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Mehdi Nikpavar-Fard, MD, referred to by his patients as “Dr. Nick”, 46, of Penn Valley, PA, is an internist/pain management physician in Pennsylvania currently sitting in a jail cell for alleged charges that appear rather suspicious. He is the owner of six offices named Advanced Urgent Care Clinic in Philadelphia, Scranton, Wilkes Barre and Willow Grove. While incarcerated, two of his clinics were raided in October, 2017. Several of his offices had already been raided in July, 2015. No charges have been filed from any of the raids.

Various government reports to the media tell different stories, which makes me think that the whole thing he is being held for is a government fabrication, or at least an exaggeration. Here’s one possible scenario, from what I’ve gleaned from reports:

He was allegedly approached by US Marshals in August, 2017 trying to serve him with an arrest warrant for a civil contempt charge over a civil lawsuit, and he allegedly lied to them about who he was. He was taken into custody anyway, and while on the ride to the courthouse, the handcuffed doctor allegedly threatened one of the marshals that he would pay someone to shoot him. That story was created by DEA Agent Daniel Soeffing. He reports that the incident was recorded by an agent’s cell phone. But why would a DEA agent be involved in a civil warrant service? I don’t think one would, and that creates a lot of “This is total bullshit” in my mind.

Another article made it sound like the ride actually happened in September, not August. So there really isn’t any satisfactory truthful report. Also, a patient of his has contacted me about this travesty of justice, and he doesn’t believe Dr. Nick said the things he is charged with. According to the patient, Dr. Nick is a kind doctor who is being harassed by the government for nothing. Meanwhile, Dr. Nick sits in a jail cell with nothing being done. His lawyer has had no comment.

Regardless of the fact that these reports appear malicious, he was indicted for the alleged verbal attack Sept, 2017 and his medical license suspended. This [what I call] fake case is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Jason P. Bologna.

Dr. Nick did pain management at his clinics. The patient mentioned earlier substantiates that Dr. Nick did all the necessary functions recommended through pain management courses—drug screens, limited amounts of opioids per prescription, etc. He was also approved by the state of Pennsylvania to recommend medical marijuana.

As part of the media/government collusion in attacking pain management physicians, in 2013 a FOX 29 worker committed prescription fraud. He went to Dr. Nick with supposed pain that he did not have in order to get a prescription.  He reported back pain and was examined and treated appropriately based on his complaint. But then the media blamed Dr. Nick for the prescription instead of their fraudulent act. This is the same MO being used by the government in court, and innocent doctors are going to prison.

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