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Mohamed Kawam Jabakji, MD, known as Dr. Kawam, an internist in Prospect Park, NJ is another of the 31 New Jersey doctors attacked in 2016 for treating pain. So far Dr. Kawam has had his medical license suspended.

The BOM action was for allegedly prescribing opioids to at least six patients without a physical examination, according to acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman. Now what is covered in a physical examination? Generally vitals, observations, and actual laying on of hands. But in the case of pain management, where the patient is forced by law to return to the doctor’s office monthly and there is basically no change in the patient’s status, it is the history and chief complaint that gives the doctor direction for treatment. Laying on of hands isn’t necessary. Usually, now, with CPR (computer patient record), there is enough that can be passed on from month to month to justify the evaluation and treatment. Usually the decision is based on the patient’s level of pain as reported on a VAS scale (1-10). Government charges for prescriptions without a physical exam are simply a means to an end–forfeiture of a doctor’s assets through criminal charges. This hasn’t happened yet to Dr. Kawam, but it has to three other doctors, so it probably will happen to him at some point. Right now he is being held in limbo–unable to practice medicine waiting for the axe to fall. And it will fall unless the people of this country learn that all of these attacks are basically for money and job security for government officials. To demonstrate that fact, under a Consent Order with the Board, Dr. Kawam cannot apply for the reinstatement of his medical license for at least three years. He must also pay the State $167,702, which includes a $110,000 civil penalty and a $57,702 reimbursement of the State’s investigative and legal costs.  In addition, his New Jersey authority to prescribe controlled substances is permanently revoked. As a result, even if the Board restores his medical license in the future, he will still be barred from prescribing controlled drugs.

The state of New Jersey acknowledges that doctors who treat pain are doing the best they can with the training they’ve had. They are only just creating the Pain Management Council, an advisory body that is working to develop best practice recommendations concerning pain management for New Jersey’s healthcare professionals. The goal is to create voluntary guidelines that will enable prescribers to provide effective pain management to patients, while also maintaining controls to prevent drug diversion and abuse. So how can they be disciplining a doctor for his practice when there are no guidelines? First, before disciplinary action such as loss of license should take place, a doctor should receive training in the area of question.

In order to pave the way for future government action, creating false government propaganda to contaminate the potential jury pool, Hoffman stated “We’re pleased the Board of Medical Examiners recognized the clear and imminent danger posed by Dr. Kawam and protected the public through this temporary license suspension. Indiscriminate prescribing of pain killers is often the first step on the road to heroin addiction, which is why taking immediate action is necessary.” Of course that is a lie, but it is believed by most people now due to government propaganda.

“By stripping Dr. Kawam of both his medical license and the ability to prescribe CDS, the Board of Medical Examiners and the Division are making sure that the public will be protected from the harm of his indiscriminate prescribing,” said Steve Lee, Acting Director of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs.

No, sir. By attacking your pain management physicians like this, you are forcing your citizens to the streets to treat their pain, increasing drug abuse, addiction and death.