that he was going to sue the Medical Board for discrimination and use the money to enact a Civilian Police Review Committee to oversee the DOJ and Law Enforcement employees. A representative reporter for the Medical Board, Cassandra Hockensen, attended the meeting and she said, the Medical Board conducted a research study about Color people targeted by Law Enforcement of the Board, a statement the doctor Jackson fiercely rebutted, he said, “The research done from 1998 to 2013 is not a valid study because the Board intentionally left out the complaints of Color People against them.


How is the Medical Board and their hidden police department tied to this death? The Medical Board released the 1998 – 2013 research study, the one that doctor Anthony Jackson, said was not valid, and they published this report in January of 2017. The Medical Board gives acknowledgement to Dr. Anthony Jackson in their report, something that he would not tolerate and the Medical Board made a mockery of Doctor Jackson by putting his name in a report that he denounced. Doctor Jackson was not a part of the 1998 – 2013 study and his complaint and issues against the Medical Board Police Team was not revealed until the year 2016.

The story does not stop there. The Medical Board public information officer, Cassandra Hockenson, died suddenly a few months later according to family. Cassandra was an investigative reporter for CBS and she was interested in the “New” research that she stated was being done by the Medical Board. This “New” research was never published, and the record shows that the Medical Board published an old incomplete study from 1998 to 2013 that was intentionally missing all the complaints against them by people of color.  Cassandra heard about the mysterious circumstances of Dr. Anthony’s death and she saw the Board publish a research from 1998 to 2013, which she also knew was a fake study. Although, we are not sure what happened next, but it’s believed that Cassandra was looking into this death and asking questions about why Dr. Anthony Jackson name was placed in an acknowledgement from a research that he denounced and after his sudden death.


The author of this story has first-hand knowledge to the Medical Board and Law Enforcement corruption and murder schemes. His 78 year old father was savagely beaten by police posing as DEA agents. Doctor Anthony Jackson and former CBS investigative reporter Cassandra Hockenson should be investigated by the U.S. Attorney’s office and the Medical Board Chief Director should be forced to resign and remove Doctor Anthony Jackson’s good name from their report because it is a mockery and a disgrace for every person, whether black or white, to allow a devious group of hidden law enforcement officials to possible murder and mock the Dead…

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Editor: Billy Earley,
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