On August 31, 2017, Dr. Rassan M. Tarabein, 58, a neurologist in Daphne, Alabama, pled guilty to one count of health care fraud and one count of unlawful distribution of a schedule II controlled substance.  As part of his plea agreement, Dr. Tarabein will no longer be able to practice medicine in the United States.  Sentencing is scheduled for March 2, 2018.  Dr. Tarabein faces up to twenty years in prison.

The government’s account of the plea is so phony, it’s pathetic. But the sad truth is that people will believe it. They forced him to state that he billed for medically unnecessary tests and procedures in an insurance “scam”. Bull hockey.  Take notice doctors: Every doctor in this country that takes government insurance is liable for these same charges. Drs. Couch and Ruan are spending 20 years in prison for the same reason.

The government pulled their usual arm-twisting tactics. Because Dr. Tarabein didn’t immediately bow to their charges, they threw more charges at him June, 2017, —22 more to be exact—of health care fraud, making false statements about health care, lying to a federal agent (the feds can lie and get away with it, though), unlawful distribution of controlled substances, and money laundering.

Dr. Tarabein did pain management in his practice including spinal injections. But to get all that money back that he earned doing his job, the government is claiming that from 2004 to 2017, his work was fraud. That’s how they are trying to pay back on the national deficit—from reclaiming insurance money paid out to doctors. EVERY DOCTOR IS LIABLE TO THIS EVIL. The government is claiming that standard of practice tests and procedures were unnecessary, and Dr. Tarabein did them for personal financial gain.

Check out all the lying government officials that want to ride on the coattails of another illegal attack on doctors, for money/promotions: US Attorney Butler, AG Steve Marshall, FBI agent Robert Lasky, Special DEA Agent Stephen G. Azzam and DHHS Special Agent Derrick L. Jackson. The lying statements they made make me want to puke. But we’ll have to depend on God to make them pay for their evil actions. The only true statement made was “This guilty plea is a testament to all the hard work and cooperation between the agencies that conducted this investigation.” Multiple government agents now work primarily on the income gained from attacking doctors today The problem with this is that when doctors cave in to this egregious government conduct, not only is that doctor’s life ruined, but so are hundreds more. Because the truth is not getting to the public, the government puts out media propaganda which people then believe, and the government simply lines up future doctors to attack.

Dr. Tarabein also has pending state criminal charges in Montgomery County, Alabama. On September 20, 2017, he is expected to plead guilty in state court.  So the state is jumping on the gravy train as well. Some states are now doing this hundreds of doctors at a time.

Anyone who reads this website has an obligation to be an instrument for change. If you do nothing you are part of the problem. I tried to communicate with Dr. Tarabein at the time he was first attacked last year. I don’t know if he has been held in jail since then, but surely someone has seen the post on him, and should have passed the word to him about my willingness to be a witness at a trial to stop this egregious conduct. If you know of any doctors that have been raided or even suggestions of an investigation, you should connect us so that what I can do for them can be shared.  We MUST stop this illegal activity.