Los Angeles – This is an open letter sent to the Medical Board of California on behalf of all the doctors and friends of Anthony Jackson M.D. Doctor Anthony Jackson was a role model for Black men and women looking to learn the practice of medicine and he dedicated most of his life to studying and practicing medicine, respectfully. Anthony Jackson was a man of warmth and he cared about everybody and wanted to see the best for his people, ethnic people of color. The Medical Board is a regulatory agency that hires dully sworn peace officers without oversight and they have been identified in targeting ethnic people color and discriminating against them for being different. Every doctor and medical professional should show support and outrage by writing to the Medical Board directly and demanding them to stop targeting and harassing doctors because of their ethnic differences.


December 27, 2017

Medical Board of California
Dev GnanaDev M.D., President
2005 Evergreen Street, #1200
Sacramento, California 95815

Dear Mr. GnanaDev,

Doctor Anthony Jackson was a very good man and a friend; he was the target of discrimination and racism by the Medical Board police department and their agents. The Medical Board published a research study in January of 2017 that acknowledged Doctor Anthony Jackson, however, published data shows that Dr. Jackson opposed and lashed-out at this study because all of the complaints from ethnic people of color were intentionally left out. Doctor Anthony Jackson also stated that he was going to sue the Medical Board for discrimination and racism against physicians of color. Dr. Jackson stated, “The study from 1998 to 2013 is not valid because the Medical Board left out the most important complaints that people of color made.” The Medical Board and its agents have mocked the death of Doctor Anthony Jackson by acknowledging his name in a study that would make him roll over in his grave.



We are calling for an investigation and firing of anybody who played a part in the decision to publish Doctor Anthony Jackson’s name in a research article that has made a mockery of him and his legacy. Doctor Anthony Jackson’s sudden death and circumstances is very suspicious and we suspect foul play. Doctor Jackson’s story touched many community leaders including the National Medical Association (NMA), the Golden State Medical Association (GSMA), and the Black American Political Association of California (BAPAC), they all came to his side to help fight against discrimination and racism that they also knew existed within the Medical Board policing ranks. Shortly after this huge meeting took place, to sue the Medical Board – Doctor Anthony Jackson was suddenly dead and everything came to an abrasive halt. We are requesting that law enforcement look into the sudden death of Doctor Anthony Jackson and CBS investigative reporter Cassandra Hockenson because their deaths were untimely and suspicious.



Doctor Anthony Jackson’s services and good will to the people will not go un-noticed and we are demanding that the Medical Board remove Doctor Jackson’s name from this invalid research document and show respect for this professional doctor who loved his patients and would give the shirt off his back to help people. The Medical Board police officers and their team members with the Department of Justice have crossed the line of ethics and morals; we are demanding that punishment be implemented to those who mocked Doctor Anthony Jackson’s death by publishing his name is a research report that he fiercely denounced and that was completed before he became aware that the Medical Board was engaging in discrimination and racism against ethnic people of color. The Medical Board and its board members have no training in police misconduct and/or prosecutorial misconduct and that should be a pre-requisite for siting on a Board that is run by police.


Doctor Anthony Jackson was a victim of Medical Board misconduct and his good name was slandered and placed on a crooked report that was design to make a mockery of his life as a Black physician. We care about Doctor Anthony Jackson, in life, and in death, and your organization don’t have a right to blemish or distort his memories as a scholar and a role model doctor for ethnic people of color, and for everybody else that he touched in his life.


Editor: Billy Earley,
Physician Assistant,
Healthcare Advocate,
National Adviser Black Doctors Matter
National Adviser American Pain Institute
Advocate World Sickle Cell Federation