Medical Board Targets Low

“Hanging Fruits”

Los Angeles – Doctor Anthony Jackson, a board certified Anesthesiologist, was targeted by the Medical Board of California and charged with violations that he says were not true. Doctor Jackson fought against the bogus charges filed by the medical board and took his case all the way to the Ninth Circuit Court, where he won his case.

Doctor Anthony Jackson accused the medical board of going after African Americans, Mexicans, and people of color, far more aggressive and restricting and/or revoking their licenses because of their color and their financial status. Doctor Jackson stated that the medical board is going after the lower hanging fruits, referring to blacks and Mexicans because of the neighborhoods and resources where they work. These are mostly poor areas were people of color work and they are being targeted, said Dr. Jackson.

Doctor Jackson pulled together members from the National Medical Association and other black association groups and said they were going to sue the medical board for discrimination and targeting of color people. Doctor Jackson vowed to introduce legal litigation to enact a “Civilian Police Review Commission” to stop medical board law enforcement and misconduct by the department of justice employees (lawyers/prosecutors) who work side by side with medical board police investigators.

Doctor Jackson said that the medical board will not go after the fair-haired boys in Beverly Hills because they have the resources to fight them. He said, “They’re the African-American and brown doctors who have a poor and indigent population that’s medically driven who don’t have the medical strength to go up against the medical board and the Department of Justice.” For this reason, Dr. Jackson said that the money that he would win from the lawsuit would be used to introduce the Civilian Police Review Committee.

Doctor Anthony Jackson, according to sources, died two weeks after the interview where he met with numerous group leaders and the National Medical Association president Richard Allen Williams. The cause of death has not been identified but it was alleged he died two weeks after the October 14, 2016 meeting. Doctor Anthony Jackson’s work will live on and there is a petition where you can help make a difference and stop the government and law enforcement agencies from abusing people of color and targeting them. Not only will a Police Review Committee help medical providers who can’t protect themselves, but it will help any doctor or nurse by holding law enforcement accountable for any illegal practice or act that they do. Presently, perjury, false evidence, retaliation, lying, and concealing / tampering with evidence is extremely common.

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Editor: Billy Earley,
Physician Assistant,
Healthcare Advocate,
National Adviser Black Doctors Matter
National Adviser American Pain Institute
Advocate World Sickle Cell Federation