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Melanie Mencer-Parks, MDOn August 25, 2016, Melanie Mencer-Parks, MD was arrested, placed in handcuffs, and escorted out of her office by the DEA based on one charge of one count of conspiracy to unlawfully distribute controlled substances.

Dr. Mencer-Parks is a solo family practice physician in Houston, Texas who treats pain—the standard doctor being persecuted by the government all over the country. She has been charged with the usual Justice Department garbage of “illegally distributing controlled pain medications”. According to the Controlled Substances Act, doctors are exempt from prosecution when they prescribe medications to their patients. However, the government has illegally thrown away that exemption through gross government misconduct. And now chronic pain patients all over the country are having to go to the streets and take a chance on illegal drugs to find pain relief.

As usual, the government first gained access to Dr. Mencer-Parks office by charging her with Medicare fraud. That is the open-door invitation into any doctor’s office that the government wants to attack, because every doctor in the country can be charged with Medicare fraud. They get into the office through that charge, gather up patient charts, usually including many that aren’t even Medicare connected, and then construct a case to charge the doctor with “illegal distribution”. It usually takes two years for this crime to occur, so the timing is now right since that fraud charge happened in May of 2014. Her trial for that was set for mid-September. So, as is the typical government plan, they will now add multiple more charges to the count. If you throw enough at the defendant, even though innocent, something will probably stick. Especially when all the staff, pharmacists, and patients are claimed as government witnesses. Then they are threatened by prosecution. The doctor doesn’t have anyone to stand by her for a defense. So far, the only thing the government has produced for this charge is the manner in which Dr. Mencer-Parks staff accepted payment for services.

The information on the indictment for the Medicare fraud charges stated that she was charged with  “signing POCs so that fraudulent claims could be billed to Medicare by Allied for services that were not medically necessary and, in many cases, not rendered.” This was supposedly involving homebound patients of Harris Healthcare.

Dr. Mencer-Parks has a lot of credentials of leadership in the medical community that demonstrates a high level of professionalism. She was chief resident her last year of residency at UT-Houston. While an attending faculty physician there, she received numerous awards for “Outstanding achievement in academics and teaching”. As a faculty member for the Family Practice residency program at St. Joseph’s hospital she was voted “preceptor of the year” for 2 consecutive years. In 2004 she began her private practice in Houston, and right away, in 2005,2006, and 2007 she was voted and highlighted as one of the “Top Doctors in Houston” which appeared in the “H magazine”. She serves as medical director for multiple facilities and she holds many leadership positions in the medical organizations of which she is a member of. She is a member of the Houston Medical Forum, American Medical Association, Texas Medical Association, Harris County Medical Association and is well respected in her community as an “excellent and caring” physician. This does not sound like the credentials of a doctor who has any intent of committing Medicare fraud or sell controlled drugs on the street, the true meaning of the Controlled Substance Act pertaining to physicians.