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You should get on board the membership site as soon as it is up and running. NO TIME TO WASTE!!  There will be multiple levels to fit everyone–from basic support of every American to professional members needing to learn how to protect themselves from the inevitability of attack. NO ONE IS PROTECTED AND EVERYONE IS A TARGET BY LAW AND BY DOJ INTENT!!!!

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United–we stand. Divided–we fall.

Membership in DoC has its advantages. Don’t wait for the DEA to come through your (or your doctor’s) door. Be prepared. As shown in the video by ____ produced in 2004, the naivety of the medical professionals hasn’t changed. Doctors still think today that they are conforming to the rules, are protected by the law, and only unscrupulous doctors doing wrong are being convicted in court or take a plea. How WRONG they are!!

There is a lot that can be done to protect yourself from losing everything you own.

A membership to Doctors of Courage (DoC) gets you instant access to:

    • How to protect your assets
    • Downloadable Checklists and Special Reports
    • Sharing experience and knowledge with other members
    • Every bonus in the download area as they are developed.
  • And much more!and get all this and more.

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