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States are jumping on the gravy train attacking medical professionals for money and DOJ job security. Laws are being drafted by non-medical government officials to limit the amounts of opioids a patient can receive.  Medicine IS under the control of the State governments, but it is supposed to be governed by a politically independent Board of Medicine, not the Departments of Justice.  As we learn about state encroachment in the practice of medicine, we will post it here.

Individual evaluation of the bills and laws will be available for DoC members.  This is a task we need people to help with, so if you are a DoC member, please contribute to the effort by writing up an evaluation on a bill that hasn’t been done yet.

If you want to become a DoC member, you can do so by clicking the button:  
Please tell us of state laws that have been created that affect the treatment of patients.  Those laws will be listed here, and then we will evaluate them individually.