This should be interesting–two dogs fighting over the same bone. Shakeel Kahn and his wife, Lyn Kahn, of Casper, Wyoming were indicted by the Federal Government in two different states in order to steal the same property. But since the winning district reaps the reward of the forfeited assets, these two districts will definitely be at odds.

In January, 2017 Dr. Shakeel A. Kahn, MD, a family practitioner specializing in pain management, was indicted in Wyoming on 21 illegal charges from the usual adulteration of the Controlled Substance Act. As stated in the indictment, “It was a part of the conspiracy that S. Kahn would use his Wyoming and Arizona DEA registrations to prescribe large amounts of Oxycodone and other controlled substances to his customers outside of the usual course of professional practice and to customers without a legitimate medical need,” and failed to conduct any legitimate medical examinations.

Then in March, 2017, Dr. Kahn was also indicted in Arizona.

Wyoming’s Case

Dr. Kahn had his license suspended in Wyoming in November, 2016.

The DEA search warrant used as their justification that the agents believed Dr. Kahn was taking cash payments to prescribe oxycodone to patients in Wyoming, Arizona and elsewhere. Well, let’s see–he’s a doctor in pain management. That sounds like he was doing his job, and the government violated his 4th amendment rights of unreasonable search and seizure. More about that experience later.

By affidavit, which is supposed to be sworn truth, a DEA agent stated that the investigation was prompted by a complaint from the Wyoming Board of Pharmacy. That could be true. The government is actually in cahoots with the Boards of Medicine. Supposedly that happened in my case as well, with a Board of Pharmacy investigator actually going around to pharmacies looking for prescriptions to use against me for the government. I wonder where the salaries of these Benedict Arnolds come from–probably the government.

Now for the crux of the attack: Prosecutors sought (and succeeded in) seizing bank accounts and other assets owned by Dr. Kahn, as well as other totally uninvolved members of his family, such as his father, who kept his entire life savings at home in a safe. So we have Wyoming in possession of Dr. Kahn’s and his family’s assets. In the fight with Arizona, will possession be 9/10 of the law?

Because of the fact that they were left with nothing, the Kahn’s have had to ask for public defenders. That’s how the government wins most cases. Public defenders’ salaries come from the government. They don’t work for the defendant at all. In fact, I suspect they get paid bonuses for losing.

Arizona’s Case

Dr. Khan’s Arizona license was suspended by the Board of Medicine in August, 2016.

The Arizona indictment alleged that Dr. Kahn required customers to primarily pay him in cash. This sounds like a perjurous statement from a government agent. A statement about Dr. Kahn’s office says “Shakeel A. Kahn, MD practices Pain Medicine in Casper, WY. Dr. Kahn accepts multiple insurance plans including Aetna and Cigna.” But the truth doesn’t ever get stated to the Grand Jury. Government agents commit perjury all the time to indict any doctor they want to. And they do it without retribution. We, the people, have to change that. Immunity for criminal acts by government agents has to end.

Also, if Dr. Kahn was only taking cash, and patients with insurance were paying it, then that meant he was the only pain management physician available. By shutting him down, potentially hundreds of chronic pain patients are thrown to the streets for self-treatment. I wonder how many deaths have been the result. The government is a danger to public safety, not the doctors.

The US District of Arizona is pursuing forfeiture of assets including two Fort Mohave properties and another in Wyoming. The forfeiture effort also targets about $1-million in cash seized in Kahn’s Arizona home, $130,000 in cash in bank accounts, and three vehicles.

To add insult to injury, the local law enforcement agency (Mohave Area General Narcotics Enforcement Team or MAGNET) is conducting an in rem seizure of other property, namely a gun collection that was gifted to his father and brothers and eight vehicles including two that were purchased in another country and anything else that is of any value.

Lyn Kahn

Dr. Kahn’s wife, Lyn, was dragged into the case so that ALL of their assets could be confiscated. She is accused of being involved in the sale of painkiller prescriptions by allegedly using her husband’s prescription database account to look up information on former patients and violating federal laws that protect patient privacy. This sounds like another attempt of the government to create a crime where there is no crime. Spouses often help in the administrative end of a business, often without pay. My husband did. How is the government going to support the charge of “knowingly obtaining individually identifiable health information under false pretenses”?  I tell you, the government agents creating these false charges are someday going to be standing in front of the judgement seat of God. I feel sorry for them. It is a sin to falsely accuse someone of a crime. In fact, all of these US Attorneys in all of these false cases against doctors are going to have a clubhouse in hell. To make matters worse, Lyn Kahn was threatened with the loss of her infant child unless she agrees to perjure herself and testify against her husband and brother-in-law.
That’s how this person can become this person: 
The eyes tell it all: the trauma and suffering.
Lyn Kahn’s eight charges are: one count of conspiracy to distribute oxycodone and alprazolam, two counts of dispensing oxycodone and five counts of unlawful use of a communication facility. What the heck does that mean?

Dr. Kahn has been continuously incarcerated since January. This is another ploy of the government to prevent an innocent doctor from defending himself. Obviously, they don’t have much to go on if they have to hold the defendant in jail so he can’t work on his defense.

Eyewitnesses of the searches of Dr. Kahn’s homes have shared the unbelievable horror of what happened. When you read this, put yourself in their position. You haven’t broken any law. You are an honest, productive citizen, and one day there is a knock on your door and a gun in your face.

Or you hear a sound of someone in your home: