Illegal Use of the Law Against Doctors DVD


The government is using The Controlled Substance Act against medical professionals illegally. In order to prosecute, constitutional rights are violated. The Supreme Court has declared that the use of the CSA this way is not according to the law. And yet the persecution continues and innocent people are spending up to life in prison. Some have taken a way out by committing suicide. We, the people, have to know the truth of this law and stop this flagrant miscarriage of “in” justice.

This DVD sheds light on the REAL meaning of the Controlled Substance Act. It explains how medical professionals are specifically NOT held liable to this law. It is completely designed to go after the trafficking of ILLEGAL drugs, not those prescribed by doctors doing their job.
Case law is explained which shows that what the US Attorney’s and state Attorney’s offices are doing is completely against the law.

This DVD is so affordable every family could have one, and should. We must stop the government propaganda against the medical profession or some day there will be no pain management and someone in your family will suffer.

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