Raymond Kraynak, DO, 60, from Mount Carmel, PA—a family practitioner/pain management specialist in a medically underserved area as well as a former school district board member—was arrested Dec. 21, 2017. Forced to surrender his license to prescribe controlled substances, he was released on bond.
Dr. Kraynak’s office had been raided in March, 2016—the standard 2 year time frame for the government to comb through charts in order to build a case because there wasn’t a just cause to start with. The government finally created 19 fake charges: five counts of the unlawful distribution and dispensing of a controlled substance resulting in death (to give him a heavier prison time and more reason to take a plea), 12 counts of prescribing controlled substances outside the usual course of professional practice and two counts of maintaining drug-involved premises at his offices (in order to confiscate his building). These charges have become the standard illegal use of the Controlled Substance Act, created to attack the influx of illegal drugs from outside the country, not to attack doctors. Doctors were actually protected from persecution by the phrase they are now using against us: “legitimate medical purpose”.

According to the Controlled Substance Act, it is the PHYSICIAN that determines there is a legitimate purpose. (see Title 21 §802 (56) (c)) so for some flunky DEA agent with only a 12 week course in investigation, or even a US Attorney with a degree in law does not fit the bill for determining legitimacy. They only fit the bill for creating crime where there is none due to the trust the American people have for our legal system. Hopefully, though, that will change with exposure. It’s a shame, though, because trust is hard to regain once lost.
Ignorant publicity-seeking reporters make it impossible for innocent doctors like Dr. Kraynak to receive a fair trial, by reporting false, propagandizing statements, using inflammatory words like “pill mill”—a catchy DOJ-created word, and “overprescribing” to inflame the public against the doctor and force him to take a plea.

In their propagandizing articles, the Daily Item shows that the government dumping legitimate pain patients into the category of “drug abusers” is supported as patients are forced to turn to Addiction Centers to get some help from the sudden stopping of their pain treatment. Naturally also, there will be an increase at the coroner’s office as people are forced to the street for self-treatment, and some actually commit intentional suicide. Of course, that is part of the goal of this government protocol—cull out the expendable populations.

Northumberland County Coroner James Kelley is even knowingly ready for the deaths of innocent victims of the government agenda:

“I’m always prepared for it. We’re always prepared for it. We’ve seen an increase in it.”

Now when someone sets up the situation intentionally, knowing that people will die as a result, THEY should be held accountable. That’s the US Attorneys, DEA agents, and even the Coroner, as they all just sit back and do nothing but count the bodies, when THEY are the cause. More than 63,600 lives were lost to drug overdose in 2016, marking the most lethal year yet. And it is the government attacking innocent physicians for money, putting legitimate patients out on the street that is the main cause. Doctors are now being put in prison for life for properly prescribing medications to patients who do not take them as prescribed and die. So at least the government agents that knowingly cause death of upwards to 10% of a doctor’s patient base should do life.

The government targets independent physicians, predominantly rural, as they are easy to take down. Dr. Kraynak treated people in a small part of Pennsylvania where doctors are scarce, and he has a legitimate concern about his patients now. With the understandable fear among doctors now, he was the top prescriber in the state for opioids. The standard government slough-off was done by April Hutcheson, communications director for the state Department of Health who simply recommended that patients contact their health insurance provider to find another physician in their area. But that is a dead end. Doctors are listed, but they rarely accept patients from a doctor who has been attacked. So, Ms. Hutcheson, you are responsible for patients dying, and should spend the rest of your life in prison. I recommend Alderson Prison Camp. (see A Heroine Story for what that will be like.)

The government likes to throw numbers around for shock value. To again try to sway public opinion and force a plea, the US Attorney David Freed stated

“The sheer number of pills prescribed in this case is staggering. Death or serious injury was the inevitable result of this defendant’s conduct.”

But let’s look at the facts. They claim he wrote prescriptions for about 2.7 million doses of opioids within 19 months for about 2,838 patients. When you break that down, it’s around 50 doses per month, not even enough for twice per day dosing. That’s not even standard for the usual short-acting opioids now being forced on doctors to prescribe for chronic pain, which require 4x/day dosing (120 doses per month) at a minimum to maintain pain relief.
Dr. Kraynak was also the area doctor approved with special certification by the DEA to prescribe buprenorphine to treat opioid addiction. He was also approved by the Department of Health this year to recommend patients for medical marijuana as part of the state’s new program.

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