The REAL Cause of Drug Abuse DVD


This information is ground-breaking!  The idea that drugs cause addiction or abuse is a result of Jim Crow attacks on minorities 100 years ago to disenfranchise them.  For 100 years we’ve been using this political policy against innocent citizens, and addiction is only getting worse.

Learn the REAL cause of drug abuse and we can change this country. This is so important for people to learn and pass on. To save the life of someone you might love, this DVD is cheap at the price. There is also no need for people who are addicted to spend tens of thousands of dollars going to rehab clinics that don’t address the cause, and people have to keep coming back. (Notice the monetary reason for maintaining the status quo).

With this information and The Seven Steps to Healing, people can CURE (yes, I said CURE) addiction in the privacy of their own home.