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Here’s the thanks you get when you try to follow your oath and take care of the unfortunate in America.  The government sifts through the Medicare/Medicaid records and hand-picks those doctors, primarily minority, who take care of those patients. The message?  Doctors—stop taking government insurance.

59 y/o Paul E. McClung, MD of Manhattan, NYC is the next target in the government’s recouping years of patient-care monies for taking care of New York’s “expendable” population.  Fact—a doctor doesn’t make enough seeing Medicaid patients to cover expenses. For a clinic to see enough patients to accrue the numbers that the government is touting here, his clinic must have been dedicated to patient care.  So now where are these patients going for medical care?

Dr. McClung and his associate, Dr. Lazar Feygin were both raided and arrested through the same organized attack, known as Operation Avalanche: If you really understand how the government works to create crime where there is no crime, you can see it in this press release. The real avalanche, however, is the number of patients, now untreated, that have to resort to street drugs to manage their pain, the number of Medicare/Medicaid patients now without a primary care physician who won’t be able to find one, and the number of people dying through intentional or accidental overdose, or being suddenly withdrawn off other meds. Although the government wants to pin the opioid epidemic on doctors treating pain so they can confiscate their assets, the major cause of deaths due to overdose is probably due to these government attacks.

Drugs don’t cause abuse or addiction. For the REAL cause, go here:

Dr. McClung’s staff has also been charged. But that is a usual ploy of the government—threaten the staff with charges, and they will testify to anything. You can’t believe anything a government witness says anymore. Their testimonies are bought with threats. Watch and see what happens when the trials come up. Hopefully these doctors won’t fold and cop a plea. Hopefully they will join us in the fight by joining American Pain Institute and Doctors of Courage. All of them have pleaded not guilty.

As a result of the raids on these offices, 477 charges have been filed against 13 people, including fourth-degree conspiracy, criminal sale of a prescription for a controlled substance, first- and second-degree health care fraud and money laundering. The government used the stock phrase being pulled out of Title 21 to create a crime where there is no crime, that they prescribed oxycodone “for no legitimate medical purpose.” Then they also used standard of care recommended by every state Medical Board—urine drug screens—to call them unnecessary procedures to defraud Medicare/Medicaid. It’s another case of damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.

Dr. McClung’s attorney, Arthur Gershfeld of New York, said:

“I believe that these patients were treated because they needed services from a doctor.” “I believe that these were mere allegations and my clients will come out of this clean.”

The authorities claim that the investigation stemmed from an empty pill bottle in a car in July 2013. Sorry, folks, but if you believe that, I’ve got some ocean front property to sell you. They supposedly used this to create “probable cause” to allow the personal phones of the defendants to be wiretapped. This is purely illegal search and seizure. In order to make money off innocent doctors, judges are actually a party to this illegality all over the country. It is the DOJ that deserves to be put in prison, not well-meaning, compassionate, innocent physicians.

Don’t believe you have 4th or 14th amendment rights anymore. The government can do whatever illegal activity they want, especially if it makes them money and gives them and their colleagues job security. Oh, and don’t forget the big business that prisons are for the government today. Even our new Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, has swung to the “put the easiest cases in prison that you can find”.

Just to show who the real culprit is, since 2006 I have listed at  25 health professionals that have been attacked for pain management in the Eastern District of New York, and I’m sure that is only a small percentage of the total number. And yet the government releases the following statistics in order to make you believe doctors are causing the problem:

The use of opioids, which include prescription painkillers and street drugs like heroin, has reached epidemic levels in the country, quadrupling since 1999 and currently contributing to roughly 90 deaths a day. A record 442 people died of drug overdoses on Long Island in 2015. Drug overdose deaths increased by nearly 40 percent in New York City in 2016 from the previous year. Doctors are not the cause of the problem–the government is.

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