Synthetic Painkiller

Deaths Often Blamed

On Doctors

Arkansas – Just a few weeks ago, Arkansas State Police stopped 3 Mexican individuals in a rented car driving through Arkansas. The police report states that the driver of the car swerved and this is why they were originally stopped, which is probably not true, since the police use this scenario to illegal stop many drivers who are driving normal. What happened next, according to the State Patrol police officer is that he asked the 3 individuals where was they going and why was they traveling through Arkansas? The officer then noticed the two individuals in the back seat and the driver was really nervous and shaky, which drew suspicion. According to the State Patrol, he ordered all of the individuals out of the car and conducted a search of the vehicle at which time he found a package inside of the trunk, hidden inside of a tire containing 15 pounds of Fentanyl inside.

What happens to all the other illegal synthetic and non-synthetic illegal drugs that is making its way to Arkansas without being detected by the State Patrol? This is a very easy question to answer if you look at the statistics and who is going to jail. Its the doctors that are paying the harsh price for illegal drugs coming from all over the place and other countries. We have seen it time and time again; once the police discovers anybody who has ties to a doctor or any patient that has been to a doctor and treated legally with prescription Fentanyl for a legitimate health condition, will quickly be tossed under the radar of the Medical Board, Police, and the DEA, for the purpose of false prosecution. This is what doctors all over this country is facing right now, as we talk. There is a continual supply of illegal prescription drugs like Fentanyl and other drugs that are synthetic and they are shipped to cities and states all over this country. When a patient overdose, the first thing the DEA and police look for is the doctors which is outrageous and then they use illegal unconstitutional tactics to charge and convict innocent doctors for the illegal crimes of these drug dealers.

How Drug Dealers Got Their Start?

The Florida pill mill epidemic is the origin of illegal prescription drug deals and it has not stopped, rather, it has become a more sophisticated operation where the drug dealers are manufacturing the painkillers on their own, like the New York bust we seen in September, where they bused 4 drug dealers with enough illegal Fentanyl, imported from China, to KILL 32 MILLION people in this country. Who is getting blamed for all these deaths again? THE DOCTORS… The coroners and police officers are tagging doctors with illegal prescription drugs from all over the world and they are being accused of killing these patients who are engaged in illegal activities.

The mainstream media and the special interest groups in this country is behind the intense push to accuse good compassionate doctors who treat real patients with real symptoms. The Medical Boards and the DEA is taking advantage of doctors who care for their patients and using that same caring feeling and love for their patients to turn them into drug dealers. Of course, there are always bad apples and this is within all groups and professions, however, the law enforcement in this country are targeting doctors to fuel their own agenda and grow their businesses of policing and profit forfeitures. So, next time you see an article or news clippings about some doctor causing overdose deaths and being a drug dealer for caring about his patients, think about the 32 Million Lethal Doses and the 3 Guys from Arkansas. They represent a very small fraction of the illegal drug dealers that were motivated and encouraged by CVS, Walgreens, and their Distributors, working to purchase legal painkillers from Florida and sell them illegally to other states all over this country. This is called the Criminalization of Medicine.

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Editor: Billy Earley,
Physician Assistant,
Healthcare Advocate,
National Adviser Black Doctors Matter
National Adviser American Pain Institute
Advocate World Sickle Cell Federation